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5 Tips for Getting Fit That Will Also Improve Your Dating Life

Amber Brooks
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For singles, getting fit means more than general health — it can help you attract a date for Friday night. When you look good and feel good, people take notice.

In terms of attractiveness, Psychology Today says self-care is what truly matters. Researchers found that people who look like they’re healthy are considered to be more attractive overall. You don’t have to be ripped with zero percent body fat; you just have to appear like you take good care of yourself.

“Essentially, we’re shooting for ‘relatively healthy’ (e.g., not super obese, no severely protruding stomach, etc.). So no need to obsess and go overboard. But do your best to eat well, move around a bit, and care for your health,” the study reads.

Body image goes a long way toward feeling confident and attractive, so get yourself where you want to be and you’ll be ready to wow your date. To help, we’ve put together 5 ways to get fit for dating.

1. Change Your Diet (But You Don’t Have to Eat Like a Rabbit)

Healthy eating habits are the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, and it’s something you absolutely have control over. Going on a diet can vastly improve your health and fitness in a matter of months.

Dieting doesn’t necessarily mean always eating salads and swearing off butter — just do what you can to avoid fast food, lay off drinking, and cut back on sweets. Be mindful of what you’re putting in your body and how that translates to your weight-loss goals. Perhaps follow the 80/20 rule: eating healthy 80% of the time and allowing yourself 20% of indulgent time.

Photo of healthy foods

Making a healthful meal plan improves a person’s overall fitness — and it’s delicious, too.

Everyone’s different, so set up an eating schedule that works for your individual tastes, willpower, and metabolism. A good diet will get you on a path toward fitness, and you can do it all from your kitchen.

2. Pick Up a Healthy Hobby

Find something you love doing that also keeps you active. It could be walking your dog or it could be rock climbing — just get moving. Frequency counts, so take up a healthy hobby that you’ll look forward to and not want to miss out on. Whether it’s yoga or a daily run, hobbies are a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and have fun doing it. Plus having hobbies and being an active person makes for a more interesting date conversation.

3. Find a Fitness Regimen That Works for You

There are tons of affordable fitness services available to help you stay on track. Plus gyms can be a great place to scope for in-shape singles. You can get support from professional trainers when you sign up for a patented fitness regimen. Some, like the DailyBurn fitness program reviewed here, even offer a free trial period to help you get started and see if you like it.

Photo of the DailyBurn sign-up page

Trained professionals offer you valuable experience and workouts as part of a fitness program.

Even better than a gym membership, online fitness services conveniently provide mobile tools and videos that help you step up your exercise routine no matter where you go. There are helpful reviews sites out there that can help pick the right fitness program for you based on factors like your nutritional and workout preferences as well as price.

4. Make Little Changes in Your Daily Life

Small actions add up over time. Even little changes to your routine (like taking the stairs instead of the elevator) can dramatically impact your fitness in the long run. Getting healthy doesn’t have to be a huge inconvenience or commitment. Personal growth begins with everyday choices.

In your daily routine, you can make incremental healthy adjustments, such as switching to a standing desk or cooking more meals at home. If anything, it can’t hurt to up your cooking skills in case you want to have a date over for a romantic home-cooked meal.

5. Get Your Friends Involved

When you combine exercising with socializing, everybody wins. Group activities make it so much easier and more enjoyable to get healthy because you know someone is in it with you.

Photo of people running

If you’re jogging with a friend, you’re much less likely to skip out on your daily workout.

Ask your friends to join you and support your push toward healthiness. Getting yourself a running partner or a tennis buddy will challenge you and hold you accountable.

If your friend needs a little extra motivation, you can always let them know that exercise can improve a woman’s sex drive. That should grab their attention!

Final Thoughts

These 5 tips can get your body in shape while also boosting your self-confidence so that you feel as attractive as you look. As a result, you may find yourself more appealing in the dating world because people are naturally drawn to confidence. Additionally, studies indicate that a healthier body image is linked with healthier, happier relationships.

Getting fit not only improves your physical health and appearance, it helps you be comfortable in your own skin. And that, in the end, is the most important part.