Date Like A Tiger Woods

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Date Like a Tiger…..Woods

David Wygant
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Imagine being Tiger Woods. Your entire life is under a microscope.

Everybody knows your ex-wife chased you with a golf club, smashed you over the head, hit you in the ribs and put you on the golfers injury list for probably two to three months.

Imagine your entire dating life being so public that the next person you date knows everything about you secondhand.

When dating somebody brand new, the only information they should get is from you firsthand. Straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

So let me ask you a question…

Are you blasting your private life all over?

For example, are you a Facebook junkie who posts your entire breakup history, anger, sexual frustration and everything else all over Facebook so it’s public knowledge for everybody?

Or do you like to just tweet the fact you’re involved in a relationship that sucks and it’s driving you crazy?

If you do, you need to remember something REALLY important…

Everything you do now, in the present moment, could be read by your next partner or a prospective girlfriend in the future.


“You don’t want anybody

evaluating you based on Facebook.”

Beware what you do and say online!

You don’t want to be like Tiger Woods, having to explain every little thing. Can you imagine what that’s like?

You’d have to explain why your ex-wife decided to hit you over the head – because you cheated with 13 different women.

So your private life should remain private. The next time you want to talk about your relationship status on Facebook or on Twitter, remember everything you put on the Internet can be read by your future girlfriends.

Keep it private, guys.

By keeping it private, guess what’s going to happen? She’ll be able to evaluate you based on who you are in the moment.

We all change in life. We’re not the same. We’re different people now than we were a few years ago. We constantly grow, learn and change.

You don’t want anybody evaluating you based on something you wrote in the heat of the moment on Facebook, especially if you wrote something in the middle of a fight or because you were angry or frustrated at someone.

Think before you post, guys!

Have you ever posted something on Facebook you are embarrassed about now? Did it affect your dating life? Share with me down below. I’d love to read about it.

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