Memorialize Precious Memories With Skylight Frames

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Couples Can Hold On to Precious Memories With Skylight’s Smart Digital Photo Frames

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

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The Short Version: The Skylight Frame is a digital photo frame changing the game. The touchscreen frame displays a slideshow of the user’s most precious photographs, which can be uploaded to the frame from anywhere at any time. Skylight Frames can connect with multiple smartphones, meaning long-distance family and friends can upload photos to each other’s Frames. Frames feature intuitive color touchscreens and can be gifted with a set of preloaded photos ready to go.

Ever since telephones and cameras became the same device, the relationships people have with taking and keeping photos have changed. Smartphones and digital photography enable us to snap pictures anywhere at any time. And while it’s never been easier to take a photograph, most people have thousands of photos and videos on their phones that they haven’t looked at since they first snapped them.

Personally, I have over 20,000 photos in my camera roll. 

Photos are a form of memory, and modern memory-makers need an easy but meaningful way to display their favorite photographs. What good is a photograph if it sits idly in an app on your phone? But taking the time to transfer pics off your phone can be a hassle, whether you choose to get prints or make a photo book.

Skylight, a company with the mission of connecting loved ones, offers a simple and beautiful solution with its smart digital photo frames. Photos can be instantly uploaded via email or the free Skylight App and users can share photos to multiple frames through the app.

Michael Segal is the co-founder and CEO of Skylight, and he told us about his inspiration for the digital frames and how people can use them to stay connected with the people they love, no matter where they live. “We wanted to invent a device that made it easy to share photos with far-away loved ones,” Michael said. “We wanted to find a unique way to stay connected.”

Skylight Helps People Stay Connected

Michael and his co-founder were students at Harvard Business School and lived far away from their families. “Digital picture frames had come and gone in the early 2000s, but sending photos directly to the device felt new and exciting,” Michael said.

Digital photo frames were popular when they first came out, but Michael noted that these frames had very limited capabilities. The most limiting aspect of traditional digital photo frames was the lack of long-distance sharing. “Uploading pictures to your parents’ standard digital photo frame is impossible if you’re not there,” Michael said. “I saw the Skylight Frame as a refreshed way of connecting with long-distance family.”

skylight frames logo
Michael and his co-founder created Skylight as a solution for long-distance family and friends.

Long-distance loved ones can connect through social media, but many people would prefer a different mode of digital communication to stay in touch with loved ones they don’t see often. Skylight Frames allow users to share all the photos they want to share with family and friends directly.

“Unlike devices that require active interaction to view photos, like a phone or computer, Skylight Frames automatically display a slideshow of all the images you share,” Michael explained. “Users can surprise loved ones or add to their collections over the years.”

Photos will appear on Frames within seconds of being uploaded, and users can interact with them using the touchscreen. Michael said, “Skylight’s touchscreen allows users to pinch, crop, and zoom from the frame.”

Elevating the Digital Photo Frame

The Skylight Frame comes in two sizes. The smaller frame features a 10-inch touchscreen, while the larger option boasts a 15-inch touchscreen. Standard Frame colors include black, white, and silver, so users can find a Frame that suits their home’s decor. 

Set up for a Skylight Frame is as simple as connecting the frame to Wifi and downloading its companion app. The Skylight App allows users to send new photos and videos to the Frame and manage its settings. The app’s plus features allow users to organize albums and memories, add text captions to photos, and view all the Frames they’re connected to in one place.

skylight frame information
Skylight Frames are simple to set up so users can start uploading photos right away.

Skylight users can use and upload photos to multiple Frames. Once a Frame is connected to the internet and each user’s app, users can upload photos and videos to that frame anywhere they have an internet connection. It’s as simple as adding images to the app and assigning them to a Frame.

Skylight Frames have received thousands of positive reviews. Kristen S. wrote: “We bought the Skylight Frame for my 87-year-old dad for Christmas. He’s not super techy and has literally every single thing a human could want or need. He was absolutely delighted with this frame. We had snuck over and set it up before Christmas and then brought it back to wrap and present.”

Another review from James H. said, “I purchased the Skylight as a gift for my wife! It has been a great family bonding tool, and searching through old photos to find the perfect ones to add to the frame has been a blast.” 

Long-Distance Couples Can Share Photos Instantly

Long-distance relationships can be very challenging, and couples who decide to stay together despite being apart often need a lot of support. According to a 2013 study from the Journal of Communication, around 3 million adults in the United States live apart from their spouse at some point during their marriage, and 75% of college students have been in a long-distance relationship at some point.

While long-distance relationships have their difficulties, research has shown that long-distance couples tend to have similar satisfaction in their relationship than geographically close couples, and even higher levels of dedication to their partners. Long-distance relationships work – and work well – for many couples, and a Skylight Frame is a great tool for ensuring the distance continues to serve them.

skylight frames
Skylight Frames make it easy to share photos with loved ones, no matter the distance.

Michael said the Skylight Frame is a great gift for couples who live far away from each other. Each partner can get a Frame and upload their favorite photographs of themselves and their partner, or just snaps from their daily lives that their partner wouldn’t otherwise see. It’s an easy but conscious way to stay connected.

“With our Frame, you’re confronted with your most cherished moments all day long,” Michael said. “The Skylight Frame naturally becomes a conversation starter and a gathering place for couples to watch and reminisce as their favorite memories light up the screen.”