How To Date Someone With A Large Age Difference

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How to Date Someone with a Large Age Difference

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We have all seen it – the much older man walking around hand in hand with a much younger woman (or vice versa).

Most people will usually have one of three reactions to this sight:

  1. Admiration. They think, “Man, that guy is cool to have pulled that off.”
  2. Disgust. They think, “Shame on them. People should date people their own age.”
  3. Ambivalence. They don’t think anything about it at all.

If you are one of those people in group one, or if you just think age shouldn’t make a difference in whom you date, then I have a few tips for you.

1. Don’t be fake to try to win someone over.

OK, so you have decided you want to date a much older or younger person. Now what?

The key is to find someone who is comfortable doing the same things. If that is the case, then there is no need to trick them into liking you.

So don’t worry about pretending to like Taylor Swift or John F. Kennedy to try to impress.

2. Don’t be discouraged by haters.

There are some people who think dating people with a large age difference is wrong. Fine. Let them date someone who was in the same grade they were in.

As for you, feel free to play by your own rules.

“Do what makes you happy, even if

that means going against others.”

3. You can always find someone who likes the same things. 

It doesn’t matter how strange, different or outrageous your preference is, I promise you there is someone out there who likes the same things.

The same is true for large age differences. It’s just up to you to find that person.

4. Be inspired by your favorite celebrities.

Jerry Seinfeld is 21 years older than his wife. Andy Griffith was 30 years older. Fred Astaire? Forty-four years.

I know, I know. You are worried the only reason these celebrities were able to pull this off was because they were rich and famous. That helps, but it’s not a requirement.

There are plenty of regular people who have done the same thing.

5. Do what makes you happy. 

So you are thinking of not being with someone with a large age difference only because of what others might think? Shame on you.

Do what makes you happy, even if that means going against the advice of your friends, your therapist or your momma.

Are you seriously going to be with someone who is not as great of a match for you just to please other people? Come on! I hope not.

Have you ever dated someone significantly older or younger? How did it work out? What advice can you offer to men in similar situations?

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