Josh Mccown Can Teach About Dating

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What Josh McCown Can Teach You About Dating

David Wygant
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For those of you who aren’t big followers of the NFL, there have been some really amazing stories this year.

One of those stories is Josh McCown. If you don’t know Josh, Google him and check out his stats. They’re terrible in all ways.

The year he was the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals was atrocious. He threw for only 2,500 yards. In fact, Josh McCown was so bad that he’s been out of the game twice – once in 2010 and again in 2012.

Josh McCown is a guy who just won’t go away.

Now look at what he’s achieved:

  • Eleven touchdowns
  • One interception
  • A 75 percent completion rating
  • Five touchdown passes the other night against the Cowboys – one on the ground and four in the air.

“Josh is the perfect example of

why you should never give up.”

Josh McCown is the epitome of never quitting.

They kicked him out the sport he loves twice, but did it stop him from going to another training camp? Did it stop him sending out his reel to other NFL teams to get him into training camps? No it didn’t!

And now at 34 years old, Josh McCown is having a renaissance in the NFL. Nobody knows what’s going to happen. Jay Cutler could come back next week, take McCown’s thunder and put him back into retirement.

But I have to tell you Josh is the perfect example of why you should never give up.

Maybe this year hasn’t been good for you when it comes to meeting women. Maybe this year you’ve had a couple of things that have sidetracked your plans.

Maybe you ran into some confidence issues or allowed fear to dictate your life. Who knows what your excuses are.

It doesn’t mean you’ll never reach your goals. You all have a Josh McCown deep down inside of you. All of you can unleash your inner rock star, and when you do, look what can happen. Eleven touchdowns could be 11 phone numbers for you.

It all starts with your own belief system.

What I want to do is challenge you today. I want to challenge your belief system. Are you ready? Because next season starts really soon.

The New Year is around the corner. Even though life doesn’t change because the calendar changed, it can feel like a new season psychologically. Are you mentally prepared? Do you still believe in your dreams?

I want you to find your own Josh McCown inside of you. You all have it in you to achieve great things. You just have to start believing.

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