Donald Sterling Biggest Dating Foul Ever

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Donald Sterling: Biggest Dating Foul Ever?

Randy Mitchell
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By now everyone has heard about the antics of billionaire Donald Sterling, whose racially-charged rants gained media coverage everywhere.

It’s a sad testimony to an obviously smart businessman (you have to be either very smart or extremely lucky to have that kind of wealth.)

You would think someone so talented in the art of making money would be just as sharp in his personal life, learning to play correctly within the affairs of society and piecing together an inner personal circle having his back and protecting his interests.

Isn’t it amazing what the right face can get away with?

And no matter how smart we think men like Sterling are, they’re only human and sometimes all the money in the world can’t buy you natural street smarts.

If you’re a man either with tons of zeros in your bank account or very little at all, what happened with Donald Sterling’s total lack of sense can be a lesson to us all.

Isn’t it amazing what the right face can get away with?Here’s a man looking in from the outside who literally had everything: tons of money, celebrity status in and around L.A., a family and loads of powerful influence.

Yet he allowed his image to come crumbling down for what? A little eye candy, a woman decades younger who obviously was keeping him company for one and only one reason – money.

He permitted himself to blow his public legacy for the transparent favors of a woman with a rap sheet a mile long. According to TMZ, she’s had six aliases and has been charged with crimes ranging from burglary to extortion to petty theft.

Now what does he have?

Sure his ownership of the Clippers is probably at stake, but he’s still got plenty of money.

Wealth aside, what does he really have except a tarnished image that’ll keep him hidden indoors for a long, long time?

And that’s the memory most will have of Donald Sterling many years after he’s passed away.

In other words, he’s “that guy,” the one seen as desperate for companionship and really dumb for letting down his guard.

“For every Donald Sterling, there

will be many more like him.”

Men are obviously visual creatures

That’s proven and most don’t deny it. When looking for a woman to date or marry, we’re always attracted to beauty before learning what’s on the inside. That’s just the way itMen are obviously visual creatures is.

But like Donald Sterling, are you willing to lose everything for the sake of good looks? Are you willing to throw away the respect of your family, friends, business associates or image just for the one getting you hot on the inside, knowing full well how wrong she is for you?

I think if Donald Sterling were sitting next to me and I asked if she was worth it, he’d definitely either laugh or cry and say she wasn’t. He’d tell me what an idiot he was and how he wished his life could return to normal.

And his girlfriend and those courtside seats she once occupied with him? They’re now a distant memory. She sold him down the river and probably didn’t think twice before doing it.

I remember when this story broke

I saw those first images of Sterling and his girlfriend together. I couldn’t help but point and yell at the TV “What a smuck!” just thinking of the drama that lay ahead.

I thought of all the embarrassment and millions of dollars he was about to kiss goodbye due to his actions and words.

He’s obviously a racist, which is mainly why he is where he is, but if it weren’t for hooking up with an opportunistic woman some 50 years younger and after his money, all would be normal in the House of Sterling.

I remember when this story brokeGoes to show when you have tons of money and are always used to having your way, it becomes easy to label yourself as untouchable.

If you’re a man of means, or one working toward a bright, successful financial future, be ever careful and selective of who you allow into your inner circle. Don’t let your little head do your thinking for you, although it’s an extremely powerful force.

You owe it to yourself to date women who are genuine, caring and with you for all the right reasons. Look for ones who are mentally stable and financially responsible, aren’t self-absorbed or narcissistic and who you’re proud to be with and have your back.

If you’re building a business or climbing the corporate ladder and want a partner, seek out those who understand and appreciate what it takes to get there. Look for a woman who understands the true value of money and how hard it is to make.

Above all else, always protect yourself from opportunists who’ll gladly take advantage of your work and efforts.

Donald Sterling got what he deserved

He’s a genuine racist, but a blind man could see the reasons for his girlfriend’s attention. He fell victim to some of the oldest tricks in the book, but for every Donald Sterling, there will be many more like him.

Just be the guy who learns from his mistakes.

Have you ever been taken advantage of for financial reasons? Leave us a comment below. We would enjoy hearing from you.

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