Eat This Much Helps Couples Build Better Food Habits

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Eat This Much™ Helps Couples Plan Healthy Meals and Build Better Food Habits

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: Some people count calories, plan weekly menus, and make healthy meals. Others don’t have that kind of time or may not know where to begin on their journey to eating the right foods in the right amounts. Eat This Much is a platform that offers individuals, couples, and families an easy path to healthier eating habits. Users can easily create a menu plan that’s healthy and delicious on the platform without spending hours researching recipes, and they can follow specific diets, including vegan, bodybuilding, or carb-cycling. Along with menu plans, Eat This Much connects users with grocery delivery services to make eating right even more convenient.

You may have heard the adage “Great bodies are made in the kitchen, not the gym.” That’s because it could take hours on the treadmill to work off just one day’s worth of bad food choices.

People who eat nutritious foods in moderate amounts every day are healthier than those who try to make up for binges with time at the gym.

But many individuals, couples, and families don’t have the time or energy to research and prepare nutritious foods in the right amounts. Eat This Much is a platform designed to take the guesswork out of eating healthy.

The Eat This Much logo

Eat This Much provides recipes and grocery lists to make eating healthy easier for people.

“Most of our audience finds us because they want to change something about how they’re eating,” said Louis DeMenthon, Founder and CEO of Eat This Much. “Either they want to cook more or cut out meat, or maybe their personal trainer told them to eat a certain number of calories, and they have no idea where to start.”

Users benefit from weekly or daily meal plans customized to their goals and preferences. It’s a much more straightforward method of meal planning than deciding which of the endless number of fad diets might work for you and your partner.

Along with creating meal plans, the site allows people to further personalize their menus based on their interests, appetites, and the time they have to cook. Users can follow the included recipes and even connect their plans with grocery delivery services.

Through its tools, Eat This Much makes eating healthy fun and convenient so people can feel their best.

A System Created in Response to Its Founder’s Personal Food Challenges

Louis started his own journey to eating better in 2011 and decided to create a simple tool to help bodybuilders meet their macronutrient requirements. But soon he realized that many others needed personalized systems to help them eat well while not wasting any of their valuable time.

“I felt like I was putting a lot of effort into feeding myself properly, and if I didn’t put the time into researching recipes, adding up nutrition numbers, and putting together grocery lists, I would end up eating poorly,” Louis said.

He discovered that good eating habits were created over a long time, and they required a lot of dedication and willpower to learn. So, he improved and expanded his original diet generator, first called, into something beneficial for everyone.

Now, Louis helps individuals, couples, and families fast-forward through the learning process with Eat This Much.

Today, the site’s users are primarily young professionals in their 20s and 30s, equally split between men and women. Most are interested in either losing weight or maintaining their weight. However, some people use the service to gain the right kind of weight — from healthy muscles.

“When they first come to our website, they see an example of what a day of meals could look like, including extensive breakdowns of where their nutrition comes from,” he said.

While many of the features are free, users can upgrade to a premium account to access extra features. Premium users receive weekly emails with personalized meal plans and grocery lists connected to delivery services for quick, contact-free shopping. They can also move items from their grocery list to a pantry section to keep track of what is in their kitchen for future meal planning purposes.

Teaching People How to Plan, Prepare, and Make Progress

The process behind Eat This Much is broken down into planning, preparing, and progressing. When users start working with the site, they share their goals, food preferences, and allergies to any foods. They can even let the system know their favorite restaurant or pre-packaged foods from its vast online database.

Users receive updated nutritional information for every meal they select. Each week, they can receive an email with a grocery list and cooking instructions. Couples may choose to update their lists for preferred substitutions before going shopping — online or at their local grocery store.

Screenshot of Eat This Much meal planning

Eat This Much helps users easily plan out meals for the entire week.

The site’s search function brings up foods and menus based on dietary preferences. For example, vegetarians won’t get meaty recipes, and users on keto diets will always be within their macros.

As users enjoy the meal plans, they can check their statistics in terms of weight and nutrients, which are all automated. That way, they can always adjust their plans to continue eating the healthy foods they enjoy.

Eat This Much also makes it easy for couples or families to plan for extra guests. Users can scale up meals, which automatically adjusts grocery lists so they can get the amount they need.

“We think people should use Eat This Much because they want to eat better, save time, and cook new and interesting things,” Louis said. “One of the main reasons people start using the platform is to get ideas about new recipes they can cook, and cooking is a delicious bonding activity for couples.”

Eat This Much: Easy Recipes Allow Clients to Achieve Dietary Goals

Eat This Much works within the schedules and budgets of its users, so they don’t have to worry about fancy ingredients they can’t afford or meals that take hours to make.

Many users have reported that the site made it easier for them to eat healthier every day.

“I think this is a really great tool,” wrote one user in an online testimonial. “I am a personal trainer, and I have suggested it to my clients who are interested in having meal plans. They all seem to enjoy it! It’s easy to use, and the meals are simple.”

Louis said he’s proud that a system that he found useful is also changing the lives of other couples and families. Although he designed the original system on his own, today he works with a close-knit team of six people, including engineers and customer service representatives who consult with dieticians and chefs.

“We hope Eat This Much will help people achieve whatever dietary goals they have, whether that’s losing weight, trying the keto diet they’ve heard about, or just experiencing new recipes,” he said.

With guidance from the site, more people can stay at home and cook with their significant others — or even make smarter decisions about where to go out to eat together.

Soon, the Eat This Much team is planning to improve integrations with restaurants and additional grocery delivery services to make eating right, meeting nutritional goals, and feeling great even more convenient.