Love Savvy Club Self Help Programs Lead Couples To Build Lasting Intimacy

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Love Savvy Club’s Self-Help Programs & Resources Lead Couples to Build True & Lasting Intimacy

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: Many relationship experts out there claim to “just know” what’s going wrong in a relationship. Alfred and Lucinda don’t just know. They have spent years studying psychology, examining research-based studies on relationships, and working on their own marriage. These certified relationship educators don’t just talk the talk — they have walked the walk. They founded the Love Savvy Club, a comprehensive online resource for couples in crisis, to provide dating and married couples with the information they need to reignite the spark in their relationships. Couples of all ages can enrich their love lives by taking the online courses or reading the thoughtful advice articles on this website. Alfred and Lucinda also offer one-on-one coaching for VIP clients who want to dig deeper and build emotional intelligence by consulting with the professionals.

Alfred and Lucinda Loveland met one another on prom night, and they felt a strong attraction right from the start. The world seemed to stand still around them as they talked about everything under the sun. Their relationship blossomed and soon became serious. They eloped and had a child while still in their early 20s.

In 2006, the young couple wanted to say their vows in a church in front of their family and friends, but first they had to get the approval of a lay counselor. Unfortunately, they flunked premarital counseling. The counselor canceled the wedding two weeks before the set date, and no other church would take them.

Photo of Lucinda and Alfred Loveland

Relationship educators Lucinda and Alfred Loveland have been together for over a decade.

It was a stunning and upsetting turn of events. The people who were supposed to offer wisdom and guidance to the couple, instead told them they were too young to commit to one another and would never be able to make things work. Well, Alfred and Lucinda were determined to prove the naysayers wrong and create an enduring relationship. And they have. They’ve been happily married almost 14 years now.

“We came away with these experiences thinking that sometimes other people’s opinions, even when deemed professional, may not be helpful,” Alfred said, “because of their preconceptions about individuals or the limited relevance their training has in today’s world.”

Alfred and Lucinda’s experiences with couples counseling, relationship workshops, and other self-help resources inspired them to get into the field themselves. They wanted to provide reliable, research-based resources for couples in crisis. Today, Alfred and Lucinda are both certified relationship educators with psychology degrees from the University of California at Irvine. They started their careers  as translators and educators at Healthy Relationships California, where they taught valuable and practical communication strategies for four years.

A few years ago, Alfred and Lucinda founded the Love Savvy Club to expand their reach and make a larger impact on couples around the world. Their mission is to create helpful online programs and other resources that will guide people through emotional difficulties by using empirical data in the fields of psychology, neurology, history, and anthropology. The relationship experts make an effort to offer unbiased information that builds people up and empowers them to save their relationships.

“At the end of the day, the couple is the one that has to do the majority of the work,” Alfred pointed out. “If one thing doesn’t do it for an individual, you increase the chances of important changes taking place by seeking out numerous resources.”

A Science-Based Approach to Relationship Counseling

When their relationship was in trouble, Alfred and Lucinda read numerous books, attended workshops, and put effort into training themselves to be better partners for one another. They recognize now that a strong relationship doesn’t just happen — it takes two people willing to compromise, learn, and grow together. They don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions but instead encourage participants to do their homework, choose a program that works for them, and go into their relationship with a positive mindset.

The couple designed the RICH program to answer couples’ most pressing questions, like “how do I get my partner to listen to me?” and “how do I make the romance last?” RICH stands for Romance, Intimacy, Connection, and Happiness because those are four central aspects of a healthy relationship. The program offers a live monthly class and regular email check-ins that help couples stay on course. Alfred and Lucinda spend the first 20 minutes of the group call answering questions submitted to them by participants, then they teach their lesson, and, at the end, they spend 10 minutes answering any questions that came up during the lesson.

This structured lesson plan equips couples with everything they need to succeed in their relationships. Lucinda and Alfred also occasionally see clients in one-on-one appointments throughout the year. Soon they will also be rolling out a new program called How To Get Satisfied Without Asking as a more affordable solution for couples.

“I like RICH because it’s based on science, and I was done with people giving their ‘intuition.'” — Rebecca, a client from New Jersey

Alfred and Lucinda take their roles as educators seriously, and they do their best not to conflate their experience as a couple with everyone else’s experience. Instead of offering their opinions, they endeavor to offer the facts about the specific factors that make relationships succeed or fail.

“We avoid the nonsense or overly anecdotal stuff and focus on information provided by established professionals and scientific research,” Lucinda said.

Alfred added that they provide a variety of online materials, including advice articles, a guidebook, and a counseling program, to allow couples to learn at their own pace and find the coursework that works for them. It’s by no means a one-size-fits-all approach. “Counseling may not do the job 100%, but a profound breakthrough could come about by writing that letter in that workshop or speaking to that person in that one event,” he said. “Maybe even as a combined result of all those things. So, Love Savvy Club functions as an important resource you might pick up along the way.”

Learn How to Embrace Life & Express Love

Couples of all ages have joined the Love Savvy Club. Some are dating and experiencing obstacles for the first time, while others are married and worn down by decades of disconnection or disagreement. Some clients participate in a program alongside their partners, while others go into it alone and apply the lessons to their relationships. What they all have in common, though, is a readiness and eagerness for change.

Photo of the Love Savvy Club logo

The Love Savvy Club offers engaging programs and blog articles that teach couples to listen and express themselves with an open heart.

“Love Savvy Club is for those who are willing to try new things,” Alfred said. “They know and embrace that we live in a time where we have access to resources that escaped our parents and grandparents.”

Alfred and Lucinda have worked hard to make Love Savvy Club a primarily online resource because they want to make useful relationship information available to everyone everywhere. These programs encourage couples to re-evaluate their roles in the relationship and make adjustments when someone’s needs aren’t being met.

These relationship experts don’t buy into the notion that not everyone can have love and fulfillment in their lives. Any couple can do it. They just need to know how. “We adopt the view that, with a little effort and expert guidance, you can achieve a level of fulfilment in your relationship that you know you deserve,” Alfred said.

With its abundance of resources, the Love Savvy Club prepares people of all walks of life to communicate effectively and understand one another on a deeper level.

“We’re perfect the way we are,” Lucy said. “It’s really about figuring out how to coexist with each other that will also make us a better person.”

Making Progress After 6 Weeks of Dedication & Introspection

The Love Savvy Club has helped quite a few people turn their love lives around and find more joy in their relationships. Lucy said they often see breakthroughs after working with a couple for about six weeks. Some couples come to the Love Savvy Club as a last-ditch effort to save their marriage, and they end up feeling closer to one another than ever before.

“Who knew my relationship could still be romantic and fun after 10 years together!?” said Mark, a Chicago resident who took the RICH program with his partner. “I like the Lovelands’ approach: fun, based on science, and genuine.”

Lucy said one of her favorite success stories involved a married couple who was referred to them by a therapist. The couple said they were hoping to strengthen their relationship. “They showed great respect and kindness for each other,” she said. “Every lesson seemed to make them more appreciative each time.”

Months later, the couple admitted to Lucinda that they went to therapy because they felt disconnected from one another, and the education she gave them allowed them to bridge that distance and become best friends. Now they have a house and two children. “It’s been rewarding to see a healthy family form,” Lucinda said. “A feeling that can’t be measured.”

“I like the Lovelands’ approach… I wouldn’t trust anyone else to improve my love life!” — Mark, a participant of the RICH program

One client named Lisa said she felt afraid that her partner couldn’t give her what she needed. Then she worked with Alfred and Lucinda and realized the relationship she wanted was within her reach. “The whole process has been liberating,” she said. “I’m so grateful to confidently say today my partner is giving me more than I need!”

Alfred told us he has seen some couples make enormous progress in the span of one conversation. A husband and wife in the RICH program once called him on the phone because they felt frustrated and hopeless. During their conversation, Alfred didn’t offer advice or judgment; he just listened to them express their feelings. “I simply applied the skills we taught, skilled listening and responding,” Alfred said. “It helps to have a model and feel it for yourself.”

By the end of the phone call, the husband had realized that his wife wanted him to listen to her in the same way that Alfred had listened to them.  He said he felt like a weight had been lifted from him, and he finally knew what to do. “Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that make huge changes,” Alfred concluded.

Alfred & Lucy Help Couples Have the Love They Deserve

When they first got together, Alfred and Lucinda didn’t know very much about how to make a loving relationship work, but, with time and effort, they became experts on building intimacy, resolving conflict, and strengthening a marriage. Now they share those important takeaways with couples around the world via the Love Savvy Club.

Lucinda said she and her husband are currently working on a book to provide step-by-step guidance for couples facing relationship challenges. The book will sum up the practical information in the online program and provide useful exercises that readers can use to connect with their partners without having to go to counseling or therapy.

Throughout their careers, Alfred and Lucinda have made it their mission to give couples every opportunity to improve themselves and save their relationships by learning the fundamentals of healthy relationships.

“We’re big advocates for intimacy,” Lucinda said. “Our life can pass by very quickly, and it would be a shame to live a life deprived of intimacy and connection. We all have insecurities, fears, and frustrations. That doesn’t make us any less deserving of intimacy.”