Lemarc Thomas Matchmaking Agency Makes Conscious Introductions

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Lemarc Thomas Matchmaking Agency Goes In-Depth With Clients for Conscious Introductions

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The Short Version: Lemarc Thomas Matchmaking Agency offers a bespoke matchmaking experience for successful professionals who yearn for partnership amid their busy lives. Lemarc Thomas is a global introductions agency based in Sweden that serves clients across the globe. Elin Ribjer is the agency’s Matchmaking Director. She talked to us about Lemarc Thomas’s approach to conscious matchmaking and how the hands-on process centers on emotional connection, lifestyle compatibility, and long-term commitment. 

There truly are plenty of fish in the sea. Actually, there are over 8 billion fish in the sea, if you’re willing to count the entire world’s population as your dating pool. Considering the global population as your dating pool may be a bit much, but expanding your dating horizons to see what may be waiting beyond your state, country, and even continent is not.

Busy singles who travel internationally for work often have to explore non-traditional dating options as they balance a life on the go with a desire for connection. International dating offers new cultural experiences and a glimpse of unique perspectives, but navigating it alone can be overwhelming and unfruitful.

The Lemarc Thomas Matchmaking Agency caters to the needs of busy elite professionals who are ready for intentional dating and serious partnerships. Elin Ribjer is the agency’s Matchmaking Director, and she talked to us about the agency’s unique approach, commitment-minded clientele, and why more singles are turning to a matchmaking service like Lemarc Thomas.

“Our niche is conscious matchmaking for successful individuals who want to get it right” Elin said. “We take a lot of pride in that. We go in-depth with all of our clients, and really get to know their core selves.”

She continued, “We find that integrating personal development in the matchmaking process is key. Our clients are busy professionals and by knowing them in depth we can save them time and energy only going on rewarding dates.”

An Intentional Approach to Matchmaking

Lemarc Thomas’ matchmaking process prioritizes quality over quantity, so clients can expect to work with the agency for around a year. Elin said the agency’s process requires time, and since matchmakers only make introductions they feel confident about, they only take on clients who are ready for the journey.

“We work with our clients for 12 months just because we know that the right relationships deserve some time and consideration,” Elin said. “Each client has a personal matchmaker, but the entire team is working on your behalf.”

The timeline is different for everyone, however. “Some people meet their person early on and freeze their membership, and it takes more time for others. Everyone has a different process that we tailor to their unique needs,” Elin said.

Clients work closely with their personal matchmaker from the beginning. Elin said the early stages of the process include a personal consultation, where the client can tell their matchmaker everything they need to know about their past dating experiences and hopes for the future.

lemarc thomas matchmaking process
Transform your romantic life through Lemarc Thomas’s 12-month journey.

“Clients can expect the first month, and first few meetings, to really focus on getting to know them and getting to know who it is they want to meet,” Elin told us. “We really want to get a feeling of the relationship they’re dreaming of.”

Lemarc Thomas matchmakers’ first focus is getting to know their clients on a personal level. Once the team has a good idea of who they’re working with and what they want, the search and introductions process can begin.

“At the end of the first month, we have a photoshoot with our brilliant dating photographer and take pictures to complete their profile,” Elin said. “In the background during this time, we’ve already started to gather potential matches. At the end of the first month, we make the first introduction.”

Lemarc Thomas’ Path to Love

Clients share feedback on each match and introduction, and as the process progresses, matchmakers hone their picks and introduce coaching if needed. 

“That’s one part I think people don’t really expect from the matchmaking process,” Elin said. “We have clients who solely do coaching and clients who do matchmaking and coaching. We have our own path to love, called the ‘Four Steps to Love’, and it’s all about making sense of your past to shape your future.”

Singles who have support throughout the dating journey tend to have more positive experiences, and adding coaching to the matchmaking lineup makes the process less stressful and more connective. “The Four Steps helps us understand who our clients are, where they’ve been, and how they can live their best life as they search for their partner,” Elin said.

lemarc thomas matchmakers
Lemarc Thomas matchmakers make conscious introductions.

Lemarc Thomas Matchmaking and coaching centers on the individual and their hopes and dreams for a relationship. “Regardless if you’re a matchmaking client, or a coaching client, the whole process is about making you secure, and not willing to accept anything less than you deserve.”

Elin said that singles can run into trouble dating when they sacrifice their standards at the beginning of a relationship. “I think that’s one of the most common mistakes people make,” she told us.

Elin continued, “Adapting in dating to fulfill our need for love is human, but it often attracts the wrong partner, leading to being liked for a version of yourself that isn’t truly you, ultimately ending up in the wrong relationship.”

Lemarc Thomas matchmakers help their clients stay true to themselves throughout the process. Just like traditional dating, the more honest and in touch with themselves a client is, the better the experience will be.

Curiosity & Openness Make for a Positive Matchmaking Experience

The concept of conscious matchmaking is core to Lemarc Thomas’ approach. Elin shed some light on the holistic method of making introductions.

“Conscious matchmaking is about taking a broader view of the individual and the dating process,” Elin said. “We’re not just asking clients who they’re looking for or what they want. We’re actually thinking about who is good for them, who will be a person they can thrive with and fulfill their true– and mutual– longings.”

lemarc thomas matchmaking
Conscious matchmaking focuses on making connections for the long haul.

Elin said finding out what a client needs from a relationship takes time, curiosity, and reflection. 

“We’re thinking about the connection between two people. We’re asking if this person could give you the love you’re looking for– and vice versa,” she said. “We ask our clients about their childhoods, their upbringing, and experiences of love– we get in touch with their inner child.”

Matchmaking can’t work if matchmakers and clients only look at superficial characteristics. Lemarc Thomas’ in-depth 12-month process gives matchmakers plenty of time to learn exactly what a client needs in a romantic relationship.

“Our clients are citizens of the world who are established, interesting and inspiring people who care about connection,” Elin said. “The ideal client is authentically open to love. They’re curious about themselves and other people, and they’re willing to investing the time, curiosity and energy it takes to make love happen.”