My Top Dos And Donts When Going On A First Date

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My Top Do’s and Don’ts When Going on a First Date

Joshua Uebergang
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Can you still remember your first date? First dates can be nerve-wracking.

It can be compared to your first job interview or worse. Most men say having their first date is worse than their first job interview.

You may easily get through the toughest employer, but the feeling won’t be as intense as meeting your date for the first time.

So if you feel the same, worry no more. Here are a few tips to help you through your every first date.

1. Look your best.

Women admire men who dress well. A guy with a fashion sense is a plus point for you.

Before going to your first date, choose what to wear. It should be appropriate to the venue of your first date. Impress your date with your style.

If you are too nervous and not sure what to wear, you may check out men’s magazine for more tips on fashion.

2. Be a gentleman.

Nowadays, women appreciate men with chivalry since this seems to be a dying act. You can be the one that will show her what it truly means even just for one night.

All women love to be treated special. So what should you do? Open the door for her, pull out the chair and walk her home.

With these gentleman acts, she will keep you on her mind.

Women also like to be listened to. Whenever she talks, listen attentively.

When you listen carefully, you can lead an interesting conversation with her.

Listening to her will make her realize you are someone she can really talk to and she will start to be more open to you.

“These tips will help you

survive your first date.”

3. Do not be late.

Do not be late on your first date. Sure, you can be late for a meeting with a friend but never with your date.

For women, it is unforgivable for a man to be late on his date. This is true even if you have a valid reason for being late.

Being late has the tendency to set the date on a bad mood.

4. Do not pretend to be somebody else.

This is a big no-no but most especially on your first date.

A woman has a unique magic of detecting liars among men. They can easily spot who is lying and who is not. The slightest deception made by a man can put a woman off.

Besides, the whole point of a date is to learn more about each other to see if each of you have a future together.

5. Be in control of your surroundings.

Knock a beer over? Pick up the glass and clean up without freaking out.

Burned the dinner you made for her? Most guys would think, “Oh no, this is going to be the worst date ever.”

Really, she doesn’t care. She only cares how you respond. Tease her with, “You distracted me and burned dinner. Come, I know a good restaurant.” Calm men are hot.

These tips will not only help you survive your first date, but they will also help you catch a second date.

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