Mit Technology Review Hosts Events To Engage Millions Of Tech Innovators

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MIT Technology Review: Hosting Events to Inform & Engage the Site’s 1.7 Million Followers in a Social Setting

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: Established in 1899, MIT Technology Review is the world’s oldest technology magazine for tech professionals. The newsletter’s circulation reaches innovators, dreamers, disrupters, and industry leaders in 147+ countries. Over the years, many illustrious and knowledgeable voices, including Winston Churchill and Thomas Edison, among others, have shared their visions for the future within the magazine’s pages. Their informative articles inspire curious minds to discuss and brainstorm technological solutions to society’s challenges. At Technology Review events, like-minded people can have that conversion in person and network with professionals who work in a variety of technology-driven fields, including robotics, medicine, and software. At the annual EmTech conference, held on MIT’s campus, technological innovators assemble around a common interest in how technology can change our lives for the better. If you’re interested in meeting passionate, driven, and tech-savvy individuals, MIT Technology offers more than 200 events where socializing and learning go hand in hand.

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For singles in the tech industry, this is an unavoidable dating dilemma. Not everyone has the chops to keep up with technical jargon and esoteric tangents. If you’re having a tough time meeting someone on your level, you could go to a tech event to seek out professionals who work in the same industry and share the same intellectual curiosity as you do.

MIT connects industry leaders in the technical world and promotes many stimulating conversations between tech experts on Technology Review. This long-running online magazine encourages in-person interactions and involvement by sponsoring hundreds of events for technological innovators worldwide. In the magazine and at the events, Technology Review highlights the latest developments, exciting possibilities, and influential figures in technology.

Screenshot of Technology Review's 35 Innovators Under 35 page

Since 2000, Technology Review has recognized and celebrated dreamers under the age of 35 in the technology industry, fostering a youthful community of professionals.

Technology Review investigates tech-related themes like connectivity, sustainable energy, intelligent machines, and business solutions to better society as a whole. If the potential of technology excites your imagination, you can get in touch with tech-savvy leaders through MIT’s global network of speakers, readers, and alumni.

Every day the magazine creates new opportunities to expand your knowledge base and enrich your interpersonal connections in the tech industry. Technology Review has seen over 4.1 million pageviews, and its social media presence boasts over 1.7 million followers around the world.

“We’re an innovative, digitally oriented global media company whose reach is rapidly expanding,” according to the About page. “The mission of MIT Technology Review is to equip its audiences with the intelligence to understand a world shaped by technology.”

Tech-Savvy Editors Reporting Technology News For Over 117 Years

In 1899, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology founded Technology Review as an accurate, independent authority on the latest technical knowledge. More than a century later, the media company has grown into a global resource for researchers and innovators in the technology industry. The editorial team has published insightful articles written by the likes of Thomas Edison and Winston Churchill.

Technology Review is the oldest technology magazine in the world, and its influence currently extends to over 147 countries. Through such a far-reaching international distribution, the news outlet informs millions of readers about technological breakthroughs, developments, and innovators shaping the future.

“Our audience is anyone, anywhere, who believes technology can solve hard problems, grow prosperity, and expand human possibilities,” according to the website. “It is a global community of business and thought leaders, innovators, and early adopters, entrepreneurs, and investors, as well as all of MIT’s alumni.”

Over 200 Events Per Year Attract the Top Digital Innovators

If you want to get in a room with hundreds of people who share your passion for technology, MIT Technology Review can hook you up at events packed with intellectuals and innovators. Each year the magazine promotes more than 200 events around the globe where technology leaders share ideas in an information-rich space.

You’ll be in good company at these engaging events. According to the site’s description, “MIT Technology Review events consistently attract senior-level business and technology decision-makers who drive the global innovation economy.”

Screenshot of MIT Technology Review's events page

At Technology Review events, knowledgeable speakers spark conversations and foster growth.

Impactful businesses and innovators mingle at widely attended technology events geared toward developing technological solutions to challenges in the world. Technology Review’s sponsored events provide a unique opportunity to meet tech lovers in a social environment. According to the events page, attendees will “meet experts disrupting industries, creating new markets, and changing society.”

You can see upcoming events here and sign up as a volunteer by emailing Mark your calendar, invite someone special, and attend at an MIT Technology Review event to discover an active community of innovative minds in the tech industry.

EmTech Celebrates Today’s Emerging Technologies

MIT Technology Review hosts an annual event called EmTech to examine emerging technologies and highlight leading voices. EmTech is a conference hosted on MIT campus, and the popularity of this main event has led to the team organizing more focused and single-topic events, such as EmTech Digital, to dig deeper into a specified field.

At these events, policy leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and other professionals come together to discuss the future of energy, robotics, virtual reality, healthcare, and other industries from the lens of technological advancements. According to the EmTech 2016 page, “It’s where tech, business, and culture converse and where you gain access to the most innovative people and companies in the world.”

Technology Review gives voice to its authoritative content at EmTech by putting attendees face to face with the industry’s movers and shakers. Among the magazine’s most well-known pieces is the TR35 — a list of the top 35 innovators under the age of 35 — and EmTech invites these groundbreaking individuals to come on stage and discuss how various technological advancements — in medicine, engineering, software, and other fields — can build a safer, happier, and healthier future.

At EmTech’s Meet the Innovators Under 35 presentations, forward-thinking industry leaders describe their work, motivation, and dreams in their own words for the benefit of hundreds of attendees. From data security to brain scanning, the talks allow young innovators to share their expertise, raise awareness about a niche issue, and receive recognition or support in their particular field.

The people sitting rapt in the audience are sure to learn something new as they join an invigorating discussion about what’s possible through technology. If you’re looking for a way to share your interests, start a conversation, and network with like-minded individuals in your line of work, EmTech provides a thoroughly informative and entertaining way to introduce yourself to the technology community.

MIT Technology Review Fosters a Global Learning Community

For the past century, MIT Technology Review has elevated prominent voices in the technology space to inform and inspire millions of readers and alumni. Through sponsored events, the online magazine further enriches the conversation with presentations by the foremost experts in technological innovation.

Photo of the MIT Technology Review logo

MIT’s Technology Review keeps you in the know with accurate and independent journalism.

From helping the blind detect obstacles to protecting consumer data on the web, EmTech’s notable speakers share tech solutions for a variety of issues in the world. Event attendees come to better understand the technological landscape and enter a lively dialogue about what the future holds.

If you’re single and tired of dating below your intellectual caliber, you can check out a Technology Review event to upgrade your social network in a hurry. Simply by subscribing to the newsletter, you become part of a growing community of learners, doers, and dreamers excited to change the world together.

In the words of the website: “If you believe, as we do, that technology will be a part of the solution to the big challenges facing us today, MIT Technology Review may be the place for you.”