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“Our First Kiss Sucked!” — 3 (Quick) Ways to Recover

David Wygant
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So you scored a date with someone awesome. Everything’s going great. Then all of a sudden, like a train wreck, you move in for the kiss. Your mouths meet, and guess what happens? The kiss sucks.

Your tongue goes left; her tongue goes right. Her tongue goes up and down; your tongue goes side to side. You kissed fast; she kissed slow.

Here are 3 ways to recover from that awkward mess:

1. Don’t Bring It Up

You do absolutely nothing. You bring zero attention to it at all. You smile, walk away and go home.

You don’t think about it because let’s be honest — “the first” of most things sucks.

You don’t know her kissing style at all. You’re going in blind. You’re not asking her on the date how she likes to be kissed or how she needs to be kissed.

"Our First Kiss Sucked!" — 3 (Easy) Ways to Recover

The first kiss usually sucks just like the first time you have sex usually sucks.

You move fast; she wants slow. You go in hard; she wants you to go in soft. The first time you go down on her sucks. The first time you touch her body sucks.

You don’t know this person, and all you need is some time.

2. Accept It and Move On

Realize that the first kiss sucks and it’s OK, but one thing you can do is think about her kissing style.

If you went in hard and she’s kissing you softly, you know exactly how to kiss her the next time. If her tongue moves to the left and her head tilts to the right, you want to tilt to the left or you want to go right.

Don't Bring It Up

Learn what she likes. That first kiss is all about gathering kiss information, and that’s all it is.

You want to gather information so the next time you go in there, you go in there like a pro. If she’s a hard, passionate kisser, you go in hard and passionate the next time.

3. Mimic Her Style

The key to kissing is to mimic her style, so instead of worrying if the first kiss is going to suck, assume it will.

As you’re kissing her, slow it down and pay attention to her movements. Try to mimic her style. Speed it up if she goes fast. If she’s deep, you go deep.

Accept It and Move On

If you adjust to her kissing style, she’s going to feel like she’s kissing somebody great, and it’ll take all the pressure off the first kiss sucking.

Women like it when a man has a similar kissing style to their own. If you please her, then she’ll be sure to tell her friends you’re a great kisser and keep coming back for more.

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