Is Your Profile Built to Attract Women?

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Is Your Profile Built to Attract Women?

Joshua Pompey
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Writing an online dating profile isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world. With an endless stream of women signing online every minute, most of us would rather jump straight into the emailing process, as opposed to sitting in front of a computer for a couple of hours and writing a great profile.

The process is the equivalent of taking a guy to a bar full of willing women, only to insist he write a full essay on why he is qualified to talk to them before he is even allowed to say hi. Not exactly fun!

Regardless of how annoying this may be, neglecting the importance of the written profile is a huge mistake.

This is where women make most of their judgments about us, so it is critical we showcase our best qualities.

Let’s take a look at a few essential steps for creating a profile that will get results:

1. Understand how attraction works.

Women experience attraction differently than men. Without understanding how their minds work, we will never be able to create the attraction we need.

When it comes down to it, women are not as visual as men. Women mainly feel attraction toward men based on their internal qualities.

All we have to do is understand what these qualities are and showcase them in as many ways as possible through our writing.

These triggers include, but are not limited to, showing alpha-male qualities, self-confidence, demonstrating high demand with other women, showing ambition, etc.

The more of these qualities we infuse into our writing, the more women will naturally feel attracted to us.

If I were to write I work in sales, the statement is boring and uninspired.

But if I were to write, “As someone who has always loved to lead, interact with others and chase big dreams, working sales is without a doubt the ideal job for me,” I have a statement that taps into ambition (chasing my dreams), social value (interacting with others) and alpha-male qualities (loves to lead).

All of the above examples are major attraction builders, in one short sentence.


“Instead of just saying you are funny, sit down and

actually write some jokes that fit your profile.”

2. Avoid using the wrong words.

The words we use will have a big effect on how women perceive us.

The following statement is poorly phrased:

“I’m looking for a woman who is smart, fun and intelligent…”

The word “looking for” implies we are the ones chasing and she has all the power.

This is not attractive and makes us appear desperate.

But if we change the statement to:

“The right woman for me should be smart, fun and intelligent…”

Now we appear to be in control, confident and have a completely different image.

There is a whole dictionary of weak words and phrases we should never use, such as “if,” “hope to hear from you,” etc.

Never underestimate the effect the language you choose can have.

3. Show as much humor as possible.

Humor is the key to a woman’s heart, as well as a major tool for building attraction.

And to top it off, humor also makes a woman astronomically more likely to grant a first date.

Her mindset will be, “Even if we don’t hit it off, at least I’ll have fun with this guy and laugh.”

Always add as much humor as possible to your profiles.

How do we do this?

Instead of just saying you are funny, sit down and actually write some jokes that fit your profile.

It could be silly, flirtatious or witty, as long as they make women laugh. Or the joke could be designed to entice conversation.

For example, one profile I have prompts the user to write the last book he or she has read.

My response is, “Is it a law I have to write “Fifty Shades of Grey” in this box, or is just every woman on this entire site? Freaks :P”

Oftentimes women will message me solely based on that comment.

What do you put in your profile to attract women?

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