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Brown Paper Tickets: The First Fair-Trade Ticketing Site For Organizing & Attending 150,000+ Date-Worthy Events

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: Brown Paper Tickets brings daters together at concerts, marathons, and other public events in over 27 countries. As the first and only fair-trade ticketing service, the company democratizes event promotion and attendance with free ticketing tools for event producers. Brown Paper Tickets offers a simple website and app to post, browse, and buy tickets to a wide range of local events. The team of social entrepreneurs promotes more than 150,000 events every year, giving singles and couples the opportunity to connect at many stimulating settings. Brown Paper Tickets is a not-just-for-profit company, which means they put the customer’s experience first and profit second. Their Doers Program further encourages community engagement and altruism by funding individual activism to improve arts, sports, media, and other industries. Whether you’re a dater seeking an affordable diversion or a dating expert seeking a wider audience, Brown Paper Tickets can help you connect with people at events held around the world.

In the late 1990s, William S. Jordan created a website where bands, artists, and venues could post their events. He thought he’d be uniting a community of music lovers, but he soon found ticketing fees were tearing them apart. Many reviewers bemoaned the abysmal customer service and costly hidden charges associated with buying tickets online.

Photo of William Scott Jordan, President and Founder of Brown Paper Tickets

William Scott Jordan, President, CTO, and Founder of Brown Paper Tickets, builds social capital through community events.

The ticketing process wasn’t ideal for event organizers or attendees, so William decided to revolutionize it with the first (and only) fair-trade ticketing company.

In 2000, he launched Brown Paper Tickets to level the playing field with transparent and affordable tickets to all types of events held around the world. With top-notch customer service for attendees and user-friendly tools for event organizers, this website has streamlined the online ticketing industry.

Today, the business follows a not-just-for-profit model, prioritizing social good as part of the core ethos. Brown Paper Tickets fosters community-building in 27 countries across the globe through events, donations, and volunteerism. Every year, the convenient service helps vendors sell 15 to 20 million tickets to concerts, festivals, tastings, and other fun gatherings that make for great date activities.

Plus, because it’s 100% free to create a custom event on Brown Paper Tickets, dating experts find the site a profitable channel to promote their branded singles events and expand their audience in just a few clicks.

With a strong moral compass and award-winning customer service, Brown Paper Tickets offers great social value to event creators and their attendees. According to the Brown Paper Tickets homepage: “With no fees to sell tickets and live 24/7 phone and web sales, Brown Paper Tickets is the smartest way to sell tickets for your next event!”

Matchmakers & Dating Experts Create Singles Events For Free

Brown Paper Tickets sponsors 150,000 to 200,000 events each year, totaling approximately $100 million in annual sales. These events are generated by local businesses and venues looking to attract a crowd and raise their profiles in communities around the world.

The website gives event organizers full control over creating, promoting, and ticketing their own events. Tons of custom features let you handle your social media promotion, mailing list, assigned seating, and discount offers exactly the way you want. The process is simple and straightforward, so any business owner can sell tickets to an event — for free.

“First, we’ll need to collect a few basic details about your event,” the Create Event page reads. “Once you’ve provided that information, you’ll have access to our full suite of tools to promote your event, manage your attendees, and make your event as successful as it can be!”

“Now that I have used your services and seen how simple you make that whole process, I’m sold. I plan to use Brown Paper Tickets now for all my events.” — Plant Soup Inc., a Brown Paper Tickets event producer

From a free-free donation tool to 24/7 in-house support, Brown Paper Tickets gives you everything you need to kick off a rocking event for daters in your city. For instance, if you’re a matchmaker hosting a speed-dating event, you can add a questionnaire asking singles to tell you about themselves upon checkout.

If you want a cost-effective way to generate interest in your singles events, Brown Paper Tickets is a reliable way to go. Their experienced team will back you the entire way and do everything possible to make the ticketing process go smoothly.

Singles & Couples Find Engaging Venues For a Date

Whether you’re into sports, music, or drinking, Brown Paper Tickets has a variety of events to keep you occupied and entertained. You can search by artist, city, or venue to find the right place to take your date and bond over shared interests in a fun community atmosphere.

The search tools make it really easy to compile a list of great events sorted by date, name, or distance. You can even narrow the search results further by price, category, keyword, or other special considerations like wheelchair accessible or dog-friendly.

Screenshot of the Brown Paper Tickets homepage

Daters can use Brown Paper Tickets to find thousands of romantic venues where they can take someone special.

Once you’ve found the festival that meets your criteria, you can get a will-call, print-at-home, or mobile ticket right there on the website. Brown Paper Tickets offers free ticket printing and shipping for optimal customer convenience.

Plus, you can give your date his or her ticket ahead of time using the company’s app. The Transfer to a Friend feature lets you send purchased tickets to someone else, which could make for a great surprise for a birthday or anniversary.

From start to finish, Brown Paper Tickets makes searching, selecting, and attending local events a simple affair. Next time you’re brainstorming date ideas, browse through the website’s roller derbies, dance performances, beer festivals, and other interesting happenings to create a lasting memory in the company of someone special.

Dreamers & Doers Impact Global Communities for the Better

In 2012, Brown Paper Tickets began a mission to make a positive social impact on local, national, and global communities by recruiting and paying social leaders. The company invested over $2 million to launch its innovative Doer Program and empowered six individuals to change the world for the better.

Through this program, the Doer team of movers and shakers benefit from free resources, mentorship, and support. Where they go and what they do with these tools is up to the individual’s vision.

“Nothing great was ever achieved without an epiphany, drive, or idealism,” according to the Doers webpage. “Each Doer starts with a brilliant mission to improve an industry or community.”

“Doers are change makers; people able to find root problems, choose a solution, and fix it.” — Steve Butcher, CEO of Brown Paper Tickets

“Doers are ‘super citizens,’ like good neighbors, providing help where it’s needed without ever asking for anything in return,” said CEO Steve Butcher, who created the Doer Program. “The Doer Program helps to demonstrate what kind of company we are — that we are willing to go the extra mile to help you to be successful.”

From Argentina to Wales, the activism of everyday individuals, combined with the resources of Brown Paper Tickets, moves industries and societies toward a better tomorrow. Whether organizing charitable events or lobbying for the public good, Doers do all they can to make a difference with the unwavering support of Brown Paper Tickets.

Fun-Loving Social Entrepreneurs Make Customers the Priority

With offices in five big cities from Seattle to Edinburgh, Brown Paper Tickets has a team of 85 employees headed up by visionary CEO Steve Butcher. He joined the company in 2002 because he felt drawn to the idea of democratizing access to ticket services. “Everyone has the right to gather and the right to wild and weird and funky fantastic experiences free of economic barriers and digital obstacles,” he wrote in a community blog post in 2014.

The fur-friendly offices house talented artists, musicians, chefs, rebels, dreamers, and passionate individuals who love to laugh and attend events. These social entrepreneurs enjoy many perks like free lunches and snacks, a company-paid bus pass, and open communication in a casual but vibrant work environment.

Photo of Steve Butcher, CEO of Brown Paper Tickets

Steve Butcher, CEO of Brown Paper Tickets, works to keep company morale high and ticket prices low.

Part of Brown Paper Tickets’ core ethos is community building and positive social impact, and the company encourages team members to give back. According to the website, “Employees drive company microloan decisions and choose how to spend 40 hours of paid volunteer time.”

The company maintains a charitable bent in all aspects of the business. In 2012, for instance, it raised money for the Victims of the Cafe Racer Shooting Memorial Fund by creating 100,000 limited-edition Cafe Racer Artist tickets.

“We just think it’s the right thing to do,” said William in a press release on the fundraiser. “We wanted to find a way to make it easy for people who care to donate, and for those who produce events to invite their guests to donate a nominal amount.”

CEO Steve Butcher sums up the company’s not-just-for-profit philosophy as: “Sow before you reap, and take only what you need to be profitable and healthy.”

Brown Paper Tickets Customizes & Streamlines Online Ticketing

Since 2000, Brown Paper Tickets has brought millions of people together to share and profit from public events. The site’s Founder, William, saw for himself the flaws in online ticketing — with poor management, fees, and complications dampening engagement — and he built a full-service tool to address those issues.

Photo of the Brown Paper Tickets logo

Brown Paper Tickets is an award-winning ticketing service known for responsive customer service.

Brown Paper Tickets puts people first and offers accessible, friendly, and socially conscious event ticketing. The company provides live customer support via phone and email so event managers and attendees enjoy a stress-free ticketing process.

Whether you’re in search of a unique way to entertain a date or need a streamlined promotion tool to sell tickets to daters, Brown Paper Tickets is there in support of community involvement of all shapes and sizes.

“Our crew shares a fervent love of live gatherings. You name it — we ticket (and attend) it,” reads the Brown Paper Tickets career page. “Big festivals, small shows. Opera and… punk rock opera. Roller derby. Burlesque. Craft brew openings. Zombie walks. There’s never a dull moment.”