How To Guarantee Sex

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How to Guarantee Sex

David Wygant
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So you’re dating this woman. She’s hot. You haven’t screwed up yet. You’re actually on date number three.

Then the urban rumors come into play.

Your friends start getting into your ear. They tell you it’s the magical date number three and it’s time to seal the deal.

Meanwhile, you don’t even want to tell your friends you haven’t really even touched her yet.

And you’re thinking, “How do I seal the deal and get great sex with her on date number three when I haven’t even kissed her?”

So your best friend calls you up and gives you some advice. The advice is pretty lame, but you figure it could work.

In your mind, you’re gearing up for magical date number three, hoping it’s going to be sex night.

You even convince yourself you’re going to make the move. You plan it out in your head how it’s going to go down.

Maybe you take her to dinner. Have a couple glasses of wine.

Then you’ll find a way to get her back to your house, you’ll light some candles, and you figure you’ll get her back into the bedroom and seal the deal.

This is where most guys screw up.

Because there is no set number of dates needed in order to sleep with a woman.

I’ve slept with women on date number one and I’ve slept with them on date number 10, but I only sleep with them when they’re comfortable to have sex with me.

You see, my only expectation is great sex.

But I don’t force the issue on when that happens.

I’m not looking to seal the deal. I’m not looking just to get laid. I’m looking for great sex.


“The more you build it, the more she’s

going to want a repeat performance.”

Her comfort level.

In order to have great sex, you need to build your comfort level with her.

See, women are wired very differently — she’s not thinking about having sex with you on date one, date two or date three.

For her, it’s a feeling and when she feels like having sex with you, she will – whatever date that might be.

In order for her to have that feeling, she needs to feel comfortable around you. She needs to feel like you listen to her. She needs to feel like you respect her.

She’s got to trust you in every way, shape or form before she gives you her body.

And she wants to know you’re mature enough and sensual enough to give her great sex.

Women have had the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am type of guy plenty of times before.

She’s looking for her greatest lover and her greatest lover needs to be a patient man, a man that wants to get to know her, a man that doesn’t force the issue, a man that doesn’t count the number of dates.

So if you’re looking for great sex, then take your time with a woman, build it slowly, get to know her, listen to her, get closer, have a sleepover where you do nothing but spoon and cuddle.

Build it up, slowly.

The more you build it and the more you tease it, the greater the sex is going to be and the more she’s going to want a repeat performance.

How many times have you forced the issue when it comes to sex?

Share with me right now how many times you’ve done that and what the outcome really was. I’m curious to hear how it worked out…or didn’t.

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