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4 Ways IMDb Helps You “Netflix & Chill” Better Than Ever

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: For a low-key, romantic night in with someone special, you need the right movie to set the mood. If you’re unsure about what to pick, try signing up for a free account with IMDb. This online database of information of basically every movie ever made can help you to select, discuss, and enjoy movies. It’s the go-to resource for anyone looking for in-depth details on a movie in any genre. In particular, someone planning a date can make excellent use of the site’s lists, trailers, reviews, ratings, and forums. IMDb provides specific movie recommendations based on your preferences, ensuring that you never run out of ideas for your next “Netflix and chill” session.

Just before the Fourth of July this year, my boyfriend and I tried recruiting some friends to join us to see (and then verbally bash) “Independence Day: Resurgence.” It was a tough sell.

“No, thanks,” one of his friends said. “We’re not a movie couple.”

I blinked in surprise. In that moment, I realized my boyfriend and I are definitely a movie couple. I didn’t even know there was another way to be. We go to see every major film that comes out (excluding horror movies), and we’ve actually gone to the theater just to get popcorn to accompany our own Star Wars movie marathon. To us, overeating buttery popcorn is the perfect way to spend any date night.

Ever since the concept of “dinner and a movie” came about, movies have been integral to romance. Then “Netflix and chill” became part of the dating lexicon, and singles really started busting out their best movie titles to entice a date.

If you’re running out of movies to “watch” — wink, wink — and want to shake up your at-home screenings, try signing up as a free member on the Internet Movie Database (more commonly known as IMDb). On this site, movie lovers come together to share and review their favorite flicks.

Screenshot of the IMDb homepage

Many IMDb features encourage people everywhere to share their passion for cinema with others.

This online database of information is a handy resource for daters — whether you’re dating actors and want to check up on their credentials or researching the perfect movie to play in your apartment for your date. You may not intend to actually watch the movie, but it still matters which one you pick. To hook you up, we’ve outlined four ways that IMDb helps couples Netflix and chill hassle-free.

1. On “Your Watchlist,” Collect Movie Titles You Like

As an IMDb member, you can save up to 10,000 movie titles to Your Watchlist and get quick access to information on films that interest you, including plot summaries, ratings, votes, and even how much it grossed. This makes for easy browsing while a date comes over.

With a to-watch list already compiled, you’re always prepared to Netflix and chill at a moment’s notice.

This personalized list is especially convenient if time is of the essence to seal the deal. The “Watch Now” or “On Disc” buttons show you the price on Amazon Video, so it’s a simple matter to pick out something you can watch right away (or within standard delivery if you have a few days).

Screenshot of an IMDb profile page

From your IMDb profile, you can add titles to Your Watchlist or create your own custom lists.

IMDb can help you show off your time management skills in other ways too. If your date is on a tight schedule, and you need a movie that’ll end on time, you can sort your list by runtime and find a title that fits any given time slot. Easy.

Finding what you want is no problem with IMDb’s sorting function. In addition to runtime, you can sort Your Watchlist alphabetically or by your rating, date added, its U.S. release date, number of votes, popularity, and IMDb rating.

Really in a hurry? Simply refine your search further to see all the titles available to watch instantly. Check “Amazon Video” under the “Instant Watch” options, and Your Watchlist will offer up the titles that are ready to view right now.

Just remember to choose with care. Your favorite movie may not necessarily be his or her favorite, and you don’t want a movie that’ll distract or repel your date. Sappy is good; gorey is bad. There are quite a few bad movie choices for Netflix and chilling, so make sure to do your research on IMDb to get a feel for the movie’s plot and popularity before you press “play.”

2. User Reviews Explain Why You’ll Love (or Hate) a Particular Movie

Even if the movie’s just background noise, you want it to be good background noise. With the help of IMDb User Reviews, anyone can look up what people are saying about any given movie. The insight of these down-to-earth recommendations could be just the push you need to make a movie selection.

Screenshot of the IMDb user reviews page of V for Vendetta

IMDb showcases what other people have to say about a movie on the User Reviews page.

Say you’re on the fence about watching “V for Vendetta” — an excellent movie that no one should be iffy about, but it’s a hypothetical so bear with me — if you scroll down on the movie’s IMDb page, you’ll find User Reviews raving about it. The list automatically sorts based on the best and most helpful posts, but you can filter any way you like to read reviews written by users around the world.

Once you remember why you love this vividly verbose movie, look to the sidebar for how to watch or buy it immediately.

If you’re interested in reading user opinions about a movie you haven’t seen before, you can filter out spoiler-laden reviews by checking “Hide Spoilers.”

I’ve entered into movie selection negotiations many a time, so I know how long it can take to find a title you both want to watch. To put a quick end to indecisiveness or deadlock, check out IMDb’s User Reviews and let the glowing endorsements or lashing criticisms sway you (or your date).

3. Ratings Can Narrow Down Your Search for a Great Flick

The ratings portion of IMDb can make your date-night movie selection much simpler. As you star movies (on a scale of 1-10), you’re helping the site provide you with personalized recommendations for what to watch next.

Screenshot of IMDb's "Your Ratings" page

Your Ratings inform IMDb about your movie preferences so it can suggest titles you’ll enjoy.

If you go to “Your Ratings,” you can see all the titles you’ve rated so far and rank them from most to least favorite if you sort by “My Rating.” You can also explore more movies by clicking on the “Find More Titles” tab and going through the “Recommended for you” section.

The more you rate, the better your recommendations will be. IMDb learns from its users and makes suggestions based on previous likes/dislikes.

It’s very much a democratic system of voting, rating, reviewing, and discussing movies of all kinds. New ratings have an immediate impact on what titles IMDb picks out for you. Did you and your date find a certain steamy movie a turn-on? Rate it a “10” to find more just like it.

To browse specific topics or genres, take a look at the collection of lists in the “Your Ratings” section. From “Edge of Your Seat” movies to the “IMDb Top 250,” these lists organize popular and personalized movies in an easy-to-browse format. The best part is that IMDb will automatically sort out titles that you’ve rated, so it’s all new territory.

4. Discussion Forums Offer Recommendations From Film Buffs

The Internet Movie Database offers an open forum for users to share their opinions about movies online. In the “News & Community” tab, you’ll find the way to IMDb’s Message Boards. This is a comprehensive smörgasbord of discussion topics revolving around movies but also branching out to other topics such as television shows, philosophy, technology, and music.

Anyone looking to Netflix and chill might want to check out the “Romance” forum for ideas about a sappy story to tug at the heartstrings and get you both in a romantic mood.

The “List and Recommendations” forum is also useful because it contains list upon list of posted favorites. You can ask for particularly targeted recommendations and get dozens of responses from movie buffs around the world. From “the slowest movies” to “surreal comedies,” the topics cover just about anything you can think up.

Screenshot of the Romance message boards on IMDb

The IMDb forums provide a welcoming place to talk about movies and get recommendations.

These forums are a good place to socialize with fellow movie buffs. By diving into an animated conversation about movies you love, you’ll soon find inspiration for your next movie marathon.

If you’re interested in discussing a particular movie on IMDb, you can go to the movie page and scroll down to the “Message Boards” section to see all the recent posts mentioning that movie. Also on the movie page, you’ll find a “People who liked this also liked” list that compiles similar movies in one convenient location.

Whether you’re interested in watching the movie or just playing the movie, IMDb offers a supportive community of varied suggestions for your viewing pleasure.

The Internet Movie Database Helps “Movie Couples” Everywhere

IMDb isn’t just the place to find out what movies that one guy’s been in — it can also be a fantastic tool and resource for finding something fun and low-key to do on a date. If you’re part of a “movie couple” like me, you should absolutely check out the lists, reviews, ratings, and forums available for free at the Internet Movie Database.

Helping you navigate the movie world, the site’s features and movie pages make it easier to find an ideal movie to Netflix and chill to. No strings attached, with a simple search through these lists, you’ll be ready for an intimate date.

IMDb users get tailored movie suggestions, so discovering a new film favorite becomes as easy as logging in. Next time you’re grappling with the important decision of what movie to play for your date, go online to IMDb for guidance, and then enjoy the show.