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Are You a MILFaholic?

David Wygant
David Wygant Updated:
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There’s a trend sweeping the nation, and it’s starting to get a lot of attention.

There’s an army of younger men becoming addicted to older women. The term for fans of the older woman is “MILFaholic.”

Younger women, no matter how cute, pretty and sexy, just don’t do it for these young bucks.

Are you a MILFaholic yourself?

Every time you go on a date with a younger woman, you feel like you’re in a soap opera. Younger women’s lives are always full of so much drama. You just don’t understand where they’re coming from.

When you’re in your local market, you see an older woman with kids. She doesn’t have a wedding ring on, and you think to yourself, “She would appreciate me. She’d understand who I am. As a strong, confident young man, I can service all of her needs as an older woman.”

You find yourself looking at older actresses and saying, “If only I could meet them.”

You’re no longer pining for younger actresses. Scarlett Johansson is out of here. You’re addicted to the Michelle Pfeiffers of the world.

“You finally found a

way to switch the roles.”

You’re a MILFaholic.

You find older women more stable and interesting. They know what they want in bed, and they’re givers, not takers.

Some of these women even take YOU out on dates.

So like so many other young American men, you’ve become addicted to older, hot, sexy women.

Your parents wonder if you’re crazy. The last woman you brought home was 20 years your senior.

You’re a trendsetter actually. You’re the Ashton Kutcher of your hometown.

When you walk into a bar now with an older woman on your arm, you see the younger girls wondering why you’ve overlooked them.

They start feeling insecure. They wonder what they need to do to get your attention.

You’re suddenly in demand. You’re in demand because you’re a MILFaholic.

That’s right.

You finally found a way to switch the roles. These younger women you used to crave now chase you.

Enjoy it, Mr. MILFaholic. Enjoy your newfound success, and enjoy your celebrity status among all the MILFS of the world!

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