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You Love Her But She Doesn’t Love You

David Wygant
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You’re in love with her. You can’t stop thinking about her, but she broke your heart a year ago.

You drive yourself crazy every day, wondering to yourself what you could have done wrong. You had everything. You had so much fun together.

As time goes by, you start to feel a little better about things.You start to get yourself back together as a man.

But guess what happens?

You run into her one day. You end up having lunch. She smiles, laughs and giggles. You start creating a brand new story in your mind. “Maybe this will work out,” you tell yourself.

You misinterpret all the signs. She gives you a hug and tells you that you look great. You start thinking about her again. You start obsessing about her again.

Then the cold, hard reality hits. You see her a couple of days later hand in hand with another man. You freak out. You start telling yourself there’ll never be anyone like her.

“You’ll find someone who loves

you and wants to be with you.”

Here’s what you need to realize:

You have to stop pining over a woman who doesn’t want to be with you. Stop romanticizing about all of the good things that happened between you.

That’s what we naturally do, but you have to resist.

When we lose someone we love, we think about how good things were. We start to think about how if we’d communicated better or if we’d been more patient, maybe things would have been different.

Then we start to imagine how we’d do things next time around.

You imagine how you’d show her you’re different. Things will never be different.

Stop romanticizing about the good times and start realizing the reason you’re not together is because it wasn’t meant to be.

There could be dozens of reasons it didn’t work out. They’ve moved on but you haven’t. You’re there waiting, hoping and wishing. You can’t move forward.

You refuse to let go.

The reason you can’t move forward is because you refuse to move forward. You refuse to say to yourself, “It’s OK. This woman and I loved each other, but it’s time to let go.”

No matter what your dreams were, they didn’t work out and you have to move on. By moving forward, you can start to meet new people.

I know it’s daunting. The first few dates you go on will feel odd. That’s fine.

Eventually you’ll find someone you fall in love with again. You’ll find someone who loves you and wants to be with you.

Take it from me. I’m old and I’ve been around the block a while.

No matter how bad it feels right now, there’s a woman out there who’ll love you more than you could ever imagine!

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