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Dating Advice for Single Dads (from a Single Woman)

Sharyn Atkinson
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Throughout my career as a single woman, I’ve been out with a few single parents along the way.

None of those men were options for me personally, and I am actually skeptical about going out with a single parent again.

Their lives seemed too complicated and feisty for me to experience anything other than below-average enjoyment levels when I was with him. And there’s no way I would sign up for that.

It’s as though single fathers I have been out with have forgotten they need to get over their failed relationship before they start seeing anyone else. I mean, no woman is going to feel special if she feels like the rebound girl or an evil woman stealing someone’s father away.

It would be refreshing if a single dad could laugh about his mistakes, didn’t worry about how he could meet women or put pressure on himself to get dating right 100 percent of the time.

Once he’s figured out how to get to that point, he’ll be fine and shouldn’t even worry.

My advice to a single father is simple: Whatever you do, avoid doing any thing listed below.

I’m pretty sure single women, like myself, find all of the below a deal-breaker and will run faster than an Olympian to get away from you.

“If you respect the mother of your

children, you’re off to a great start.”

The single dads we avoid:

  1. Men with family amnesia are men who are still in existing relationships with children. However, they conveniently forget when a pretty girl is within a five-mile radius.
  2. Men reliving their 20s. These men claim they don’t own anything and don’t earn much money. From my experience, this translates to, “I have a clever accountant so I can avoid paying child support, and all of my assets are under the company’s name.”
  3. Men with ex-fixation are men who have taken on the hobby of emotionally tormenting their ex-partner, preferably by throwing any new relationship in their face via their children.
  4. Men in need of therapy. No one you’re dating needs an itinerary of everything your former partner did to annoy or hurt you. And let’s be honest, there is nothing attractive about a whiney sooky-la-la.
  5. Finally, hyper-reproducers are men who have fathered, and want to continue to father, children to every woman they meet. P.S. I am not next on the list.

There you have it…

If you’re genuinely single, actually want to support your offspring, respect the mother of your children rather than seek revenge and don’t want to mass produce children on a global scale, I think you’re off to a great start.

Add laughter and a glass of wine, and I would consider dating that single parent myself.

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