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Lovebirds Enjoy At-Home Dates With Birds & Beans Coffee

Sheena Holt

Written by: Sheena Holt

Sheena Holt

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The Short Version: Many singles and couples enjoy dates at coffee shops. But by brewing coffee at home, they can get the same tasty drink experience with a lower cost and a more intimate setting. Birds & Beans Coffee is the perfect choice for an at-home coffee date. The excellent roasts are a responsible option for coffee enthusiasts and environmentalists alike.

Coffee shop dates are a go-to option for getting to know a partner early in a relationship or having a quick and easy hangout for a more committed couple. The ambiance, the relatively low cost, and, most importantly, the tasty drinks offer couples a fun and convenient way to connect. 

While going out to a coffee shop is a great way to get drinks with your partner, it’s not the only way to connect over a cup of coffee. Sometimes, brewing a cup of coffee for your partner at home is a better option. You get to show attention to their preferences and needs by preparing their drink yourself and snuggling up in an intimate setting. Getting coffee at a shop may be cheaper than eating at a restaurant, but it’s still more expensive than making coffee at home. It’s also better for the environment.

Birds and Beans logo
Birds & Beans Coffee offers an ethical choice for at-home brews.

By avoiding the single-use packaging you get from buying coffee, you minimize your negative environmental impact. And when you brew Birds & Beans Coffee, you’ll make a better-tasting cup, too.

The team at Birds & Beans creates expertly roasted coffee that will elevate any at-home coffee date. The company works to produce high-quality coffee that is also good for the planet. Part of that goal necessitates making coffee intended for at-home brewing. “In stores, we have the issue of packaging,” Chessy Slater, Executive Director of Business Development at Birds & Beans, told us. “By going to a coffee shop, we are adding more plastic and waste, and it’s not great. It’s far more fun having your own coffee at home and learning to make Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk or any other preparation you want.”

With Birds & Beans Coffee, you can show your partner a fun and thoughtful way to share a drink. 

Save the Planet While You Sip

The founders of Birds & Beans created the brand because they wanted ethically sourced coffee. Most people don’t recognize how destructive the coffee industry can be. But according to Chessy, industrial coffee farming has shockingly adverse environmental impacts. One of the negative impacts of the industry is the decline of bird species. Chessy’s father, who founded the US branch of Birds & Beans, noticed the change. “Older people are noticing birds they saw in childhood have disappeared,” Chessy said. One major factor in depleting bird populations is coffee farming. 

“From Mexico to Central America, they’re chopping down trees, and one main reason is to grow coffee in the sun to get a higher yield,” Chessy said. “I don’t begrudge the farmers because they want to make a living, but it really is driven by American consumerism.” 

Bird-friendly information
Birds & Beans coffee is certified as Bird Friendly.

When Chessy’s father learned about the harm that global coffee production brought to bird populations, he knew he had to do something. Both a coffee-lover and a bird-lover, he needed a way to enjoy coffee while protecting birds. “Our coffee is the most sustainable coffee out there,” Chessy said. “It’s not a sales gimmick or greenwashing.”

Birds & Beans Coffee is certified Bird Friendly with the Smithsonian Migratory Center, certified organic by Ecocert Canada, and Fair Trade certified. 

Birds & Beans donates 5% of all proceeds to conservation initiatives, including the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. The team’s charitable efforts are not an afterthought or good marketing; conservation is a fundamental part of why they created the family business in the first place, and the environmental impacts of coffee shape all of their choices and efforts as a company. 

“It’s good for you and good for the planet,” Chessy said.

Flavors You’ll Come Back To

Birds & Beans doesn’t only stand out for its remarkable commitment to nature. The brand also offers delicious coffee. “It tastes really good,” Chessy said. “When you start drinking it, you can’t drink other coffees. Our roasters in Maine are connaisseurs in the industry.”  

When you invite a date over to share Birds & Beans coffee, you can be sure they’ll come back again to get more of the unbeatable flavor!

Birds & Beans coffee tastes so great because it’s fresh. Unlike many coffee brands that roast the beans far in advance, Birds & Beans roasts directly before sending out an order. “We roast to order, so we don’t have coffee sitting for weeks and weeks,” Chessy told us. “It flies off the shelves within 24 hours. We don’t have a roast date on it because it was roasted the day of your order or the day it shipped, so there’s a lot of freshness to that.”

Photo of bags of coffee beans and cups of brewed coffee
Once you try Birds & Beans coffee, nothing else will compare.

The Birds & Beans team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality coffee for their customers because they themselves are a family passionate about excellent coffee. “It was a passion project pre-COVID,” Chessy said. “During COVID, we got good very fast, as more people were looking to buy coffee online. We probably need a bigger team, but we’re a very small, close-knit family; we drink a lot of coffee.” 

The coffee roasters work hard to perfect and innovate their coffee blends to suit every palate. But in Chessy’s opinion, much of the quality of coffee has to do with its origins. And Birds & Beans makes sure to source its coffee from ethical farms. “Where your coffee comes from and how it was farmed is wildly important,” Chessy said. With Birds & Beans shade-grown, fairly sourced coffee, consumers get a rich, high-quality taste they’ll remember.

Birds & Beans Serves Your Date a Tasty Beverage 

Birds & Beans Coffee is a great treat to share with your partner whether you’re curled up at home or locking arms out and about. You can order coffee for home delivery, or check out the 300 retailers that carry Birds & Beans products. Some of those retailers even make for fantastic date locations as well. 

“We’re also in a bunch of zoos if anybody wants to take a date to a zoo,” Chessy said. “The Houston Zoo, a lot of big zoos across the country carry our products — the NYC Central Park Zoo gave us their coffee shop. Any zoo interested in real conservation realizes they have to do more, and a lot of the organizations want to be more authentic and sell products that are good for people and the planet.”

Photo of holding hands by coffee
Share a drink at home with your date for some cozy quality time.

The team at Birds & Beans is passionate about raising awareness for the plight of birds. But they also understand that the way to encourage people to make a change is not by pessimism but by giving consumers a tasty option that’s better for everyone. “With your act of conscious consumerism, you are doing real good,” Chessy told us.

Going on a date may not feel to most people like a form of activism or philanthropy. But when you make your date an opportunity to try Birds & Beans Coffee, you’re giving back. Sharing an act of good and a warm beverage with your partner is a great way to continue a long-lasting relationship for many cups of coffee to come.