Houdahgeo Can Help Couples Remember Special Places

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Editor’s Choice Award: HoudahGeo’s Photo Geotagging Can Help Couples Remember All the Places They’ve Been Together

Amber Brooks
Amber Brooks Posted:

The Short Version: HoudahGeo is a simple software solution for people who want to organize and share their photos by location. Thanks to geotagging technology, couples can keep track of where they were during their most romantic, picture-perfect moments. People can use HoudahGeo’s interactive mapping feature to make their photos tell a story about their travels. If you love to go places with your sweetheart, you can take advantage of HoudahGeo’s technical solutions, save location data in your photo files, and preserve your memories with ease.

When you’re wandering through nature trails or city streets with someone special, it’s easy to get lost in each other’s eyes and forget your surroundings completely. Somehow you get engrossed in a conversation and you can’t take your eyes off your date, and everything else is just background noise to your romantic moment.

Such special times and places often become part of a couple’s history, serving as a reminder of how much they care for one another, but what if you don’t actually remember where you were when you were falling head over heels in love? What if you only have a selfie as a souvenir of a romantic moment that happened days, weeks, or years ago?

The HoudahGeo logo

HoudahGeo stores geotags in a photo file, so every picture becomes rooted in a specific time and place.

HoudahGeo aims to solve this problem by using photo geotagging to ensure people never forget the coordinates of their special moments. Thanks to this technology, individuals, couples, and families can look back on where they’ve been and return to those places where they captured a lovely photo and made a touching memory.

Thanks to HoudahGeo, you can organize photos in a way that makes sense — with latitude, longitude, and altitude data recorded and saved with the image.

Developer Pierre Bernard created HoudahGeo to provide greater context for photos taken by Android devices, iPhones, and other cameras. Now your pictures can tell you exactly where you were when they were taken. Such insights are useful for people who enjoy looking back on where they’ve been and how far they’ve come.

Whether you’re going on a romantic getaway or simply strolling through the streets, HoudahGeo can empower you to capture those moments and forever remember all the good times you’ve shared with the special people in your life.

Retrace Your Steps & Relive Your Happiest Memories

HoudahGeo began as one man’s passion project, and it has become a go-to solution for photographers, travelers, and families from all walks of life. The photo geotags have been used by naturalists who want to record when and where they saw a specific plant or animal, and it has been used by tourists who want to remember every destination on their trip.

Screenshot of HoudahGeo

HoudahGeo gives people the tools to organize their photos by location.

If you have a track log from a GPS device or app, HoudahGeo can automatically save its location information to JPEG and RAW image files. Otherwise, users can manually geocode their photos in the platform’s virtual map feature.

Simply switch the map to Geocode mode, and then enable Automatically Proceed to Next Image or Automatically Jump to Selection in the settings. Once that’s done, you can drag pins on the map to adjust or assign locations of the photos in their album.

“This is finely tuned to allow for quickly assigning locations to a series of photos,” Pierre said. “It can show or edit the locations of multiple photos at once. When switching to the next photo, it remembers where you have been before and does not make you start over to assign a location a few steps away from the previous one.”

If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can take a moment to go back through your photo albums on HoudahGeo’s virtual map. By clicking Inspect on the map feature, you’ll have access to a read-only version of the geotagging map. On this map, you can see where you were when you took each picture in your album, and, if applicable, the route you took on your trip.

Scrolling through these photos can be especially enjoyable if you went on a safari or an off-road adventure with your loved one. Couples can retrace their steps on HoudahGeo and appreciate those special memories all the more.

“I actually find this to be quite a beautiful exercise,” Pierre said. “Looking at the photos and comparing each to the bird’s eye view can fortify memories.”

Craft a Personalized Photo Road Map of Your Travels

HoudahGeo has empowered amateur and professional photographers to keep track of where they took their photos and the route they traveled as they snapped one photo after another.

Pierre and his wife Susanne have used the geotagging platform to record and share details about the eight-day trek they took to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. In October, Pierre and Susanne went on an adventure of a lifetime to Africa’s highest mountain, and they took plenty of pictures along the way. When they got home, the couple began organizing the photos by location and creating stunning visuals of the paths they walked.

Screenshot from Google Earth

Pierre and Susanne were able to track their route to Mount Kilimanjaro.

In 2017, Pierre and Susanne shared their unforgettable journey with their friends and family members by exporting their geotagged photos to Google Earth.

“Google Earth export creates a KMZ file that can serve as an alternative to a photo album, postcard, or souvenir gift,” Pierre explained. “The file can be sent to friends who can then view it in the Google Earth desktop application. They see where you have been and can click markers to reveal photos and comments.”

This interactive display is unique in that it can show more than a postcard and can wow people with how accurate and detailed it is.

HoudahGeo 5 has integrated with popular mapping and photo-sharing platforms, and has thus given people the ability to share their travel experiences more easily. Users can save their photos and track logs to DropBox and view these files using Google Maps. The photos will appear as thumbnails on the map, and you can click on them to view additional location information.

HoudahGeo uses simple technology to pull off the complicated task of organizing photos by location. These user-friendly features make it easier than ever to record your travels and store your photos in a way that makes sense to you. This time-saving technology is useful if you want to create location-based albums or just reminisce about a favorite trip.

HoudahGeo Ensures Every Romantic Getaway is Unforgettable

Whether you’re backpacking through Europe or bar hopping in your hometown, you shouldn’t have to worry about memorizing every detail of your experience — that’s what cameras are for. You can preserve your most special memories more accurately by using geotags.

HoudahGeo keeps track of where you were when you took your pictures, and it can provide precise location data. That means individuals, couples, and families can always return to recreate the moments that mean the most to them.

As you build your personal photo library, HoudahGeo offers a seamless, intuitive, and fun way to remember the place and time that brought you and your loved ones together.