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Books and Movies: The School of Romance?

Randy Mitchell
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If I were to poll 100 men asking what types of movies and books they prefer, most likely their answers would be predictably similar: 007, Schwarzenegger, Tom Clancy and John Grisham to name a few.

Men love action/adventure, intrigue and things blowing up in the middle of the night.

However, when it comes to women, there’s a reason why they’ve made authors like Nicholas Sparks and actresses such as Jennifer Anniston household names.

These artists tap into what women truly want.

No matter what tough outer shells they wear or bad past relationships women have endured, they all have one thing in common: They want the guy in shining armor.

This is the one who protects them, loves them unconditionally and understands their pain and what really makes them tick.

They crave the guy who dries their tears and holds them close during moments of crisis. They also need a man’s man, one who isn’t afraid to turn loose of his inner vulnerabilities.

I’m an author of inspirational romance, and through the years, I’d like to believe my dating experiences have given me a slight sense of knowledge when it comes to women. Relationships and romance are things I enjoy writing about.

Although realistically and honestly, I haven’t always been the man I should’ve been. I’ve made many mistakes and still do, but what I’ve learned from the past, I apply to my future.

A way to improve your relationship is to read and watch these characters.

Many men cringe when asked to go to the latest chic flicks, Broadway plays or reading of poetry. Their guards go up. Their masculinity suddenly feels threatened and they immediately yearn to say no.

They shy away from projected intimacy and definitely don’t want to end up watching Lifetime or Oprah or hearing their lover recite Danielle Steele while lying next to them.

For many, it somehow makes them feel competitive, inferior and unable to keep up with their women’s heroes.

But if you’re smart, you should learn from those igniting your lady’s fantasies and causing her blood to surge. There’s usually a really big reason why she wants you watching and reading with her.

“James Bond is a cool guy, but

his relationships never last.”

Mostly, she’s trying to get you off your ass.

She’s trying to get you to be a better man, to be the guy she’s yearning for.

The biggest writer of romance right now isn’t a woman. It’s mega-author Nicholas Sparks, whose books and movies have sent him into the entertainment stratosphere.

You would think his audience is overwhelmingly female, but to most people’s surprise, a respectable amount belongs to men. Why? His stories appeal to anyone interested in giving and receiving love.

The books and movies women love can serve as great teaching grounds for men and women to learn from. The great ones portray characters good at heart and mildly negative, making them broadly pleasing.

Women love watching and reading about men who are loyal and live in a world where goodness and love reign supreme, a place where conflicts are quickly handled by strong male personalities but who are also sensitive and caring.

James Bond is a cool guy and his job is every man’s vision of the ultimate career. Yes, he always gets the women, lots of them, to do with what he wants when he wants, but you should notice his relationships quickly fizzle and never last.

Even if they did, nothing but constant conflict and placing his women in perilous danger would be the result.

Women may enjoy watching the swagger, charms and super-human feats of Daniel Craig or Pierce Brosnan on the silver screen, but when it comes to long-lasting love, they’d really prefer hooking up with Noah from “The Notebook” or even Forest Gump.

Does watching and reading romance help you with your relationships? We would love to hear your comments.

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