Biggest Holiday Gift Mistake

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The Biggest Holiday Gift Mistake

David Wygant
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It’s that time of year again when we’re inundated with Zales diamond commercials and ideas for other ridiculous gifts.

Who gives someone a Lexus with a bow on it or a Mercedes “December to remember” gift?

The gift ideas the media feeds us are getting even more extravagant as the years go by. They want you to spend as much money as you can. They want us to believe if you don’t spend a lot on your partner, you don’t care about them or you’ll look a fool on Christmas day.

Not just that, but we’ve become so politically correct that you can’t even say Merry Christmas to anyone anymore.

Let’s get this out the way before I continue: Merry Christmas to everybody!

Now, let’s see if I can help you keep your wallet protected in your back pocket.

Buying your loved one an expensive holiday gift is always a big mistake because their expectations rise with each year. I like to keep it simple, so here’s a quick holiday gift buying technique that will make your holiday shopping easy and affordable.

1. Someone you’ve been dating less than a couple of months:

Make the gift really simple, something you can share with her. Tickets to a show would be a good idea.

You’re at the stage where you are sharing things together and are getting to know each other. A gift you can share takes the pressure off you and lowers their expectations.

It’s fun and it doesn’t scream “I love you and I want to have you forever” like a diamond keepsake pendant from Zales does.

“She wants to say, ‘This man

remembers everything about me.'”

2. Someone you’ve been dating about six months:

If you’ve already uttered the words “I love you,” you want to make the gift something personal, something you know for certain she wants and something she’s told you she really craves but hasn’t brought for herself.

Maybe she hasn’t had the money or just hasn’t got around to getting it yet.

This is when you need to think hard about what she’s been talking about recently. Has she mentioned anything you could use as an idea?

What if you’re married or actually living together?

3. A gift for your wife or long-term partner:

Once again, make it very personal. You want to reconnect during the holidays. She wants to look at you and say, “That’s why I love him.”

When she unwraps that gift on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, she wants to look at you and say, “Yes, this man remembers every little thing about me.”

There you have it: a quick and simple guide to buying the perfect holiday gift. Whatever you do, don’t feel pressured by those commercials.

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