News In Slow German Builds Relationships Across Cultures

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News in Slow German: A Language-Learning Podcast Builds Relationships Across Cultures

Amber Brooks
Amber Brooks Posted:
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The Short Version: News in Slow German operates at the intersection of education, entertainment, and news. The podcast offers its audience a German news outlet that delivers useful information in a unique way. Bilingual couples and families can get a subscription and listen to the News in Slow German content to expand their German vocabulary and learn about current events. It’s a great opportunity to spark discussions with a German-speaking companion and create relationships across cultures.

Linguistica 360 is an American company with an international audience. It produces original podcasts that offer language learning through immersion. Listeners can listen to news articles and nonfiction series in slowly spoken Spanish, French, Italian, or German, and they’ll have interactive tools to assist with the comprehension and retention of new words and phrases.

If you’re hoping to advance your understanding of the German language, News in Slow German is a wonderfully dynamic resource. It goes far beyond flashcards and quizzes. The podcast offers interesting content, and the hosts speak slowly to ensure beginners and intermediate learners can keep up.

Singles, couples, and families can listen to the podcast in their free time to explore interesting topics, sharpen their language skills, and become more knowledgeable about current events.

News in Slow German

News in Slow German offers an engaging way to learn another language.

The podcast also appeals to bilingual people who have a strong foundation in the German language and want to exercise that muscle through regular practice and easy listening.

“We created News in Slow German as an immersive experience,” said Renzo Ampuero, the Artistic Director at Linguistica 360. “Engaging news and series narrated at an easier pace with interactive transcripts and other tools to help the listener along the way.”

The streaming service has limited free content available to try, but listeners must subscribe to get access to the entire library of content. News in Slow German offers a month-to-month subscription that can be canceled at any time. It costs $14.90 per month.

A seven-day free trial is available for new subscribers. The trial includes access to all content, which is completely ad-free. The user must cancel the membership before the end of the seven days to stop an automatic billing cycle.

The Day’s Headlines Translated & Discussed

An international team of journalists, writers, linguists, audio engineers, and native language hosts are responsible for the content on News in Slow German. These creative individuals pool their knowledge to create content that piques curiosity and fuels thoughtful conversations about world events and history.

“We script, record, and edit all of our own content on a weekly schedule — in some ways, we work like a traditional newsroom,” Renzo explained.

Linguistica 360 produces news shows and educational programming in German, French, Spanish, and Italian, so it employs language experts across North America, South America, and Europe.

Its subscribers are equally diverse in background and interest. Some are young students in North America, and others are expats living in Germany. A good number of couples in cross-cultural relationships tune in as well.

Whether it’s being used by teachers, travelers, or bilingual families, the News in Slow German podcast has a lot of knowledge to share with the international community.

Screenshot of News in Slow German

The German content includes language lessons and quizzes to reinforce the user’s skills.

Every week, the podcast adds five news stories and cultural conversations to its library, which encompasses hundreds of hours of immersive content. News in Slow German has a robust set of educational courses, including a grammar course, expressions catalog, and interactive transcripts, to facilitate independent study.

Beyond the news, the podcast produces original series on a range of topics, including a fictional correspondence between Albert Einstein and his colleagues. This section delves into history and shares inspirational stories that appeal to German language learners.

Plus, the podcast recently added a weekly news program for beginners, which is the perfect place to start the listening and learning experience.

“It’s a great classroom tool because we teach language through current events,” Renzo said.

News in Slow German content is available to current subscribers only — episodes cannot be downloaded or saved for future listening.

Couples Can Practice Their Skills Together

News in Slow German is a one-of-a-kind streaming service for language learners. Its weekly news show and original series content explore engrossing topics that have been debated and discussed throughout the world stage. People can tune in during their commute or while doing house chores. Couples in serious relationships may want to listen while going on a road trip or relaxing on the couch.

“It’s all made to be flexible. You can listen to a five-minute episode or binge for an hour or more,” Renzo told us. “What we’re most proud of is a feeling that is often echoed by our subscribers: When you listen to our podcasts, you can forget that you’re learning.”

Screenshot of a news story

News headlines can give German speakers a lot of food for thought and spark intelligent discussions.

Even the grammar courses have an element of entertainment in the mix. The lessons use dialogue examples, English translations, and quizzes to impart a practical knowledge of the German language. Its lessons tackle both grammar and vocabulary, and the hosts offer pronunciation practice.

Linguistica 360 has taken a unique approach to language learning and gotten a lot of positive reviews.

“I love the app, the service itself, and the voices which brings me interesting news and opinion,” said Sean L. in a Google Play review.

News in Slow German’s content can start conversations and strengthen relationships between German speakers of all skill levels. Couples can listen to the podcast together and then practice their German in a follow-up conversation. The educational content could also help a person who wants to impress a German partner by showing interest in the German language.

“Learning a language together is a unique bonding experience for couples,” Renzo said. “And if you are putting in the time and effort to learn your partner’s language, that shows commitment!”

Every week, News in Slow German provides topical news stories and historical content that can teach language skills while imparting thought-provoking information. Couples can connect to the stories and use their newfound knowledge to drive conversations based on a shared point of reference.

News in Slow German Encourages You to Listen, Learn & Love

News in Slow German keeps up with foreign affairs, business news, scientific discoveries, and health trends while also exploring historical stories and meditation exercises. All this content is available in slowly spoken German with a transcription and translation help attached.

From COVID-19 updates to climate change debates, News in Slow German supports an intellectually stimulating environment for students and adults.

If you’re in a relationship with a native German speaker, you can practice your listening skills and pick up interesting conversation starters by playing the podcast in your spare time. It can be a great way to broaden your horizons and see the world landscape from a new perspective.

“Our goal is to not only help language learners become more proficient and confident, but to inspire healthy dialogue and debate about important issues along the way,” Renzo said. “We are currently developing new opportunities for our users to practice speaking. We are also experimenting with live events!”