If George Clooney Can Stay Single So Can You

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If George Clooney Can Stay Single, So Can You

Randy Mitchell
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You’re an attractive, fun-loving guy and crave your freedom. You’ve been this way all your life.

During your adulthood, you dated literally dozens of women, attended many bachelor parties, witnessed lots of teary-eyed weddings, been called upon to be a best man and even hooked up with several bridesmaids during and after the ceremonies.

You’ve felt the emotions behind the whole courtship/marriage thing and endured the same ol’ question over and over, “So, how about you?”

You think about it, smile and politely give a rehearsed answer such as, “still looking for Miss Right.”

You love and adore the beauty of women and are always open to meeting new ones.

Marriage, you’ve always heard, is the road to golden happiness. Yet, for whatever reason, month after month and year after year, your ring finger remains permanently bare.

Honestly, you like it that way.

There are lots of reasons for guys to remain single, and after doing research for this article, I’ve come to the conclusion they’re different for each individual.

However, some always came to the forefront of the lists:

  1. They want to avoid the financial risks of divorce.
  2. They prefer focusing on their careers.
  3. Sex is very easy to get without marriage.
  4. They have no desire to have children or stepchildren.
  5. They believe marriage involves too much change and compromise.
  6. They are waiting for that perfect woman to arrive.
  7. Emotionally, they just never felt the need.

Now, if you walked the streets of any large metropolitan city and asked why guys are remaining single, I’m sure there would be many more colorful answers.

Some might be: “Commitment phobia, too insecure, too much of a loner, too introverted, too afraid of taking a risk, too emotionally scared,” and the old standby, “Are they gay?”


“Many are content finding

love when it arrives.”

There is nothing wrong with remaining single.

Personally, I firmly believe it’s simply a matter of what’s best for the individual. And as any psychiatrist will tell you, “All of us are wired uniquely different.”

Some gravitate toward being alone, enjoy lots of “me” time and love their personal space. They have other priorities in life that don’t include marriage — hobbies, career, friends, sports and even immediate family.

Others crave the attention and companionship of sharing their lives with others, with “The One,” and much prefer the feeling of being bonded with another individual.

They feel out of place whenever she’s not around or when they don’t have a hand to hold, lips to kiss or a conversation to share.

Many are programmed this way since birth, yet others remain happily content simply loving themselves.

I’ve always thought of marriage as an option in life.

However, many still look at those never marrying as being a bit odd, abnormal, peculiar or even weird (i.e. that eccentric uncle or aunt always showing up alone).

Yet they’re extremely fulfilled dancing to their own singleness beat. It’s what they’re comfortable with. It’s what makes them who they are.

I have many friends who’ve stayed single well past the age of 50 and plan on remaining so. And I’ve also known several who’ve walked down the aisle, had children, endured extremely nasty divorces and swear they’ll never marry again.

I’ve seen the devastation both emotionally and financially a bad breakup can cost both parties – just one of many reasons more and more are remaining single.

I understand both sides of the equation, but many may ask, “What about love?”

All of us are born with a desire to love and be loved.

It’s what makes us human and it lives inside us all.

But for some, it doesn’t equate to dashing off to the nearest jewelers, constantly searching for the one who completes us or getting married to satisfy the expectations of family or society.

Many are content finding and experiencing love when it arrives, but they don’t need the legal formalities of making it official.

Love is wonderful when it’s natural and pure, and for certain people, enjoying it is all about an individual’s definition of relationship success.

Are you single and content? Do you know others who feel the same? I’d love to hear your comments.

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