She Broke Up With Me Through Text

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She Broke Up with Me Through Text

David Wygant
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Recently I’ve been reading a ton about a really worrying trend: breaking up via text message.

We’re not talking about relationships that are only a month old either. We’re talking about people who have been together six months, a year or even two years!

It’s unbelievable. All of a sudden you go from, “I love you…..smiley face” to “We’re done. I’m done. I can’t do this anymore,” all in the span of a few days.

I was completely shocked this was happening to people. To be honest, I couldn’t really believe it was until it happened to me.

That’s right. I was also broken up with via text. I was amazed!

A week ago I couldn’t do a thing wrong, and then all of a sudden I make one wrong move and that’s it. I get a text message telling me it’s over.

Here’s the deal, folks…

We live in a modern disposable society, but we’re not Dixie cups. We’re people! We’re going to make mistakes.

As a matter of fact, whenever I date somebody, I look at them and say:

“I’m a human being and so are you. One day we’re going to hurt each other, even though right now we’re feeling this amazing bliss called love. One day I’m going to do something that’s just going to absolutely piss you off. It’s going to bring up all your old fears. It’s going to bring up all of your old stories. It’s going to bring up everything you don’t like. But I don’t mean to do whatever I did. It’s just in the process of learning about each other. To have true intimacy, real intimacy, love and a real relationship, we’re going to piss each other off. As long as we figure out how to get through it and get closer, that’s all that matters.”


“When someone disappoints

you, grow and get past it.”

That’s something really important to remember.

No matter who you’re with or how in love you are, partners are going to disappoint you from time to time. You owe it to yourself to figure it out together, and not just break up with them via a text message!

Honestly, it’s the most ridiculous things I’ve ever come across.

If you really desire true intimacy in your life, I strongly suggest you work on yourself.

You’re never going to have true intimacy or real love if you can’t handle the fact that one day somebody’s actually going to disappoint you.

Open your heart and mind. When someone disappoints you, grow and get past it.

Figure out what your fears are and why you got so upset about whatever they did. Then look at how you’re going to get over it. Don’t head straight for your iPhone.

Have any of you ever been broken up via text?

Share your stories. I’d love to hear them because I’m still amazed at the lack of respect people give each other.

Have you gone from best friend to “I’m done” in a matter of weeks? Let’s hear your stories.

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