Latter Day Matchmaker Pairs Church Members

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Latter Day Matchmaker Pairs Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Utah and Beyond

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The Short Version: Amy Seal is the founder and CEO of Latter Day Matchmaker, a matchmaking service for single members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Amy and her team serve male clients across the United States who are looking for a committed relationship with a person who shares their religious identity. The matchmaking service boasts a nationwide proprietary database, relationship coaching, and support along each step of the dating process. 

Matchmaking has a long and complex history, with its roots traceable back to ancient India and China. Despite how dating, relationships, and matchmaking have changed throughout history and into the present day, matchmaking remains an important tool for many communities.

Matchmaking has remained important to religious communities and groups worldwide. It can simplify the process of finding committed relationships between like-minded singles with a shared faith identity.

Amy Seal is doing just that for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Her matchmaking service, Latter Day Matchmaker, is a boutique traditional matchmaking service for Latter-day Saint (LDS) singles across the United States.

Amy talked to us about Latter Day Matchmaker’s founding story and how the service supports LDS members through dating, relationships, and into marriage. 

“In our community, we believe in marrying for eternity,” Amy said. “So instead of till death do us part, we’re thinking about beyond death. We believe we’re going to be with this person forever, so it can feel like an overwhelming dating experience at times.”

Boutique Service for Marriage-Oriented Singles

Before Amy was a matchmaker, she worked in human resources and executive recruiting. “I think that background was a great fit to transition to a matchmaker,” she told us. “I discovered matchmaking and felt inspired by it.”

Amy started matchmaking casually for friends and colleagues after work hours and found that it was the perfect fit for her.

“I had that passion to bring people together, and I was single at the time, so matchmaking just felt so compelling and exciting. When I’m passionate about something, I really go for it.”

amy seal latter day matchmaker
Amy serves single Latter-day Saints in Utah and across the United States.

Amy founded Latter Day Matchmaker in Utah and is supported by a team of matchmakers and dating coaches.

When singles choose to work with Latter Day Matchmaker, they’re choosing a service that will offer holistic support throughout the introductions process. 

Latter Day Matchmaker serves singles across the U.S. “The predominant religion in Utah is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, so my niche is serving members of that community, and we have people worldwide of that faith,” Amy said. “About half my clients live outside of Utah.”

Amy’s Proprietary Database Connects Church Members 

Amy’s clientele and database members come from diverse backgrounds but are all united by a desire to be married in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Matchmaking isn’t the right approach for everyone, so Amy and her team help prospective clients decide whether the service is right for them.

“Our dating coach, Alisa Snell, has a whole curriculum called the Lasting Love Academy,” Amy said. “She’s also my screener. When someone wants to be a matchmaking client, they’ll contact her first and meet with her. She has a background as a therapist, so she can dig deep and ask those questions.”

Alisa learns about the romance and relationship backgrounds of prospective clients and their desires for the future. If she thinks they’ll be a good fit for matchmaking, they’re moved to the next part of the process.

latter day matchmaker
Amy and her team support each matchmaking client.

“By the time they get to me, I get to do the fun stuff,” Amy said. “Alisa has confirmed them for matchmaking, and now I’m confirming my questions, making sure they have reasonable expectations, and getting a feel for potential matches.”

Matchmaking does simplify some aspects of dating, but it’s still a journey that clients need to be involved in throughout. Amy said the process works out best when she has a deep understanding of her clients.

“It’s one thing to fill out a questionnaire, but it’s another to dig into what’s actually going on in your head.”

Men and women can join Latter Day Matchmaker’s proprietary database. It is free to create a profile and become a matchable member. The service’s full-service matchmaking option, VIP Matchmaking, is available to male clients who are right for the program.

Meeting the Relationship Needs of Latter-day Saints Singles

Amy said the centrality of marriage to the beliefs and culture of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints changes how many LDS singles date. “It’s such an important decision, and I think sometimes that translates to going on a first date and overanalyzing it,” she said.

Amy continued, “They jump ahead into the other stages of dating when they’re not even close to being in the first stage of dating. So they decide after a first date or interaction that it’s not for them when they really haven’t given it a chance to develop.”

One date isn’t enough to really get to know someone, and not all attraction is the immediate ‘love-at-first-sight’ type. Amy and her team help singles stay open-minded and patient throughout introductions while actively working toward the goal of a faithful marriage.

latter day matchmaker
Amy encourages LDS singles to stay open to all the ways they could meet amazing singles.

“Whatever our clients are struggling with in dating, we help them and address it,” Amy said. “For example, if someone is cynical, or has been divorced, and feels burned, we would help him open up, be warm and welcoming and inviting on dates.”

Latter Day Matchmaker clients are surrounded by professionals and supported throughout each step of the process. Amy said she understands how intimidating the dating process can be, whether a person chooses to work with a matchmaker or not.

“Singles will come to me and say, ‘I don’t want to do online dating, I don’t want to meet someone at a Singles Ward,’ because it would be awkward and they’re nervous,” Amy said. “My advice would be to be open to any way of meeting your match and be open to trying everything.”