Moving On The Best Blogs For Widowers

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Moving On: The 7 Best Blogs for Widowers

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When we think of widowhood, we most often think of wives losing their husbands, but almost as often it is the man who is left to carry on alone.

These six great sites were selected for how well they approach this sensitive topic and for the valuable content they’ve gathered on the subject.

Bragging Rights: opening up about living with loss

Through videos and essays, Life as a Widower host Ben has built a thoughtful reservoir on what it means to be a widower, including the anger, denial and maintaining responsibilities after the loss. Issues of dealing with children, getting beyond the pain and celebrating Mother’s Day also are addressed.

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Bragging Rights: helping others with advice and positivity

This UK-based blog comes from a young father who lost his partner way too early. His posts deal with bereavement and coping but also responsible parenting at this trying time. Photos and details of his kids and his late wife, Helen, brighten the scenery, with deeply piercing belief in love and a brighter tomorrow.

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Bragging Rights: dealing with life and sharing experiences

Ten years ago Ian Newbold suddenly became a single dad to a seven-month-old after his wife passed away. At Single Parent Dad, he approaches the parenting challenges involved with picking up the pieces, from maintaining a positive spirit to being honest and open with loved ones in those most difficult hours.

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Bragging Rights: balancing moving forward with looking back

In an instant, this husband lost the love of his life, a jarring and brutal emotional roller coaster that he’s unsure how he survived. Somehow he did and he brings to the experience a solid voice of understanding and insight on moving ahead with shutting out the past. It’s a direct, calm and reasoned site.


Bragging Rights: uplifting moments despite the circumstances

Our host tragically lost his beloved wife, Liz, just hours after she gave birth to their only child Madeline. His journey since then has been a heartfelt and deeply moving chronicle on a process he never expected to face. His views on the stages of grief are offered, along with a timeline of how he and his daughter have moved on since.


Bragging Rights: broken but healing

At Lessons From Dating a Widower, the difficulties of getting back out there are addressed, often with wit, warmth and firsthand experience. Our host shares the funny, sad and sometimes profoundly difficult task of carrying on after such a loss. Topics like “The Ticking Heart” also look at moving too fast in a new world.


Bragging Rights: a woman’s take on helping widowers

Julie Donner Andersen takes a slightly different approach with her blog. She gives advice to widowers but also the new women in their lives. The site also is about moving on while still cherishing what you had. A comprehensive five-year archive covers issues of family, acceptance and maintaining an open heart.


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