Lucky Strike Bowling Alley Where Daters Flirt Over Drinks And Food

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Get the Ball Rolling at Lucky Strike: A Bowling Alley Where Daters Flirt Over Quality Drinks, Food & Entertainment

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: Ever since their first bowling alley opened in California in 2003, Lucky Strike has taken the entertainment industry by storm. Their venues are more than just places to knock down some pins — over 16 locations consistently stun guests with specialty cocktails, upscale dining, and lively events. Whether sitting together in cozy lounges or jockeying over a game of ping-pong, singles and couples at Lucky Strike enjoy a relaxed, social environment to mix and mingle. The cutting-edge venues support local communities while bringing people together over shared interests. With culinary feats and live musical performances, Lucky Strike gives daters a memorable experience at a truly unique bowling alley.

We were 15 years old and hanging out at a bowling alley when one of my friends spotted a tall, lanky guy a few lanes over. “He’s cute,” she said. On an impulse, she decided to go over and flirt with him. It was scandalous. The shy bowler was surprised to receive female attention, but he happily played along. They exchanged AIM screen names — because it was 2005 and that’s what we did — and soon were head over heels in love.

Almost 10 years later, I watched as they tearfully exchanged vows. “I don’t know who I’d be without you,” my friend said to her new husband. “My life changed the moment I saw you bowling.”

A bowling alley gives singles and couples a casual spot to bond — laughing over gutter balls or celebrating strikes — and it can be a great venue for romance. Modernizing bowling in cities across the U.S., Lucky Strike has brought an old-school hobby into a new-school setting with innovative entertainment and social opportunities.

They’ve given traditional bowling alleys an upgrade by infusing the space with premium cocktails, refined dining, and a comfortable environment for families, friends, and daters.

Photo of a Lucky Strike venue

Lucky Strike’s low-key atmosphere invites daters to hang out into the wee hours of the night.

Lucky Strike’s whole vibe encourages discovery — anyone can go there to discover a new favorite drink, a song you hadn’t heard before, or a deep connection to an acquaintance. Whether you’re booking a lane for a special night out with someone or lingering at the bar looking to meet people, the bowling alley gives you a chance to loosen up and have a good time.

“It grabs you right when you walk in,” said Barry Pointer, the Chief Marketing Officer for Lucky Strike. “Our venues give you something fun to do, which just eases your social interactions and breaks the ice, especially on a first date.”

Couples Can Enjoy Chef-Driven Creations & Live Music While Bowling

Located in 16 major cities coast to coast, Lucky Strike adapts each venue to its surroundings and becomes immersed in the cultures of San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Washington D.C., and other dynamic places. From their decorations to their entertainment, the company endeavors to reflect the local flavor and cater to the city’s populace. “It’s not a cookie-cutter experience,” Barry emphasized.

So, what makes Lucky Strike stand out? Their hand-crafted libations and gastro pub cuisine leave one with a lasting impression.

Mixologists come up with inspired handcrafted cocktails made especially for Lucky Strike. At the full-service bar, daters can flirt freely over drinks and tease their taste buds with delicious fare. Lucky Strike’s food isn’t what you’d expect from a typical bowling alley. Their chef-driven restaurant offers more premium appetizers and entrées, including hand-battered mini corn dogs and street tacos worthy of any food truck.

Screenshot of Lucky Strike's website

Their A2Kitchen menu has various sophisticated fare, from juicy burgers to healthy veggie wraps.

Lucky Strike venues are visually stimulating environments that display curated art and favor up-and-coming local artists. They’ll also play popular sporting events on their widescreens or showcase time-lapse videos from NASA — anything to add to your social experience and give you and your date something to talk about between frames.

“We offer much more than just bowling,” Barry said. “We have a gastropub dining experience, live music, gaming, visual arts, and all these options for people to explore. We’ll even bring in a DJ on special nights!”

Constantly Evolving Their Look & Feel Since 2003

The Lucky Strike brand began by merging a lounge setting with a bowling alley. Since their early days in 2003, the entertainment company has sought to shake up what it means to go bowling together.

Barry described CEO Steven Foster as a creative mastermind encouraging team members to think outside the box. Their energetic core team take chances as they improvise new ways to delight and surprise their guests. “We’re not afraid to make mistakes,” Barry said, “because that’s how you learn.”

Photo of ping-pong tables at Lucky Strike

Tired of bowling? Lucky Strike also has ping-pong tables, pool tables, and other diversions available.

With an eye for what’s trending, the team continually evolves and improves their bowling centers to entice a broad audience of families, friends, and couples.

“There’s always something new going on here,” Barry said enthusiastically. “That makes it exciting to go to work every day.”

Reserve a Lane, Book an Event & Make Memories at Lucky Strike

Ideal for daters in search of an unforgettable night out, Lucky Strike plays hosts to many upscale events as small as two people reserving a private lane and as large as thousands of guests coming for a celebrity performance. The bowling alley’s paint parties, singles events, and other special nights provide easy icebreakers to turn strangers into friends in a dynamic setting.

Instead of coupling off on Valentine’s Day, daters can hang out in a larger group at Lucky Strike’s venue. During their Valentine specials, many people pack the lanes on double or triple dates. “It’s a cool activity for couples,” Barry told us, “and more engaging than your typical date spot.”

Photo of people bowling at Lucky Strike

Over the years, Lucky Strike has been the backdrop to many romantic moments between couples.

If you’re planning a special event of your own, you can prebook a party on their website. Lucky Strike locations have seen many first dates, proposals, anniversaries, rehearsal dinners, and wedding photo shoots over the years. “It’s a great compliment to have people choose us for their special memories,” Barry said.

“But, we’re 14 years in, and we’re still looking for our first wedding,” he added jokingly. “That’s on our bucket list.”

A New-School Bowling Alley for a Fun Dating Experience

When meeting someone new, a fun activity makes those initial conversations go smoother. It gives you something to say and some common ground to build a relationship on. In 2005, two teenagers started their love story simply by admiring each other’s bowling form. Now happily married, they still enjoy going bowling together, sharing both a hobby and a special memory.

Photo of Lucky Strike's bowling alley

This dynamic scene welcomes intimate dates, jocular crowds, and everything in between.

Lucky Strike’s locations offer a unique and stimulating setting for a date. “It’s a place to discover new things,” Barry told us. “It’s an environment where people connect, build memories, have fun, and feel comfortable together.”

The refined food, specialty drinks, and lively atmosphere entertains you while you bowl. Each venue brings something new and exciting for local daters to explore together. Whether you want to bowl on the lanes or sip a drink at the bar, Lucky Strike has many classy options for you to enjoy.

And who knows — you might just make a lasting connection with someone a few lanes over.