Nyc 12 Best Matchmakers Of 2014

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NYC’s 12 Best Matchmakers of 2014

Hayley Matthews
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“Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match!” The dating industry has come a long way since the time “Fiddler on the Roof” was set, but that doesn’t mean we all can’t benefit from a skilled matchmaker, especially the folks savvy enough to make our list of the 12 best matchmakers in New York City!

Bragging Rights: Bravo TV’s “Love Brokers”

If you’re looking for proprietary databases, personalized introductions, honest feedback and overall expert relationship support, these two have it. They want your matches to be high quality and meaningful, with real potential for love. Two minds are definitely better than one in this case.

Social Clout: 2,900+ Facebook likes; 2,145+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @ProjectSoulmate

Bragging Rights: featured in Glamour magazine

After seeing people go crazy for “The Hottest Celebrity Bachelors” publication year after year, Oshima wanted to show people there are sexy, eligible bachelors all around them. She helps powerful, successful businessman – dream bachelors – find their own beautiful and intelligent dream bachelorette.

Social Clout: 4,356+ Twitter followers; 150+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @The_Matchmaker

Bragging Rights: awarded best matchmaking service in NYC by CBS News

Avgitidis is the founder and head matchmaker at Agape Match. Her goal is to find love solutions for all of her clients, so she commits personal attention to make sure she finds the right fit for everyone. Preferences and compatibility are measured on several levels so you’re happy with the result.

Social Clout: 3,940+ Twitter followers; 595+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @thedatecoach

Bragging Rights: database has more than 25,000 people

Having a busy lifestyle is something Daniels understands wholeheartedly. She helps her clients find quality, “full package” dates. Not only does she pull possible candidates from other clients, but she also pulls them from the many acquaintances she has. This is unique from other matchmakers, and it definitely works for her!

Social Clout: 5,635+ Twitter followers; 705+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @matchmakerSD

Bragging Rights: wrote the bestseller “Flirt Fearlessly”

DeAlto is a lover of people, above all things. She loves how people are such different individuals – figuring out their quirks, their hopes and their dreams. With this knowledge, she brings people together. She has dated, been married, been divorced and dated again, so she understands the spectrum of relationships.

Social Clout: 3,680+ Twitter followers; 1,240+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @racheldealto

Bragging Rights: “the new matchmaker success story”

Hogi considers herself a little obsessed when it comes to spreading love throughout the world, but that’s because she’s good at it. She will have your back the whole time, helping you in your pursuit of a strong relationship. No matter what you’ve been through, Hogi can help you find love.

Social Clout: 4,150+ Twitter followers; 130+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @DearFranny

Bragging Rights: called the “love entrepreneur” by Forbes

Nightingale wants you to find the love of your life, which means she and her team at Premier will do whatever it takes to bring the two of you together. She offers exceptional service, strong intuition and a dedication that goes unmatched. If you’re look for love, she’ll help you find it.

Social Clout:  2,320+ Twitter followers; 280+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @PremierMatch

Bragging Rights: featured on more than 50 specials

Spindel’s job isn’t easy, but she loves to do it. Her mission is to find “love for the world’s most attractive, well-educated, upscale professional single people” in New York City. With more than 1,000 successful marriages and more than 20 years of matchmaking, it is clear why she’s on this list.

Social Clout: 1,640+ Facebook likes; 950+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @janisspindel

Bragging Rights: went on 92 dates in a year

As someone who has done a lot of dating, Russo knows just how hard it is. That’s why she’s here. She’ll help you love your love life and find you a truly great date. She understands people are complex, and her goal is not just to find you a match, but snag you the best match out there.

Social Clout: 1,555+ Twitter followers; 680+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @RachelTRusso

Bragging Rights: the first institute offering professional matchmakers trade association

Not only does Clampitt run her own matchmaking service, VIP Life, but she also created the Matchmaking Institute in an effort to set an ethical code, as well as implement strict quality standards for the matchmaking industry. Her passion for the profession is impressive, as is all her hard work.

Social Clout: 735+ Twitter followers; 445+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @matchschool

Bragging Rights: highlighted on the Discovery Channel

Having gone through the ups and downs of dating for a long time, Frankel can attest to dating’s difficulty. However, she is now happily married. At NYCity Matchmaking, she uses what she’s learned to help others find their right partner and romantic fulfillment in the simplest and most fun ways.

Social Clout: 230+ Facebook likes; 145+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @NYCMatchmaking

Bragging Rights: matchmaking for more than 18 years

When you can’t do something on your own, you hire a professional. This is the feeling Goldman has. She understands Internet dating isn’t for everyone, so she will provide you with personal assistance and access to hundreds of possible matches. Her service is also 100 percent confidential.

Social Clout: 100+ Facebook likes

Bragging Rights: opinions of both men and women

Geno and Dupree understand in a city as busy as New York, it can be tough to meet potential love interests. That’s where they came in. They will find someone who is the right fit for you mentally, physically, emotionally and financially, and they’ll bring you that successful relationship.

Social Clout: 10+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @TheNyMatchMaker

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