Does Calling The Day After A Date Make You Look Desperate

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Does Calling the Day After a Date Make You Look Desperate?

Guy Blews
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This article should be one word.
But because I care about your dating success and your love life, I will expand on my perfunctory tone.
I want to make it very clear that I abhor game playing when it comes to dating and mating.
I also espouse that anyone of the male gender should be taught to behave like a gentleman by their parents, and if this has not been instilled in you by the time you can read properly, then the task falls to me.

Be a gentleman in all things.

The easiest way to behave like a gentleman is to ask yourself: How would I like a man to treat my sister? (Assuming you like your sister).
Obviously there are times when it isn’t necessary to ask yourself this question, but in all things that relate to social graces, good manners, decency and respect, it is a wise place to start.
I am well aware some men have a “front” that would seem to negate anything and everything to do with being a gentleman, yet even these men should enact gentlemanly behavior when it comes to women – no matter what they want their exterior image to be.
In fact, if gentlemanly behavior comes from someone who does not look like a gentleman, then the female of the species will be even more intrigued.
Being a gentleman does not mean you wear a suit, behave like a dandy and place all women on a pedestal.
It means you treat women with respect, kindness and decency and (above all) accept them as an equal no matter where you come from or who they are.
“If you like her, then call her the next
day so she knows you value her.”


If you have been on a date with a woman, you should ALWAYS call her the next day.
If you did not drop her back at her place, then you should make sure she arrived home safely after she left you the night before. Then call the next day.
I don’t care if you want to see her again or not. I don’t care if you found her hard to get along with. Be a gentleman.
Call her the next day and tell her it was a pleasure to have spent time with her. Then make your excuses.
If you like her, if you think she is someone special, if you want this to go further, then set your own high standards and call her the next day so she knows you value her, respect her and want to see more of her.
It’s that uncomplicated.
Guys, how many days after a date do you wait to call a woman? How are you going to implement these tips and stop playing games?
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