Decoding Her Mixed Signals

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Decoding Her Mixed Signals

Kara Pound
Kara Pound Updated:

For as long as men and women have sought a partnership, man has tried to decode signals of the woman he’s with.

  • Adam and Eve.
  • Anthony and Cleopatra.
  • John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
  • Barbie and Ken.
  • Brad and Angelina.

The good news for men is women are not impossible to figure out. The bad news? We are still tough nuts to crack. Women are creatures of habit. We think men should be mind readers. We have a difficult time saying what’s really on our mind. And we think you, the man in our life, should understand when we say “A,” we really mean “B.”

Here are a few tips to help you better understand the woman in your life.

“We don’t have to go out.”

Let’s say she calls you at work in the middle of the day to say she really wants to try a new restaurant in town. You have hellish clients for the next five hours, and when you finally get home, all you want to do is sit on the couch in your pajamas. You walk in the door and she’s dressed to the nines, chomping at the bit to go out on the town. You express how exhausted you are and she says, “Oh, OK. Well, we don’t have to go out.” Like a dummy, you take that as your out and settle on the couch with a football game, while she goes in the bathroom to take off her makeup.

You’re an idiot. The lady has been looking forward to a date night all day. Drink a Red Bull, put on a clean shirt and take her out for a good time. She wasn’t giving you an out. She was just trying to be nice and understanding. Don’t let her down.

“It’s fine.”

Or what about the time you called your girlfriend at the last minute to let her know your parents are flying up from Boca Raton to stay with you two for the week. The trip is totally unplanned and couldn’t come at worse of a time. Your girlfriend’s studying for the bar exam and hasn’t had much time to eat or sleep, let alone get the house clean and entertain for a week. She tells you it’s fine and the two of you will work it out. Her voice is quivering from stress. You know it will be a tough week, but you tell your parents, “See you at the airport!”

Once again, you’re an idiot. Women are natural nurturers and have a hard time saying no. Call your parents back immediately and say, “I’m sorry you booked these tickets without consulting me, but it’s so-and-so’s bar exam in a week. This is really important to the both of us. You’ll have to reschedule your flights. I hope you understand. Love you.”

Listen up, men. Women try and put everyone ahead of themselves. Sometimes it’s your job to make sure she comes first. Don’t put much stock in what she says, but how she says it and what she does.