Brush Dj Makes Brushing Less Of A Chore For Couples And Families

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Editor’s Choice Award: The Brush DJ™ App Makes Brushing Your Teeth Less of a Chore So All Your Kisses Will Be Minty Fresh

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: Brush DJ is an award-winning, dentist-approved app designed to make brushing your teeth more fun. The app plays your favorite songs for two minutes while you brush, and it sends automated reminders to brush twice a day, floss once a day, and set regular dentist appointments. Singles, couples, and families can use Brush DJ to brighten their smiles, freshen their breath, sweeten their kisses, and turn a boring chore into a dance party.

Personal hygiene may not make a lot of headlines in the dating scene, but it’s pretty vital to romantic success. Bad breath and “furry” teeth can scare potential partners away faster than you can say, “Got a Tic Tac?”

The dating site OkCupid specifically asks its members, “How often do you brush your teeth?” because some singles see poor dental hygiene as a dealbreaker. Think about it: If someone is willing to admit to the internet that he/she only brushes “on days I feel like it,” that isn’t exactly attractive.

A majority of singles want to date people who can take care of themselves and, even more critically, smell good on a regular basis. In a Match survey, 43% of singles said fresh breath matters on a first date. Bad breath can be the kiss of death for a new relationship, so it’s worth putting in some quality time with a toothbrush before going on a date.

The Brush DJ logo

Brush DJ can make brushing your teeth more exciting and enjoyable.

Of course, brushing twice a day for the dentist-recommended two minutes is a pretty tall order, and I’m sure I’m not the only one cutting the occasional corner and not always giving my teeth the TLC they deserve.

Fortunately, Brush DJ has come along to revolutionize the way people brush their teeth. This free app plays two minutes of upbeat music to energize and motivate users so they’ll remember to keep brushing for a good length of time.

Singles, couples, and families can pick a song they enjoy on Brush DJ (personally, I’d go straight for Pharrell’s “Happy”) — and rock out while brushing their teeth. The app has positively influenced people, making them more diligent about brushing properly and regularly.

Dentist Ben Underwood developed Brush DJ as a fun solution for his own patients, and now it has gained a global following in 201 countries and territories.

“Brush DJ was borne out of frustration of seeing lots of people not brushing their teeth effectively, resulting in tooth decay and gum disease,” he told us. “Two minutes of brushing twice a day would reduce all that suffering. I thought if I could make prevention fun, then that’d be good for everyone.”

A Free Musical Tool for Anyone With a Toothbrush

Thanks to Brush DJ, individuals, couples, and families everywhere can add dance party to their nightly routines. Users can choose the music they want, customize the background colors on the app, and then hit “play” to start a two-minute jam session.

The app is free to download, and it doesn’t have ads or require a password. As soon as you have downloaded, you can select music from your device, a streaming service, or the free music archive. The Brush DJ chart highlights the most voted for songs by users of the app to give you some musical inspiration. Once you’ve found your favorite song, start the toothbrush timer and get brushing.

Brush DJ uses music to make brushing your teeth more enjoyable, and it offers other dentist-approved tools and tips to help users maintain a clean, fresh, and healthy smile in the long run.

The app allows members to set reminders to change their toothbrushes every three months, brush at least twice a day, floss every day, and use mouthwash regularly. The app will also let you know when it’s time to visit your dentist, hygienist, orthodontist or dental therapist.

Brush DJ is so simple a child could use it. Seriously, many children have developed strong tooth-brushing habits because of this app. Ben told us the app can be used by anyone with teeth — which is pretty much everyone.

The app empowers individuals to brush regularly and make dental appointments as often as is recommended by their dental professional.

“Brush DJ has been developed for anyone wanting to reduce their risk of gum disease and tooth decay,” Ben said. “The app helps keep your smile healthy and breath fresh.”

370K Downloads Across 201 Countries & Territories

According to a Delta Dental survey, almost 70% of Americans brush their teeth twice a day or more, but many of them aren’t reaching the recommended two-minute marker. The average time of brushing was between 45 and 70 seconds.

The good news is that couples can do a lot to hold each other accountable and foster good habits. For instance, one-third of Americans in that same study said they have made a partner brush their teeth before a kiss.

Photo of Ben Underwood, Creator of Brush DJ

U.K. Dentist Ben Underwood designed Brush DJ to reinforce good dental habits.

By playing rocking music every morning and night, Brush DJ can give couples a fun way to bond while they brush. It’s fun, easy, and free, and it’s taking the mobile world by storm.

The Brush DJ app is for everyone — from infants to retirees — and over 370,000 people in 201 countries and territories have joined in the fun so far.

Brush DJ started out as a one-man operation, but it has steadily expanded and attracted the attention of dental hygiene and health care experts around the world. Dr. Claire Stevens CBE of the Tooth Fairy Blog has recently given her support and recommended Brush DJ to her patients and readers.

In 2019, Brush DJ won over $100,000 in health care funding to put toward the research and development of the app’s educational content and music programs. The aim was to identify ways the app can improve patient outcomes. Ben said the research has generated many ideas for upgrading the app, and he is gearing up to apply for another $1.2 million in funding by year’s end.

Brush DJ is on a mission to brighten people’s smiles, and its positive impact can extend from the dentist chair to the dinner table. The app encourages people to take the time to ensure their smiles are the best they can be, so they can wow their dates with those pearly whites.

“The first thing most people see when they look at a person is their smile,” Ben said. “Once you get closer, fresh breath becomes important, and, if you get even closer and kiss, it becomes even more important.”

Couples & Families Can Practice Great Dental Hygiene Together

Brush DJ has gotten rave reviews since its launch in 2012. The app has a 4.7-star rating on iTunes and a 4.2-star rating on Google Play, and many users say it has made a difference in their smiles.

Screenshot of Brush DJ

Using the app is easy. You select a playlist, choose background colors, and start brushing.

“Awesome app to make brushing and oral hygiene fun,” said Nick A. in a review. “Keeps you on track far better than you would on your own — plus it includes helpful videos.”

“I love this app!” a user called Gran Topherino said. “It is so much fun to turn on my favorite music and have a solo dance party in my bathroom every time I brush my teeth.”

Brush DJ is a great wingman for couples, and it’s a great teaching tool for children and teenagers. Many mothers and fathers have written favorable reviews and recommended it as a healthy family ritual.

One parent said the Brush DJ app had come to the rescue in the daily struggle to get a 5-year-old to brush for a full two minutes. “Love this app,” the parent wrote in a five-star review. “It has made brushing her teeth fun.”

“Amazing app,” said another user. “I can listen to my favorite songs while getting a Hollywood smile.”

Brush DJ: Because a Smile Makes All the Difference

Ben built Brush DJ to help people around the world take better care of their smiles. The app promotes good teeth-brushing habits by providing a two-minute playlist twice daily. It brings a little fun and humor to an otherwise dull chore, and it helps people get into a rhythm they can maintain in the long run.

By encouraging users to properly clean their teeth, Brush DJ has the potential to make the world a brighter place. Singles can use Brush DJ to build confidence in their smiles, and couples can use it to sweeten their makeout sessions. The app can also keep individuals from suffering in the dentist chair because regular teeth brushing is linked to a reduced risk of cavities and gum disease.

“Everybody in the world likes music, so it’s a good icebreaker. It’s a way of making brushing your teeth more interesting, so people are more likely to do it,” Ben said. “Brush DJ doesn’t have a target audience. Children should use it, parents should use it, and grandparents should use it as well.”