How To Seduce A Woman

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How to Seduce a Woman

Guy Blews
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Women love sex just as much as men do – note the use of the word “men.”
As a man, you don’t want to be aggressive (that’s what boys do). Women know when they are being hit on by a boy.
A boy tries to force the situation. A man allows the situation to flow.
A boy has an agenda. A man has no agenda.
A man can walk away, which means she will probably want him to stay and get intimate.
You see, if intimacy is a big decision, if intimacy has a ticking clock of desperation, if intimacy is all you are thinking about, then you’re missing the point completely.

If “intimacy” means “sex,” you’re going about it wrong.

Intimacy should be natural – a progression from where you are now, not a leap of filth that ends up with rejection.
So, you wonder, how do I get to intimacy without an agenda, without pushing?
“If you are confident, then you will find
she is as likely to initiate as you are.”

This is how:

Be genuine and be a gentleman.

As you cross the street, gently place your hand on the small of her back or take her hand, as a gesture of care.
As you get to the cafe or restaurant, help her take off her jacket and pull the chair out for her, as a gesture of decency.
As you walk to your car, open her door first and close it when she gets in, as a gesture of respect.
As you enjoy conversation, be sure to look her in the eye and actually listen, as a gesture of equality.
A woman wants to feel protected – not controlled.
A woman wants to feel guided – not tricked.
A woman wants to know you are, above all, a good man who knows intimacy is about everything that surrounds the passion as much as it is about the passion itself.
If you are confident in your actions, if you are clear in your intentions, if you are able to convey an air of intimacy without saying a word, then you will find she is as likely to initiate as you are.
Avoid the friend zone with small physical touches.
Avoid the cheese zone by not being a groping creep.
Avoid the desperate zone by not saying everything you are thinking and/or wanting.

Intimacy is not about the game.

It is all about the person you are and the person you are with.
If you are a man, and if you make sure to spend time with women who give you enough signals without being needy, then you will find intimacy is not a big decision.
It is simply a natural progression that can happen quickly or slowly, depending on who you are with and how you are with them.
Guys, how do you initiate intimacy in a relationship? Do you make the first move, or do you wait for her signals?
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