Does She Like You More Than You Like Her

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Does She Like You More Than You Like Her?

Randy Mitchell
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In every relationship, no matter how many times you say, “I love you,” how often the chemistry ignites while on the dance floor or in the bedroom or how much you desire continuing into eternal bliss, one person always feels stronger for the other.

Sometimes when a breakup is imminent, the balance of affection is so heavily tipped in the other person’s corner that you feel hesitant to let them go because of an unwillingness to hurt their feelings or even leave yourself alone.

Saying goodbye.

However, doing them the favor by permanently saying “goodbye” is the most honorable thing to do, both for them and for you.

I’ve personally known several people, men and women, who’ve spent years pining away for a distant or lost love.

They go to bed believing the heavens will suddenly part, mistakes will be forgotten and a second chance will begin.

They envision Harlequin romance images of white horses galloping along shorelines, huge bouquets of flowers delivered to their door and tearful marriage proposals appearing from the sky at the hands of their former loves.

They somehow get it in their minds she is “The One” and their future is still meant to be – no matter how that person feels now.

They pray for them daily, follow them on social media, frequent places and events they’re known to attend in hopes of an encounter and even hang old couple photos along their walls.

Some even resort to stalking, which is both psychologically damaging and physically draining. This could even lead to domestic violence if things got out of hand.

If you’ve dated/are dating someone you definitely feel isn’t right for you, the worst thing possible is to string them along.


“If you’re controlling the tempo, do

them a favor by ending it respectably.”

It not only wastes your time, but theirs as well.

Because you’re the only one they see, hope for and dream about.

Some do this out of selfishness, using them as time-fillers for otherwise dateless nights and keeping their numbers in their back pockets for guaranteed sex, companionship and even a little ego stroking.

Guys, I know it’s sometimes tempting to give things another try for whatever reason, but if the relationship didn’t work out before, then chances are it won’t again. The surveys prove this over and over.

Perhaps the biggest and most selfless reason for permanently letting someone go is so they can meet someone new – someone who will treat and love them the way we all deserve, meet their expectations, share that certain lasting chemistry and even have a family with.

Holding someone’s heart in your hands only to keep from breaking it brings bad karma.

Sooner or later, the roles could be reversed.

For every person out there looking for love, there’s that great someone waiting.

Balance is the key, though. Each partner should share the same feelings and make the connection work.

That said, if you’re the one whose controlling the tempo of a one-sided relationship, do them a favor by ending it respectably. Their future mate will thank you later.

Are you tired of waiting on a distant/lost love? Trying to decide if you should move forward with someone else? We’d love to hear from you.

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