La Bicicleta Verde Offers Couples Tours Of Santiago

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La Bicicleta Verde Invites Couples to See Chile From a Different Perspective by Taking a Bike Tour in Santiago

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The Short Version: La Bicicleta Verde is a Chilean company that runs bike tours in Santiago throughout the year. Since 2007, this team of passionate and well-versed guides has shared the history and culture of the region with visitors from all over the world. Its bike tours and walking tours offer an eco-friendly way to explore the local sights. Couples can jump on a bike and visit public parks, sample food at Santiago’s famed open-air markets, or enjoy wine tastings at nearby vineyards — all under the expert guidance of La Bicicleta Verde.

In January 2018, a French couple booked an afternoon bike tour with La Bicicleta Verde because they wanted to see Santiago, Chile, from the eyes of locals. These two experienced travelers had a blast with the tour guides — and not even a flat tire could get them down.

The TripAdvisor reviewer said it took less than five minutes for La Bicicleta Verde team members to replace the flat tire on her husband’s bike and get the tour moving again without delay or stress.

“We’ve done several bike tours in Latin America, and these are by far the best,” the review said. “Everyone who works there is really proud and happy to be there, and I really liked that. Apart from showing you the city, they also invite you to experience some of the local food like ice creams, sopapillas, or juices.”

Photo of La Bicicleta Verde tours

La Bicicleta Verde supports sustainable tourism by taking Santiago visitors around on bikes.

The couple had such a fantastic time that they went out again on a morning bike tour with La Bicicleta Verde, which is fast becoming one of the most popular ways for tourists to experience Santiago.

Many visitors to Santiago appreciate this low-key and eco-friendly way to explore the city’s biggest attractions and surrounding countryside, and it can be a romantic date activity for couples looking to immerse themselves in the local culture.

La Bicicleta Verde highlights the history, beauty, traditions, and food that make Chile and Santiago, in particular, so special.

You don’t have to be all that athletic to keep up with these leisurely tours, and La Bicicleta Verde offers fun outings every day of the week for individuals, couples, and families who are ready to ride and see the sights.

“We get people from all ages and places to take our tours,” said Javier Guerrero, who works on the Marketing and PR team. “Our passengers are adventurous and curious, and most of the time they’re very knowledgeable as well! But something they all have in common is that they don’t just want a tour that they sit on a bus — they want to interact with the locals.”

Leading the Cyclist Revolution in Santiago’s City Streets

La Bicicleta Verde began in 2007 with two men and a dream. Co-owners Joel Baltasar and Peter Murphy share a lifelong passion for cycling, and they wanted to share the joys of weaving through Santiago’s bike-friendly streets with Chilean tourists. It was fun, it was sustainable, and it quickly gained momentum from there.

Joel and Peter partnered with Gama Bikes to get rolling, and their upbeat leadership and innovative ideas attracted a diverse and competent team of tour guides in Chile.

Photo from La Bicicleta Verde

La Bicicleta Verde offers entertaining tours throughout the year.

“Our guides have come from different countries and now call Chile their home,” Javier told us. “What we most look for is diversity, new viewpoints and new skills, and always with the vision that the field work will be pleasant and make us happy.”

La Bicicleta Verde now has 40 enthusiastic, creative, and knowledgeable tour guides who know Santiago like the back of their hand. The bike tour company has both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking guides, and they can cater private tours to specific interests, including history, politics, wine, or food.

As a green company, La Bicicleta Verde is always geared toward future growth, knowledge, and collaboration. Javier said the team is developing a program to work with underprivileged Chilean children and teach them about Santiago’s rich history in the same way they currently guide tourists, thus passing their love of cycling and Chilean culture to a new generation.

The cycling tours company has come a long way in the last 13 years, and overcome many naysayers who thought the idea wouldn’t be possible in a busy city like Santiago.

“There was a lot of doubt, but we pushed forward to have a fun and green way to do our tours,” Javier said. “We feel like we’ve been a part of the cyclist revolution that Santiago has lived through.”

Knowledgeable Guides Take People to Local Markets & Wineries

Excellent customer service has always been La Bicicleta Verde’s top priority, and the company has grown by making sure everyone goes away having had a great experience in Santiago.

The team puts a lot of thought into where they take tours, how they interact with guests, and what they can do to overcome obstacles and make things run smoothly.

“We try to make the experience wonderful the moment the passenger steps in our office,” Javier said. “We’ve designed routes based on what would be the most relevant yet unusual for people to see, plus add our own recommendations for people to check out.”

Photo of La Bicicleta Verde

Santiago tourists can get to know the city streets by following the lead of a charismatic guide.

The Santiago Full-Day City Bike Tour is popular among couples, friends, and families who want to pack a lot of sightseeing into their day. These tours begin at 9:30 a.m. and end by 6 p.m. The tours are limited to six travelers to keep things friendly, intimate, and manageable. Noteworthy stops include all three of Santiago’s food markets and numerous public parks.

Couples typically prefer the Bike and Wine Tour of Maipo Valley because it surrounds them with peaceful and breathtaking scenery. They can cycle alongside beautiful vineyards in the countryside of Santiago and drink wine for refreshment during stops. The tour includes four wine tastings throughout the day.

This wine tour is undeniably romantic, and it’s pretty common to see couples celebrating honeymoons or anniversaries — some couples have even gotten engaged along the way.

Want a more intimate experience? You can book a private tour with La Bicicleta Verde and receive special attention from start to finish. Guests can customize the route to fit their tastes, interests, and schedules, and the guides love to provide that personal touch to make the experience extra special.

La Bicicleta Verde guides stand out for their charisma, intelligence, and versatility, and they have won over people of all ages and backgrounds. They even host Tours4Tips walking tours that are open to anyone visiting Santiago and looking for a budget-friendly activity.

“Our unique and charismatic guides present the tour in a way that does not feel scripted,” Javier said. “We love to share the city and country to new travelers, and this tip-based tour is perfect for those that travel on a budget!”

Over 1,600 Good Reviews From Satisfied Customers

Over the years, La Bicicleta Verde has earned praise as green gurus, tourism industry innovators, and cultural ambassadors in Chile, and thousands of customers have had a great time and recommended the tours to others. The company currently has a five-star rating on TripAdvisor with over 1,600 reviews shared by travelers.

Photo of La Bicicleta Verde

La Bicicleta Verde captures the imagination with its professional tours through markets and vineyards.

“My husband and I did this tour on our first day in Santiago, and it was a great way to explore the city and get our bearings,” said Kelly L. “The guides took us to a variety of historical sites and were also very knowledgeable about Chilean history. They also took us to a lovely gelato shop for a tasty snack.”

Kevin K. and his girlfriend took a morning bike tour to a winery and were blown away by the beautiful landscape. “We had an awesome time biking through the vineyard soaking up the sun and breathing in the fresh country air,” Kevin wrote in his review. “Overall a really great experience and worth the trek outside the city.”

Matt L. and his wife went on a La Bicicleta Verde bike tour during their honeymoon and couldn’t say enough good things about it. “The positive reviews already online barely do this tour justice,” Matt said. “This setting is stunning… made for a very memorable honeymoon trip!”

La Bicicleta Verde has become famous for its imaginative, interesting, and eco-friendly tours. It has welcomed guests of all stripes, and singer-songwriter Paul McCartney even paid the tour company a visit in 2011 and took a private tour with a starstruck guide telling him all about Santiago’s best attractions. The bike the former Beatle used is still marked to distinguish it from the rest of the fleet.

La Bicicleta Verde Offers an Eco-Friendly Date Activity

La Bicicleta Verde gives people the chance to hop off the traditional tour bus, skip time-consuming walking tours, and take a relaxing and enjoyable bike ride through Santiago’s city streets or countryside. These professional bike tours have packed a lot of knowledge and sightseeing into morning, afternoon, and all-day tours, and it’s no wonder many customers — like the couple from France — come back for repeat trips.

If you’re planning a romantic getaway or date activity in Santiago, La Bicicleta Verde can guide you to one-of-a-kind experiences and give you a front seat to the sights, sounds, and tastes of Chile.

“For us, sharing our local culture and heritage as a Santiaguino has always been a big focus,” Javier said. “Getting people from around the world close to what we love is our biggest motivation.”