Meow Wolf Convergence Station Offers Wild Date Nights

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Meow Wolf’s Convergence Station Offers Couples Psychedelic Date Nights

Amber Brooks

Written by: Amber Brooks

Amber Brooks

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The Short Version: Located in Denver, Colorado, Convergence Station is the third of Meow Wolf’s massive psychedelic art installations. The experience is a permanent, multistory art exhibit that promises to be a memorable date. Thematically, the station is a point where four worlds converged almost three decades ago. Couples can engage with the art — created by over 100 local artists and 300 artists total — and share food and drinks at the on-site eateries. 

Couples in Colorado can opt for a fascinating date night by visiting a quantum station where four worlds converge. The worlds — a swamp world, an ice world, catacombs, and an alien cityscape — are a bit unstable because they have never intermingled before and are still learning to co-exist.

Couples can explore the different spaces by crawling, walking, climbing, and connecting with the unique multimedia elements of each universe . 

The Convergence Station doesn’t require any experience with time travel, just an open mind and a desire to have a good time. The four-story immersive art exhibit is the third of the multisensory installations powered by the Meow Wolf art collective

Convergence Station is the biggest of three exhibits. It’s three or four times the size of the House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and roughly double the size of Omega Mart in Las Vegas, Nevada. Each of the art installations partnered with local and national artists to develop the idea and the pieces, and in Colorado, more than 110 local artists (and 300 artists total) contributed to the space’s development. 

A deep understanding of Denver inspired the installation. Seven Valley, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city, spurred the idea of four converging worlds. 

In the futuristic world of Convergence Station, the four worlds come together after a rare cosmic event 25 years in the past. Guests  explore the interactive worlds until they discover a cathartic ending. 

Erin Barnes, Public Relations Manager for Convergence Station, recommends visiting the installation multiple times. 

“Not only do you discover new things each time because it’s so huge, but we have different events, too,” she said. “Also, we have these residents who live in the converged worlds, and they change how they interact with the guests each time.”  

Accessible Adventure for a First Date 

The Meow Wolf collective believes that everyone should be able to experience these exhibits. All ages, backgrounds, and abilities can explore the space, and Convergence Zone includes elevators and other ADA-compliant features. 

Couples can buy tickets in advance, which is recommended, especially on Fridays and weekends. That ensures Convergence Station doesn’t get overcrowded, and couples who are coming in from out of town can be guaranteed entry. 

Convergence Station logo
Convergence Station is a one-of-a-kind date spot in Colorado.

Most couples spend about two hours at Convergence Station, though there’s enough to see and do that some stay the entire day. If they need a snack break, couples can stop by HELLOFOOD, a food hall-style experience with more than 40 vendors. 

“Here’s a taste of what you can expect to see on the menu: Latino and Filipino staples like rice bowls and tacos; authentic Louisiana-style teacakes; homemade aguas frescas; speciality beers from a Sun Valley neighbor; coffee by the only woman-owned coffee company in the country; hand pies baked by an LGBTQ+ couple; and a Grab and Go section by a program that trains at-risk youth to work in a functioning restaurant,” reads the Meow Wolf website. 

Visitors can also grab drinks, including beer and wine, to take onto the patio and “come back to earth,” Erin said with a laugh. 

All the Meow Wolf exhibits are great date spots because they give couples something to do together. Couples can go on a unique adventure, whether they’re on a first date or have been together for years. 

“Sometimes, it’s a good idea to go on an adventure together, especially if you’re the type of person who’s shy and doesn’t like the intensity of a face-to-face conversation,” Erin said. 

An Out-of-This-World Immersive Experience

Exploring Convergence Station together also teaches daters so much about their potential partners. First-time daters can discover what the other person finds exciting as they learn about each other’s interests and problem-solving skills. 

For instance, some couples choose to buy a pass that allows them to explore the narrative of the art installation. Their goal is to find a deeper understanding of the space. 

Others prefer to come in with no specific goal in mind, and they just get lost in the experience. 

“Even if you’ve been before, you might have a different experience because it really is a choose-your-own-adventure story,” Erin told us. 

Photos from Convergence Station
The unique space has a lot of fun environments to explore.

The first and last Wednesday of every month is Adultiverse, an adults-only event where couples can grab drinks and wander through the space.  The Adultiverse is currently paused but will be back up in late August.

“Those are good date nights and a time when I see a lot of couples. There are no kids, and you have bars and can have a cocktail while walking through the exhibition,” said Erin. 

Other events throughout the year encourage guests to dress in costume, depending on the event theme. 

For example, Convergence Station celebrated Valentine’s Day 2022 with an extravaganza called Meowlentine’s Day. The most romantic parts of the experience took place in Numena, the swamp world, which had green flowers and stars everywhere, and nooks and crannies to sit and curl up in. 

“It’s just such a romantic world that we had a lot of our Meowlentine’s Day special flourishes there. We had someone singing opera, ballet dancers, and people handing out alien flowers,” said Erin.

Along with its sister locations, Convergence Station also hosts regular concerts, which make for a trippy date experience. 

Convergence Station is a Unique Multisensory Exhibit

A date to Convergence Statioon — or one of Meow Wolf’s other interactive exhibits in Santa Fe or Las Vegas — can shake up the date night routine for couples. When two people explore such a unique space together, they can create lasting memories that bring them closer. 

As one reviewer said, “This was such a beautiful art experience! I love being fully submerged into a funky art world. This place has it all, interesting ways to climb up and down creations, places to sit and look around, and even a beverage station.” 

Photo of Convergence Station
Bringing a date to Convergence Station will be an unforgettable adventure.

What’s more, new daters often check out Meow Wolf if they’re looking for a way to get over those first-date jitters. 

“At Meow Wolf, you have so many opportunities to see mind-blowing things, so any date nerves immediately shatter,” Erin told us. 

The Convergence Station team is working on more ways for couples to immerse themselves in art and create lasting memories. Erin said she and the team want to find ways to accommodate the numerous requests they get for engagement photos and weddings. 

Meow Wolf offers art experiences unlike anything else in scale and scope, so it makes sense that daters flock to these exhibits seeking an engaging experience.

“A lot of people tell me when they’re leaving that it was indescribable. Even if they came with high expectations, it blows the high expectations out of the water,” said Erin. “They feel like they just got the tip of the iceberg, and they have to come back.”