Citypass Lets Couples Enjoy Popular Attractions For Less

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CityPASS® — One Ticket Book Lets Couples Enjoy Popular Attractions for Less in North America’s Top Destinations

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The Short Version: CityPASS gives couples a stress-free way to plan fun and affordable adventures at some of the most popular attractions across North America. Each CityPASS ticket booklet offers an element of choice, a no-hassle approach to admission, a handy mini-map, and lots of extra coupons to help you experience more and spend less. CityPASS’s Plan Your Visit pages let you and your partner spend some quality time mapping out your trip together. With insider tips and opportunities to save more than 50% on activities, it’s easy to see why couples are turning to CityPASS to plan their vacations.

Money — it’s usually the first thing that comes to mind for most couples planning trips to big cities like New York. It can get expensive pretty quickly in the City That Never Sleeps.

Then there are the headaches associated with choosing the attractions you want to visit that fall within your budget. Having to knock the Met off your list in favor of climbing to the top of the Empire State Building is no easy decision.

Planning vacations should be hassle-free, so couples can look forward to the good times to be had. Luckily, CityPASS makes this a reality.

With a CityPASS ticket booklet, your vacation is pre-booked to include passes to the most popular attractions a city has to offer. For travelers visiting New York, a CityPASS will include admission to the Empire State Building Experience, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Couples with this pass also have the option to choose three additional events out of six possibilities, including The Guggenheim, the Statue of Liberty, and the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Access to these attractions would normally set a couple back more than $600. With CityPASS, you and your partner can see the best New York has to offer for only $244. CityPASS provides deals just like this in 12 destinations across North America. With a no-hassle approach to booking, it’s no wonder so many couples are mapping out their holidays with CityPASS.

The CityPASS Philosophy: Leave With More Than You Came With

CityPASS was founded with the principle idea that when you visit a city, you should “leave with more than you came with.” Whether it’s spending less on attractions or time doing countless hours of research, CityPASS’s no-hassle process delivers. Rather than trying to narrow down attractions or search for coupon codes to save money, CityPASS offers a turnkey approach to planning your trip.

Founders Mike Gallagher and Mike Morey wanted to offer something a little different from an average discounted attraction ticket. They wanted to provide people with opportunities to make memories at various attractions rather than just one — without having to break the bank or waste several hours doing so. With years of professional travel attraction experience, they dove in by curating CityPASS with the best attractions in cities across North America while offering significant savings.

Collage of couples enjoying CityPASS attractions

CityPASS recognizes the value great experiences can bring to our lives and relationships.

No one likes to get a jam-packed itinerary on what should be a romantic couple’s long-weekend. CityPASS understands and gives you plenty of time to explore the city at a leisurely pace.

CityPASS ticket booklets are good for nine days after the first ticket is redeemed. Once you and your significant other arrive at an attraction, admission is already covered, and, many times, you’ll get to skip the lines. CityPASS gives visitors access to 78 hand-picked attractions in 11 major US cities and Toronto. With a 98% approval rating, CityPASS is clearly doing something right, as more than 17 million people have bought booklets.

12 Cities and 78 Attractions to Explore With the One You Love

With 12 cities available for CityPASS, it’s easy to vacation with your better half and just enjoy each other. No arguments about where to go and less time in lines mean you can sit back and let the adventure unfold.

Here’s how it works. First, you go online (or to one of the company’s partner attractions) and purchase your CityPASS. You can either print out a voucher or your booklet can be shipped to you. If you choose to print the voucher, just bring it to your first attraction, and the attendant will trade it in for your CityPASS ticket booklet.

Now comes the fun part — use your booklets! First things first, do not tear tickets out of your booklets. I repeat, do not tear them out. Let the pros at the attractions do it. They must be in the booklet to be valid, so just hand the booklet to the person taking tickets, and they’ll handle it for you. Your booklet is good for nine days from the first attraction you visit, so you have plenty of time to enjoy each venue without feeling like there’s a clock ticking.

In addition to attractions, your CityPASS booklet also offers coupons for shopping, dining, entertainment, transportation, and even discounts at souvenir shops. Also, CityPASS has online Plan Your Visit pages so you can map out your trips and get some insider tips for travel.

Let’s say you and your honey are heading to San Francisco for a couple’s holiday. Your San Francisco CityPASS would allow you entrance to the Aquarium at the Bay, a Blue & Gold Fleet Cruise Adventure, the California Academy of Sciences, a Cable Car and Muni Bus Passport (good for three consecutive days of unlimited cable car, historic streetcar, and trolley bus rides operated by Muni), and the choice of admission to the Exploratorium or the de Young Museum. It also has the option to add an all-day tour of Alcatraz Island.

The coupon section not only offers you discounts at attraction stores but also on bike rentals, numerous deals at Pier 39, and discounts at Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s. It includes a helpful attraction map, too. You get all of this (in the base, not the Alcatraz add-on) for $89 per person. It’s the easiest and most cost-efficient way to go on a little lovers’ retreat with your favorite person.

CityPASS Scrapbook Gives Advice on Fun Activities and Events

CityPASS Scrapbook is an insider’s guide to just about everything in a city you would ever want to know. With articles like “The Best Coffee Shops Near Seattle Attractions” and “Find Romance in the Big City,” CityPASS is giving travelers fun ideas and great advice on what to do in cities around North America. It has a local aspect to it, so you aren’t just visiting the tourist attractions but are also experiencing the smaller attractions, which give you the feel of a city.

Screenshot of CityPASS Scrapbook

CityPASS Scrapbook gives couples tips and advice on visiting an area’s best attractions.

The blog also inspires ideas for future travels. For example, the couple who loves craft beers can check out “The Best Beer Gardens Around the US.” It can stir you and your IPA-lover to decide to spend the year taking long weekends to the beer gardens mentioned in the article: the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden in New York, Sheffield’s in Chicago, and Stone Brewing Bistro & Gardens in San Diego. Maybe you both can even don some lederhosen at each location for photos that you (and everyone you know) will laugh about for years to come.

More Than 17 Million Passes Sold and Counting

It’s no secret North America’s top metropolitan destinations aren’t cheap. But CityPASS helps alleviate the blow to your wallet.

More than 17 million people have used CityPASS to take the stress out of vacationing. And when reading user reviews, you can see why the company has a 98% approval rating.

Photo of the CityPASS logo

“This is my first time using the CityPASS, but I already love it,” said one traveler. “CityPASS is the Holy Grail for tourists for countless reasons. You save money on all the attractions you would go to anyway… it was the best money I have ever spent on traveling.”

“We used CityPASS Chicago recently, and it was not only a vacation saver but a marriage saver,” said CityPASS user Jenns. “My husband and I would typically argue about which way to go and what to do next. The CityPASS was easy to use and offered detailed information as well as discounts.”

When it’s time for your first or fortieth couple’s getaway, CityPASS is a great way to see some of the best attractions, skip lines, save money, and, most of all, spend time getting closer to your favorite person.