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Ways to Date a Single Mom

Brooke Lowrance
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So you wanna date a single mom? Here is some of my single mom advice: Dating a single mom is just like dating a woman without kids, or at least that’s how we want you to treat it.

For a mom to be thrusted back into the dating world is nothing short of traumatic. We have everything on our minds, from is this a person I want around my kids, to do I really want to start all over again?

You may not know it but you are being interviewed to see what kind of guy you really are from the very start. We’re asking questions that may sound innocent enough, but tell us if you are the type of guy we want to waste our precious child-free time with.

We want to know you’re going to be a good boyfriend.

Our lives revolve around our kids, so when on a date, we want to get to know you as a man, not you as a future dad or future partner to help raise our kids.

You can spare the “I love kids” and “Kids love me” lines. We want to talk about what we have in common, your likes and dislikes, your future dreams. We want to talk about everything but our kids.

We want to see if you’re our missing best friend, the guy we will grow old with, the guy who’s going to treat us like we’ve always dreamed of being treated because the guy who fits those requirements is going to be the guy our kids will love.

We want to be treated like any other lady.

We want to go out to a nice restaurant, see a movie above a PG rating, wear nice clothes without spit up or boogers on it.

Most importantly, we want to be heard. We want to have a conversation that doesn’t revolve around play dates, potty training and playgrounds.

A mom is the most selfless person you will ever meet. When a mom spends time away from her kids, she considers that time golden.

We urgently want to make the most of that adult time, especially if it means getting to know the handsome man sitting across from us.

“Dating a single mom isn’t

different than dating any other lady.”

Please don’t ask if we need to be back early.

Once we’ve accepted a date, don’t you doubt that we’ve covered all the details on our end.

The babysitter has been reserved. The back-up babysitter has been notified (in case the date is outstanding and an overnight stay is in order). The tags have been removed from the sexy panties we bought months ago, hoping for something exciting to happen.

We’ve even alerted our best friend to be available between certain hours in case we call from the restaurant bathroom begging for an emergency out. Trust me, we have it covered.

On the chance we decide to talk about our kids, keep in mind single moms keep a guard up when it comes to their kids.

In my experiences, I preferred not to even bring my kids up until I was ready. I’m not sure if I was waiting for that perfect moment or waiting for the person I was dating to pass some sort of test that even I wasn’t aware they were taking, but one thing was for sure – I wanted to be the one to bring up my kids and it had to be on my terms.

As you can tell, dating a single mom truly isn’t different than dating any other lady. We may have much more on ours minds, but trust me we won’t let you know that.

We just want to be another girl mindlessly having fun on a Saturday night getting to know the guy who asked us out.

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