How to Convince Your Girlfriend to Have Anal Sex

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How to Convince Your Girlfriend to Have Anal Sex

David Wygant David Wygant

There are a few ways to convince your girlfriend to have anal sex. One of them is not to just start doing it. You might see that in porn, but the fact of the matter is this girlfriend of yours is not a porn star.

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Anal sex is more pleasurable for a man than a woman. A woman doesn’t have a prostate in there. For a woman, anal sex is either painful or she really likes the idea of being taken.

It’s a power thing, so you need to make sure your role in the relationship is you as the conqueror and her as the submissive. If you are able to conquer your woman and make her feel like the naughty little victim she wants to be, then prepping her for anal sex will be easy.

If you’re satisfying your woman orgasmically on a regular basis, making sure you’re taking care of her, she’s going to be open to new ideas. That’s how you’re going to have to bring it up. You need to make it about her.

You have to open the lines of communication

Take a look at the woman you’re with and ask her, “Hey babe, is there anything that we haven’t done sexually that you’d like to explore with me?”

She might get a little shy. Let her know, whatever it is, that you are open to it. You are open to it because it turns you on, and you would love to hear her thoughts.

She’ll share something with you, and you enthusiastically will tell her it’s something you will do with her. You’ll tell her you’re excited about it, and she’s going to be turned on.

She, in turn, is going to ask you, and then you’re going to bring it up. You’re going to tell her you always wanted to try anal sex. You think it would be fun. She’ll probably say she’s not sure if she wants to do that.

You need to make it about her. You’ll tell her you’ll be real gentle. You’ll tell her you’ll take it easy.

You’ll tell her if it hurts too much, you’ll stop, but you tell her you really want to be able to explore all of her.

It would turn you on to be able to claim every bit of her and make all of her yours. Use those words and use that lingo, and you’re going to find her a lot more receptive to anal sex than you can imagine.

It’s all about allowing her to speak first, and you’ll see the difference.

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