How To Talk To Women

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How to Talk to Women

Rachel Dack
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Communication is the foundation to all of our relationships. It is key to establishing a connection with someone new and getting to know your date.

Communication exists beyond what we say and the words we chose to convey our thoughts and emotions.

Communication goes much deeper than verbal language, as our actions and behaviors show others who we are. Your nonverbal communication (body language, eye contact, posture) is as significant as what you speak.

As exhilarating as it is to connect with your date, it is crucial to remember it takes time to form lasting relationships. Developing a bond with someone new takes effort, energy and patience.

It’s essential to understand the layers of getting to know someone and use this awareness to pace yourself as you date. Focusing on your communication will aid you in getting to know a woman fully and deeply.

Below are healthy communication strategies to help you and your date get to know each other.

1. Show her with your words and actions.

Instead of just telling her politeness is something you take seriously, show her who you are by treating the waiter with kindness and respect.

Confident women don’t want to just hear you are loving, responsible, funny, etc. They also want to see you exhibiting these qualities through your actions.

This is how you build trust in a new relationship.


“Engaging in genuine communication will

lead you to a rewarding relationship.”

2. Be engaging.

To communicate that you are interested in getting to know her, be attentive and engaging. Use open body language, strong eye contact and active listening skills.

Be an attentive listener by concentrating on what she is saying and focusing on her voice instead of fidgeting, interrupting and looking elsewhere as she speaks.

3. Listen as much as you speak.

This will communicate that you are aware of what it takes to have a healthy relationship.

It’s a positive thing to have a lot to share and want to share a lot of yourself with someone new. However, be sure to take turns.

This will show her you are aware that relationships are a two-way street and consist of giving and receiving.

4. Reflect back on what you hear her saying.

To communicate that you understand her and her needs, give her some insight as to what she said after you ask a question.

Hold back on diving into a dialogue that is particularly sensitive or personal while knowing you will get to the deeper stuff later if the connection is mutual.

5. Tell her how you feel and ask her out again.

This communicates that you like her and are looking for lasting love. Also, resist pushing sex and let physical intimacy happen naturally.

Engaging in healthy, genuine and assertive communication in dating will lead you to the rewarding relationship you are searching for.

Men, have you ever had trouble talking to women? Which tip are you going to use the most to overcome your fears?

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