Brooklyn Museum Offers A High Caliber Date Night

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The Brooklyn Museum: One of the Oldest & Largest Museums in the U.S. Offers a High-Caliber Date Night

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: In the heart of New York City, the Brooklyn Museum serves as a go-to destination for artsy folks looking for a thought-provoking way to spend an afternoon. The museum is New York’s third largest museum (in terms of physical size) so there’s plenty to explore. If you want to really impress your date and get conversation flowing, the Brooklyn Museum is a fun and engaging spot to view art, attend special events, and even dine at their culinary masterpiece, the Norm Restaurant. Enfolded in the quiet and intimate atmosphere of the Brooklyn Museum, two people can gaze, wonder, and connect in meaningful ways for an affordable price.

Five years after they met on a dating site, Sarit and Michael were ready to tie the knot. They were both native New Yorkers and desired a distinctive, romantic setting to say “I do.”

Photo of Sarit and Michael at the Brooklyn Museum

In 2015, Sarit and Michael held their wedding ceremony and reception at the Brooklyn Museum.

“Our wedding took place at the Brooklyn Museum, which was both special and unique,” Sarit explained in a blog post. “It was the exceptional expansive Beaux Arts Court that really drew us in, and which served as a dramatic backdrop for our wedding reception.”

From his proposal over a pair of Jordan sneakers to their decision to hire a magician for the reception, Sarit and Michael’s union is nothing if not unique, so the Brooklyn Museum provided the perfect creative atmosphere for them. Breathtaking works of art surrounded the pair during their vows, which Sarit said was the most memorable part of the day.

Since 1823, the Brooklyn Museum has welcomed visitors in search of inspiration and connection. The museum holds roughly 1.5 million works — from Egyptian masterpieces to contemporary artwork — so an endless number of conversation starters can be found around every corner.

After you’ve had your fill of the 560,000 square-foot Beaux Arts building, you can head to the museum’s acclaimed restaurant: The Norm at the Brooklyn Museum. This new installation is a sensational treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds — and it’s an intimate way to end any date.

Over the past century, the Brooklyn Museum has gone through many redesigns to continually craft an unforgettable experience along every corridor. Romantics like Sarit and Michael have happily relied on the Brooklyn Museum’s iconic environment to inspire many memorable moments in New York City.

“From the beginning, we wanted to ensure our wedding was fun, beautiful, and unlike anything else either of us had ever been to,” Sarit said. The Brooklyn Museum was a natural first choice.

Pay-What-You-Wish Admission Fees For Low-Cost Fun

The Brooklyn Museum gives people an affordable diversion five days a week, from Wednesday to Sunday. Admission is always free for visitors 19 years old or younger, and every Thursday from 6 to 10 p.m. it’s free for everyone. On others days, suggested contributions range from $10 for students to $16 for adults. Visitors can pay whatever they wish, however, and the admission fee includes access to the Brooklyn Museum’s permanent collection, special exhibition galleries, guided tours, and other programs.

Art enthusiasts can also look into buying tickets for certain exhibitions, films, and performances to plan a special date night.

If you’d like to save money on your museum trip, you just have to have good timing. On the first Saturday of every month, the Brooklyn Museum happily throws their doors open to the public for free, attracting a bustling crowd of museum goers. Accessible and affordable, the museum brings culture to anyone curious enough to venture in and explore the artwork with someone special.

Photo of the Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum is a preeminent and longstanding arts attraction in NYC.

Membership plans offer frequent museum goers added benefits such as invitations to curator-led tours. You can even get a dual membership plan for you and your significant other.

During the museum’s hours of operation, guests are free to wander at their leisure or schedule a guided tour, depending on their preferences. However you and your date want to shape your experience, you’re sure to find much to talk about in the halls of the Brooklyn Museum.

Special Art & Film Exhibitions Challenge Visitors & Invite Discussion

The Brooklyn Museum frequently brings in disk jockeys, dance instructors, famed artists, and knowledgeable lecturers to engage with the public. At special events, marked on the museum’s calendar, singles and couples are welcome to watch independent films, view a thought-provoking art exhibition, or get creative with a hands-on art project.

Picture of two people dancing at the Brooklyn Museum's salsa class

Monthly salsa classes invite Brooklyn daters to get active in the museum’s thriving community.

Once a month, the museum puts on a free salsa class to get people moving with a partner in a friendly atmosphere. These instructive lessons can be a great way to get to know someone better while learning something new. In fact, many of the museum’s performances, workshops, and tours provide daters a low-cost opportunity to enjoy an activity with someone special.

The museum also serves as the host of the annual Brooklyn Artists Ball, which has been attended by many celebrities such as Liv Tyler and Sarah Jessica Parker. Tickets for the 2016 spring event sold out months in advance as people flocked to enjoy a night of cocktails, dinner, and dancing. According to the ball’s event page, “This event has become one of the most engaging and unique ways to celebrate Brooklyn’s artists and support our many programs!”

The Norm Restaurant & Bar Provides Drinks, Snacks & Sweets

After spending hours walking through a museum, daters may crave a place to sit and relax for a while. Hungry visitors at the Brooklyn Museum are in luck because inside is a restaurant unlike any other. The Norm Restaurant is open from Thursday to Sunday to tempt diners with culinary masterpieces. From a plate of artisan cheeses and seasonal fruits and veggies to a decadent dark chocolate mousse with ginger-spiked whipped cream, the restaurant offers many indulgences — and plenty of house-made specialty drinks to go along with the meal.

“The Norm is specifically designed to be a part of the museum,” explained Chef Saul Bolton in an interview with SideSwipe Media. “Imagine if [the museum] had a great restaurant that matched the art and that matched the magnificent building.”

The restaurant’s diverse menu is meant to reflect a diversity of cultures and flavors with bold artistry in every bite.

Photo of The Norm Restaurant

Since opening in 2016, The Norm at Brooklyn Museum has wowed patrons with a singular atmosphere and delectable food.

Daters can retreat to the bar to chat or sit at a table for two at the museum’s casual-style restaurant. The Norm promises a quality experience to captivate patrons. Paying homage to their location, paintings and museum crates decorate the space, and the restaurant’s outdoor terrace overlooks the museum’s sculpture garden as well as the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. From appetizer to dessert, all visitors enjoy unique cuisine in a vibrant setting at the Norm.

“I definitely want to be part of the Brooklyn resurgence that’s happening,” the renowned Chef said. “I just appreciate the incredible diversity and color and style of Brooklyn. You know, Brooklyn is America.”

Since 1823, the Brooklyn Museum Has Delighted Their Guests

Countless couples, like Sarit and Michael, have found the Brooklyn Museum to be an ideal venue for romance. Whether it’s on a first date or your wedding day, this space lays the groundwork for meaningful interactions between people entranced by the splendor of their surroundings.

Open to the public for nearly a century, the museum evokes wonder, intrigue, excitement, and contemplation with their remarkable art collections and community-oriented events. The Brooklyn Museum makes art more accessible through their low-priced admission, tours, exhibitions, and other social activities. In an expensive city like NYC, an economical way to spend an evening is a rare gift, and the museum offers an experience rich in quality, but not in price.

If you go to this Brooklyn favorite with someone, you can connect on a deeper level by talking about how the artwork makes you think and feel. Plus, the Norm Restaurant provides a picture-perfect place for daters to continue their conversation over drinks or dinner. At the Brooklyn Museum, many stunning sights, engaging programs, and artful experiences foster lasting bonds between people of all ages and backgrounds.