Dating Lessons From Justin Bieber And 4 Other Celebrities

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Dating Lessons from Justin Bieber (& 4 Other Celebrities)

Robert Rodriguez
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Celebrities on the dating scene have the public eye analyzing them at all times.

That’s good for us because we can learn from their dating successes and downfalls. These can range anywhere from completely perfect relationships to laughably crazy flings.

Here are a few tips conferred upon us by observing the dating habits and personalities of some notably famous daters.

1. Justin Bieber

Bieber is an interesting case of being an attractive guy. Most people think he is completely insane and mainly unlikable, but women still go mad for him and wouldn’t hesitate to be with him.

This shows attraction is not logical. You can be the craziest and wildest guy but still end up with any girl.

It can actually help you in some cases. Being crazy is certainly not advised, but it is definitely more interesting than being boring.


1. John Mayer

Mayor is known as a heartthrob on the celebrity dating scene. He has dated many of the big names in Hollywood. He’s proof you can be super confident, somewhat arrogant and really carefree and it works.

His personality mix of nice guy/bad boy is irresistible to women and seems to suck them in at his command. This shows us mixing some of both naughty and nice is definitely one of the magic combinations.

Many guys stick to either nice or naughty. However, these qualities have a high chance of failing on their own. You have to be diverse and have a personality that can show both sides of the coin rather than just one.

Mix it up. Women like emotional variety.

John Mayer

2. Robert Pattinson

For guys, being a concoction of mysterious and romantic can elicit attraction from women. From his vampire role in the “Twilight” movies, Pattinson shows us women love the allure of the unknown.

When women sense there is some mystery about you and intensity, they become curious to what is behind it. This aura followed Pattinson after he played these roles and still gives him an energy that pulls people in.

If you can do the same and create an impression, you’ll have the same pull. The dark void and the unknown is something people will always be curious to explore.

Robert Pattinson

4. Taylor Swift

Serial dating can be a great way to learn about yourself and what you want in a partner.

However, Swift takes it to the next level by dating tons of celebrities and going public with her breakups. She has earned a reputation for serial dating, and it’s not a good one.

We have to fix ourselves before finding someone. No amount of dating will solve the problems we may carry with us, so take some time to investigate what’s going on inside. Take as much time as you need to sort it out before taking the relationship dive again.

Taylor Swift

5. Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce is definitely an example of stability and smart choices. She wasn’t known much for reckless or random dating. She ended up choosing someone with stability and long-term potential and has stuck with him for quite a number of years.

In her case, she shows us taking it slow and making the right decisions can definitely work out in the long run. Stick to who you are and take your time to learn about yourself. Then you can find the person who matches you.

After a long time dating Jay-Z, she sealed the deal with him. Pretty smart if you ask me.

Beyonce Knowles

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