Papillon Invites Couples To Soar Above The Grand Canyon

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Papillon: The World’s Largest Aerial Sightseeing Company Invites Couples to Soar Above the Grand Canyon

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: Want to take your dates to new heights? Then you should book a helicopter flight with Papillon, the largest aerial sightseeing company in the world. The Papillon Group runs daily flights over the Grand Canyon and other scenic areas in the Southwest. Since 1965, this family-owned company has stunned passengers with breathtaking sights on its chartered flights through Arizona and Nevada. Couples celebrating a wedding, birthday, or anniversary can make their days extra special by taking a 40-minute helicopter ride over the desert and then enjoying a picnic lunch in the Grand Canyon. Whatever the occasion, the Papillon Group promises to provide passengers with an unforgettable journey full of opportunities for wonder and romance.

Victoria K celebrated her 15th wedding anniversary while flying over the Grand Canyon thanks to the Papillon Group’s helicopter tours. Hoping to have a memorable experience, Victoria and her husband chose the Grand Celebration package, which included a limo ride to and from the Papillon terminal in Nevada.

The couple requested front-row seats (for a $50 per person upcharge) in the golden helicopter, so they had an unobstructed view of the scenic beauty below. Victoria said the pilot immediately put everyone at ease with his friendly and professional attitude. He pointed out locations of interest along the tour and then landed in the canyon where the passengers enjoyed a delightful 30-minute picnic lunch.

Victoria and her husband shared a couple glasses of champagne to wash down the sandwiches, chips, apple slices, and cookies provided. The pilot even offered to take their picture to commemorate the occasion. “In summary, if you are in any doubt, I would definitely recommend Papillon,” said Victoria in her five-star review. “We had an amazing experience with them and wonderful memories of our trip to Las Vegas on our 15th wedding anniversary.”

Photo of a Papillon helicopter in flight

If you’re looking for a memorable date activity, you can book a helicopter ride with Papillon.

The Papillon Group has the distinction of being the world’s largest aerial sightseeing company, but, at its heart, it remains a family-run operation. Its unique helicopter tours go from airports in Arizona and Nevada to popular tourist destinations in the Southwest, most notably the Grand Canyon. Since its founding in 1965, Papillon has offered passengers of all ages a memorable and safe ride through the skies.

You can call (888) 635-7272 or email to make a reservation for a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon and beyond. A reservation specialist is always on hand to help you choose a tour that fits your schedule, budget, and romantic needs.

Founded in 1965 to Take Passengers on an Unforgettable Ride

Over 50 years ago, Elling Halvorson ran a construction company that specialized in builds in remote areas. During one project, his team was laying over 13 miles of pipeline through the Grand Canyon, and the workers frequently took chartered helicopter flights during their off hours. Elling saw an opportunity to start a business and founded Grand Canyon Helicopters in 1965.

The business took off, and Elling became a pioneer in air tourism in the Southwest. According to the company website, “The Papillon Group began, literally, as a pipe dream for Elling Halvorson in the ’60s.”

Photo of the Halvorson family in front of a Papillon helicopter

Papillon recently celebrated its 50th anniversary as a family-run aerial sightseeing company.

Today, the Papillon Group is owned and run by three generations of the Halvorson family. Elling Halvorson serves as chairman of the Papillon Group, while his daughter and grandchildren manage the day-to-day operations.

Elling’s grandson Geoff Edlund became president of Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters in 2015. “Serving as third-generation president of Papillon Helicopters is an incredible honor and tremendous responsibility,” said Geoff, who now oversees the Nevada helicopter operations as well as the company’s sales and marketing efforts.

Over 650,000 People a Year Tour Natural Wonders From the Sky

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters fly approximately 650,000 passengers every year. The company runs daily tours (weather permitting) from sunrise to sunset. Tour groups range in size from six to 17 passengers. The trips include a shuttle ride to and from the airport as well as an optional picnic in the canyon.

People travel from all over the world to see the Grand Canyon, and Papillon gives them the chance to upgrade their experience and see something truly extraordinary. A majority of Papillon’s guests are international tourists with high expectations and adventurous attitudes. To accommodate its diverse passengers, the Papillon team offers tour translators in 16 languages, including Spanish, Japaneses, Portuguese, Italian, and French.

Whether you’re celebrating a dating milestone or a wedding anniversary Papillon’s helicopter rides can get you in a romantic mood as you take in unbelievably picturesque scenery.

Papillon invites passengers to see the Grand Canyon in a new light while hovering in the sky. This isn’t the only noteworthy sight available though. The helicopter tours also soar over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Monument Valley, and Lake Powell, offering an array of amazing sights.

Thousands of people have gone on Papillon’s helicopter tours and enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime experience soaring over the Grand Canyon. Papillon also offers premier wedding packages for couples in Las Vegas to tie the knot, so you can have a romantic VIP trip across the Mojave Desert on your special day.

Whatever occasion brings you to this destination, you can take advantage of these tours to wow your date on a clear afternoon in Nevada.

Giving You Something to Cross Off the Bucket List

PooleBetsy took an early morning helicopter ride to save money and ended up marveling at desert landscape at sunrise. They arrived at the Boulder Airport in the wee hours of the morning but didn’t have to wait very long before taking to the skies. “The flight was excellent,” PooleBetsy said on TripAdvisor. He added that the champagne breakfast in the canyon was a particularly enjoyable treat. “[It] was actually really nice just sitting there to enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the Canyon. Maybe a little bit longer in the Canyon would have been good, but if you are in Vegas, this is a definite.”

Juan F. chose to propose to his girlfriend on a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. He did a lot of online research before deciding to trust Papillon with handling one of the most important days of his life. He also called repeatedly beforehand to ask about the weather and make sure the tour was still a go. “Their customer service was superb and always reassuring,” he said in his Yelp review. “The helicopter tour was amazing… once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

“The trip itself was gorgeous and definitely wowed the partner in crime! He kept mentioning over and over again that it was the coolest thing he ever did see.” — Stacy P. in a Yelp of Papillon

“Great experience from start to finish,” said Ruaidhri M. in a review of Papillon. “Our pilot was very informative and put everyone at ease!”

Londoner Sylvanmartin said he loved every minute of the helicopter tour. He gave Papillon five stars and an enthusiastic review on TripAdvisor. “Well worth the money,” he said. “We did the celebratory breakfast trip, and it was a great time to see the nature wake up, the dam and the canyon was amazing. This tour has been the highlight of our California road trip!”

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters Offer an Uplifting Date Activity

It’s no wonder so many couples choose to spend their anniversaries, birthdays, and other major milestones in a helicopter above the Grand Canyon. The breathtaking aerial views are unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and it’s easy to be swept up by the beauty of it all.

Papillon’s helicopter tour provides an extraordinarily romantic backdrop for couples on vacation. You can soar above one of the world’s greatest wonders and appreciate the majesty of its vibrant canyons. Whether you’re going on a family vacation or celebrating a romantic weekend away, you can make a lasting memory with your loved ones by traveling by helicopter over the Grand Canyon.

“My family and I had a sunset helicopter trip we will never forget,” said Suzj2018, who traveled from Los Angeles to see the Grand Canyon from above. “I can’t fault anything. Papillon delivers everything they promise.”