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Plan Your Next Date Like This

John Stonehill
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Want to plan a great date? Then plan a date where you learn a skill together. (And no, a sex class doesn’t count.)

Taking a class provides multiple benefits:

  1. It’s fun and everyone loves fun, except frigid people.
  2. It gives you both something to talk about and experience together. You’ll get to what a bitch your mom was and how her dad ignored her soon enough. This is the perfect way to get to know each other better, build a vibe and mine a spark without having to unpack your baggage just yet.
  3. You guys can then practice the skill on future dates and have an activity that’s your thing, and that’s what relationships are – a compilation of things.

Here are some things to get the ball rolling:

  • Mixology class

  • Gourmet cooking class

  • Wine- or beer-making class

  • Foreign language class of a country you both love. You can then practice together, building up to a romantic getaway.

  • A sport or exercise, depending on what you both like. If you both like golf or tennis, perfect. If you both enjoy softball, hire a hitting instructor for an hour. I once hired a professional billiard champion to give us an hour-long pool lesson. (Yes, it was a great idea. It only cost $100 and she loved it.)

  • An art class, such as photography. If you loved “Ghost,” get behind a pottery wheel and rub some clay on each other.

  • Dancing. It’s a great skill to have, and if the relationship goes the distance, you can perform the dance you learned at your wedding.

  • If you’re outdoorsy, ladies dig horseback riding. Archery is also fun.

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