Janies Baked Goods Make The Sweetest Gifts

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Janie’s Baked Goods Make the Sweetest Gift for a Special Someone

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

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The Short Version: Janie’s Baked Goods offers the perfect gift for dessert lovers everywhere. Founded in 2015 by pie aficionado Janie Deegan, the bake shop has grown to have three locations in New York City and a bustling e-commerce operation. Janie’s Bake Shop invented the Pie Crust Cookie, which can be ordered online nationwide, along with a selection of cookies and other baked goods. The shop is a small business dedicated to serving its community through equitable hiring practices and charitable giving.

There’s a quick way to my heart, and it includes a lot of sugar. Cakes, cupcakes, loaves, breads, muffins, coffee cakes, pies, macarons – I love them all. As the kind of kid who could easily put down a whole pack on mini cupcakes, my mom would say I don’t just have a sweet tooth, but sweet teeth.

One of my favorite things about baked goods is that most people share my sentiment. Who doesn’t love a tasty sweet treat? When it comes time to give a gift, whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday, I love throwing in a baked good from my favorite local shop along with a present. It’s a thoughtful and delicious extra element that’s easy to add to a gift.

Janie’s Baked Goods, home of the pie-crust cookie, is making gift-giving easy for your special sweet-toothed someone. Janie’s is based in New York City but ships its delicious cookies nationwide. The bake shop has an inspiring backstory and a diverse collection of one-of-a-kind baked goods. 

A spokesperson for Janie’s Baked Goods talked to us about Janie’s, its story, and how couples can spoil each other with a little something special with one of Janie’s cookies. Janie’s online ordering and nationwide shipping allow customers to get the cookies they love while supporting a small business.

Janie’s Story

Janie Deegan is the founder of Janie’s Baked Goods and is the brains behind the signature pie crust cookie. Janie established her bakeshop in 2015 after becoming sober. Janie had struggled with addiction and homelessness throughout her early 20s. After entering recovery, Janie was ready to reconstruct her life.

Baking became an act of self-love for Janie, who was struggling to find employment due to long gaps in her work history and a lack of work experience. Janie said she enjoyed baking when she was a child, and reconnecting with the activity was powerful for her at this time. She bought a $35 handheld mixer and began making treats for friends.

janie deegan, founder of janie's baked goods
Janie Deegan is the founder of Janie’s Life-Changing Baked Goods.

Soon enough, people were requesting treats from Janie for events and parties. In a challenging period of transition in her life, the love and support Janie received because of her baked goods were deeply important to her. Seeing something she made bring joy and happiness to others filled her with a joy she hadn’t felt before.

Janie’s friends encouraged her to try to sell some of her baked goods. Janie agreed and set her goal to sell just one pie. She sold dozens, and Janie’s Baked Goods was born. Opening and operating a small business is no easy feat, but Janie stuck with it. Nearly 10 years later, Janie’s Baked Goods ships cookies nationwide and has three locations in New York City. 

Janie and her bake shop are best known for being the inventor of the Pie Crust Cookie. The cookie was inspired by Janie’s quest to create a perfectly proportioned bite of pie. The cookie combines buttery streusel, a gooey layer of filling, and a flakey pie crust to create a delectable bite-sized pie taste.

Nothing Says “I Love You” Like a Cookie

Janie’s Baked Goods ships cookies nationwide. The shop offers gooey cookies, crunch cookies, pie crust bites, and the iconic Pie Crust Cookie. Janie’s offers a variety of flavors and cookie types, so cookie lovers of all varieties can find something they adore.

The half baked chocolate chip cookies have a cult following at Janie’s. These cookies are caramelized on the outside and deliciously gooey on the inside, striking the perfect balance for a classic chocolate chip cookie. The coffee toffee butter-crunch cookies combine house-made toffee chips with a hint of espresso. Buttery and chewy, the cookies are among the most popular choices in the bakeshop and online.

janie's baked good pie crust cookies
Janie’s Pie Crust Cookies deliver a perfect piece of pie in every bite.

The Pie Crust Cookies are by far the most popular cookies at Janie’s. Pie Crust Cookies come in a variety of flavors available online, including pecan, triple berry, chocolate, apple, and cherry. Each box comes with five cookies, and each bite gives you a flakey pie crust, gooey filling, and an expertly caramelized streusel. At Janie’s, there’s no such thing as soggy pie.

If you’re local to NYC, Janie’s Baked Goods bake shops offer pies, breads, and a wider selection of cookies. The shop offers pies on a seasonal menu, including the likes of chocolate espresso pecan pie and caramel apple pie.

Janie’s has a dedicated client base in New York City and beyond. She said locals come in every day for their favorite cookies, and some folks love Janie’s so much they’ve established themselves as e-commerce regulars.

Made in New York, Shipped Nationwide 

Janie’s Bake Shop honors its founding story and supports its community in several ways. Janie’s uses second-chance hiring practices and will hire anyone willing to work and learn. It doesn’t matter if they were previously incarcerated, homeless, or struggling with addiction. Janie’s evaluates applicants and employees on the basis of who they show up as each day.

People who have experienced challenging things in their lives are the kind of people Janie wants to hire. She has a real connection with people who struggle with addiction or have experienced homelessness and doesn’t judge a person by their past.

janie's baked good NYC team
Janie’s Baked Goods is operated by a dedicated, close-knit team.

Founder Janie remains super hands-on in both business operations and community outreach. In addition to juggling everything that comes along with small business ownership, Janie also teaches free baking classes to underprivileged youth in East Harlem. Janie’s Bake Shop also makes donations of baked goods to local community centers and homeless shelters.

When you support Janie’s Baked Goods, you’re supporting a small business dedicated to its community. No matter the occasion, whether it be a milestone event or just because, a cookie from Janie’s makes a sweet and thoughtful gift.