Pittsburgh Opera Offers A Great Way To Impress A Date

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Pittsburgh Opera Offers a Great Way to Impress a Date

Amber Brooks

Written by: Amber Brooks

Amber Brooks

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The Short Version: Attending an opera performance may not be your typical go-to date night, but if you really want to impress your date, it’s worth a visit. Pittsburgh Opera offers an enriching experience to enjoy with your partner. Since its founding in 1939, Pittsburgh Opera has provided the community with a great opportunity to catch up on the arts while spending time with a special someone. 

Opera is a form of theater that tells a unique story through acting and singing. Going to an opera is a chance to witness artists put on amazing performances. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself viewing the world through the singer’s lens and being swept up in their world. 

Operas have had an important cultural impact by retelling stories of the past. They are a great way to showcase the vocal skills of an artist and allow musical talents to flow through the venue with live orchestras. The Pittsburgh Opera is on a mission to bring stirring and memorable experiences to its audiences, and it is a great date opportunity to take your relationship to the next level. 

Pittsburgh Opera offers six productions each season. Photo by David Bachman.

The Pittsburgh Opera was founded in 1939 by five women who wanted to show the local community all the wonders that opera has to offer. 

It’s an experience everyone should have at least once. The traditional movie theater or dinner dates are fine for the everyday outing, but the opera can entertain you and your date with immersive performances. Taking your date to an opera may introduce you to a new activity that can be shared month after month and year after year. 

It’s not your typical Saturday night plan, but it’ll definitely be worth it after you show your date how culturally aware you are. Pittsburgh Opera’s performers give their all to communicate the emotion of the opera and may even move people to tears. Pittsburgh Opera is home to talented artists who come together to showcase their acting and vocal skills, resulting in a spectacular show. 

“In addition to the productions which are skillfully and professionally staged, this well-managed opera company contributes countless services that educate as well as entertain the Pittsburgh community; and a considerable number of these services are free or very reasonably priced,” said a Pittsburgh Opera attendee in a review.

Storytelling & Drama at Its Finest 

If you thought watching a movie was an immersive experience, opera will take artistic performance to a whole other level for you and your date. One of the best parts about going to the opera is the storytelling. Audience members get to see the passion the actors put into their craft all while getting closer to their date. Depending on the season, Pittsburgh Opera guests can choose from an array of shows

As one of the most popular comic operas of all time, “The Marriage of Figaro” is known to have guests leaving with smiles on their faces. “The Marriage of Figaro” is just one of the many operas Pittsburgh Opera puts on that surpasses people’s expectations. 

“I’ve been going to performances for years. It is one of my highlights of the year. It’s always a pleasure to watch your renditions of classic operas at the Benedum. I’m looking forward to next year’s season already!” enthused a Pittsburgh Opera guest in a review. 

Pittsburgh Opera is willing to go the extra mile to immerse visitors into the world of opera and introduce them to talented singers and musicians. After its Tuesday performances, the opera house hosts Meet The Artists events to connect with audience members and answer their questions.

The atmosphere is ripe for romance here. Pittsburgh Opera is an intimate setting that is similar to a candlelit date. The decor of the venue and stage preparations add to the wonderful experience and make audience members feel included in the performance. Whether you’re a repeat visitor or a first-time guest, you can never go wrong by adding Pittsburgh Opera’s storytelling and drama to your queue of date night adventures. 

“Opera comes in all shapes and sizes,” said Chris Cox, Director of Marketing and Communications at Pittsburgh Opera. “Most first-timers start with classic, ‘brand name’ operas by famous composers. The thinking is, if it’s hundreds of years old, and you’ve heard of it, and it’s still being performed today, it must be pretty good. It’s hard to go wrong with that approach.”

Couples looking for a classic show this upcoming season may want to look into Verdi’s Il Trovatore, which features the famous “Anvil Chorus” song.

Accessible Performances Make an Impression 

If you’re still not convinced, don’t just take my word for it. There are multiple reviews that highlight the different shows that the Pittsburgh Opera offers.

“Came to the Benedum Center recently to watch/listen to Florencia En El Amazonas….I found the performance to be incredibly interesting and was happy there was also a translation broadcasted on a signboard above the performers. I found the plot both strange and intriguing, and by the end, felt that I had come to sympathize with and bond with certain characters,” said Spencer, on Yelp. 

Many visitors share how much fun they had and how the venue helped them overcome the language barrier with non-English performances. The venue makes its shows accessible to all, so guests don’t have to worry about whether the performance is in their native language. Pittsburgh Opera makes closed captions available for the entire audience to read so they can fully understand the story unfolding on stage. 

Opera’s roots may have started as predominantly white European, but modern companies have expanded its traditional stories to be more inclusive of other backgrounds and cultures. Pittsburgh Opera has taken steps to modernize its performances by initiating a diverse action plan. That means the team makes consciously inclusive decisions when it comes to casting and programming. Each season, the opera house showcases works composed, written, directed, and conducted by a broad range of people.

By doing this, Pittsburgh Opera has enhanced the culture of the art style and made the date feel more inclusive for all.

If you’re looking to support diverse voices on the stage, you may want to attend We Shall Not Be Moved in May 2023. This opera features a majority minority artistic team and cast.

“We pride ourselves on creating live opera at the highest standards of artistic excellence, making opera accessible to a diverse audience, and developing young singers into tomorrow’s artists,” Chris explained.

Now daters don’t have to settle for Netflix and Chill nights or worry about having to go bankrupt to impress their date. Pittsburgh Opera offers free and low-cost events so everyone — regardless of their financial situation — can enjoy a visit to the opera. 

“There’s no easier way to impress your date than by taking them to the opera,” Chris told us. “If you’ve never been to one and are worried, don’t be – you may be surprised at how much you enjoy it.”

Pittsburgh Opera Showcases a Beautiful Art Form 

Sticking with a familiar date night routine may be easy, but I like to think that taking a chance on a new wonderful experience is worth it. From live performances, to fashion shows and galas, Pittsburgh Opera is so much more than a stage filled with performers. Thanks to its commitment to diversity and inclusion, Pittsburgh Opera pushes past cultural norms to open a space where anyone can come and gain a new perspective on modern day opera. 

Now in its 84th season, Pittsburgh Opera has created many memorable moments for audiences. The team has cultivated young talent through its Resident Artist Program and produced its first world premier “The Summer King: The Josh Gibson Story” in 2017.

Pittsburgh Opera has a lot planned for the public’s entertainment. Coming early next year, the company will be hosting an annual fashion show with operatic entertainment provided at the event. Couples can also be on the lookout for Pittsburgh Opera’s annual fundraising galas that are hosted in the spring. These events are a great way to get out of the house and feel good getting dressed up with your partner. 

“Recently I had the opportunity to see the Pittsburgh Opera. I was genuinely impressed with the entire experience,” said Stacey on Yelp. “For anyone concerned about a language barrier with the opera do not be worried. Above the stage is a screen where everything shows up in English.”