My Woman Gets Crazy Every Morning. What’s Your Read On This?

Dr. Wendy Walsh
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Reader Question:

My woman gets nuts, like super totally crazy with rage and anger, every morning between 7 and 9. Most of the rest of the day she is sweet, sometimes going overboard to be super sweet. This has been happening over the past year or so. She is in her mid-40s.

What is your read on this?

-Earl (California)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear Morning Punching Bag,

Your lady rails at sunrise. Hmmm…menopause? A hangover? Lack of adequate sleep? A personality disorder? Who knows? But it doesn’t matter the cause. What matters is how it is affecting you and the relationship.

If you can live with this and her little episodes just leave you scratching your head over this morning entertainment, then fine. If, as I suspect, her behavior is damaging, then you’ve got to take some action.

This little yearlong morning rant (you didn’t say if she also gets physical) isn’t likely to go away by itself. Start by talking to her about it. Then talk to her about it in a therapist’s office. And if she won’t go with you, tell your little story to your own therapist.

It’ll help you make sense of it and help you make some decisions. Good luck.

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