Ori Furniture Allows Couples To Make Most Of Living Space

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The Ori Collection of Robotic Furniture Allows Couples & Families to Make the Most of a Small Living Space

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: By engineering high-tech, space-saving furniture, Ori has revolutionized the way apartment dwellers and homeowners furnish their living spaces. Ori uses robotics to power a sliding room divider and a standalone walk-in closet. Plus, the forward-thinking company will soon elevate the bedroom space with its Ori Cloud Bed, which can be raised off the floor to reveal a couch and end table. Ori’s adjustable and lightweight furniture promotes smart, efficient living that suits modern singles, couples, and families.

The idea for the furniture design company Ori began in 2011 in an MIT classroom. Professor Kent Larson and Media Lab Researcher Hasier Larrea challenged students to come up with ways to use technology to make a 200-square-foot space feel larger and more comfortable.

This team recognized that millions of people would move into big cities in the next 15 years, and urban spaces needed to adapt to accommodate such a massive influx. They saw a need for more efficient space-saving solutions in major cities, so they designed futuristic furniture that could move on command and empower city residents to “live large in a small footprint.”

The project was originally called CityHome. In 2015, the team rebranded and chose the name Ori after origami, the Japanese art of folding paper into beautiful designs.

Screenshot from Ori's website

Ori’s high-tech yet minimalist furniture can help people optimize small living quarters.

Today, Ori offers affordable, elegant, and versatile furniture that transforms cramped apartments into a multipurpose living space. Its studio suite slides in and out with ease, thus bisecting a one-bedroom apartment into distinctive spaces.

Ori has made it possible to do more with limited space, and its innovations have improved the lives of singles, couples, and families who want to reclaim their personal space.

“The Ori team wanted to see more intelligent and dynamic space in the world,” said Marketing Manager Becky Jablonski. “So they decided to look at space differently and to develop a revolutionary toolkit that allows those who design, build, and configure the world’s urban landscape to create responsive, flexible, and multifunctional spaces.”

Versatile Beds & Closets Can Make Studios Feel More Spacious

The Ori team spent years perfecting its designs and enhancing its systems to bring comfortable and efficient lifestyle solutions to big cities around the world. Its robotic technology allows furniture to move to fit the dweller’s needs, and that opens up many opportunities to work, play, and relax at home.

In April 2018, the Ori Studio Suite made a big splash as an all-in-one furniture system that could support a living room, bedroom, and walk-in closet in a single room. This system of furniture includes a hidden bed, a closet and storage space, two desks, an entertainment center and plenty of shelving. Every inch serves a purpose, and that purpose is to make life more convenient. The Ori Studio Suite was originally designed with studio apartments in mind, but it works well in small apartments and houses as well.

The Studio Suite moves on wheels along a track and can be adjusted with the touch of a button. This allows a single area of square footage to serve several purposes throughout the day.

Photo of the Ori Studio Suite

The Ori Studio Suite offers a smart way to manage and divide any room.

This adjustable, room-creating product is both fun and practical. Couples can live happily in small apartments with Ori there to divide the space and give the dwellers privacy whenever they need it. Thanks to the Ori Studio Suite, one partner can sleep while the other works on the other side of the robotic divider. Then, when they want to be together, they can press the button and turn two rooms back into one.

One Boston couple told Ori that the Studio Suite made it much easier for them to live together in a small studio. The wife raved, “For the first time ever living in a studio, I can go to bed peacefully while my husband is awake watching TV or playing video games. It’s amazing!”

Ori has been a game-changer in the lives of everyday individuals seeking convenient and ample storage space. In November 2018, Ori came out with yet another eye-catching invention — the world’s first standalone walk-in closet. The Pocket Closet uses the same robotic conveyance system as the Suite to open and shut its shelves.

“This product was more versatile, providing much-needed storage in all types of spaces across the country,” Becky explained. “It opens at the touch of a button for you to access the storage when you need it, and effortlessly closes to stay compact and organized when you don’t.”

Such Innovative Designs Support the Minimalist Lifestyle

As a youth-driven startup, Ori has never shied away from new ideas and never-before-seen products. The energetic team constantly challenges themselves to dream bigger and scale up efforts to optimize apartment space. The company’s ingeniously efficient and eye-catching furniture speaks to the care that’s put into every detail.

“Our team at Ori brings a wide range of experience and passion to the table,” Becky said. “The team is made up of passionate, intrepid, and humble individuals whose shared vision is to create an abundance of space in the world.”

Photo of the Pocket Closet

The Pocket Closet gives apartment dwellers ample storage space without sacrificing their floor space.

While Ori began as a solution for urban areas, the team has been pleased to see it take off in suburban towns as well. People of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles have become enamored by Ori’s unique designs, and their support of the company’s mission has led to even more innovations and progress.

The Ori team recently announced that it will launch its first vertical robotic furniture system. The Ori Cloud Bed has taken the previous furniture model to new heights and engineered a king-sized bed that disappears into the ceiling to reveal a comfortable living room.

This exciting product is ideal for studio apartments with limited space for entertaining guests. The Ori Cloud Bed includes a couch and end table tucked beneath the mattress and frame. With the press of a button, you can turn your bedroom into a living room and make better daytime use of the space where the bed would typically be.

Photo of the Ori Cloud Bed

The Ori Cloud Bed lifts and lowers a king-sized bed, so it’s there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.

Ori customers often live in small spaces and need furniture that can help them declutter and rearrange on a daily basis. Robotic furniture suits them because it’s modern, minimalist, and modular. It can adapt to support dance parties, work-from-home days, exercise sessions, and other everyday routines on command.

Through innovation and technology, Ori has managed to find margins of joy in tight spaces. Couples living elbow-to-elbow in the city can use Ori’s collection to create more space and freedom in their daily lives.

“Urban spaces are becoming smaller, more crowded, and more expensive every day,” Becky pointed out. “Ori’s robotic technology allows people to utilize their space more efficiently. A 320-square-foot studio with the Ori Studio Suite can provide 500 square feet of functionality.”

Ori Offers Elegant Solutions for Apartment Dwellers

The Ori team has unfolded one surprise after another since its launch in the summer of 2015. What began as a thought experiment among academics has transformed into a trendy and convenient solution for people with limited space but lots of imagination.

Ori’s robotic furniture collection is a paradigm of modern, minimalist living. Each piece has the potential to permanently change the way people live in big cities all around the world.

Couples who feel cramped or smothered in their apartments can use Ori to better organize their floor space, maximize their storage areas, and set adjustable boundaries with the press of a button. The furniture provides a beautifully efficient way to turn a room into a home.

“When we are more efficient in using the space we have, it lessens the burdens on our cities, countries, and planet,” Becky said. “We want to enable people to ‘live large in a small footprint,’ both in terms of square footage as well as environmental impact.”