Should I Wait and See if She Contacts Me, or Should I Contact Her?

Dr. Wendy Walsh
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Reader Question:

I was a groomsman in a wedding where I was the only single groomsman and there was one single bridesmaid. I finally approached her and we actually had a nice conversation.

The next day while at the airport, I decided to text her just to have some conversation. The last text I sent her was that I really wanted to get to know her better. She replied and wished me a safe flight home.

I haven’t heard from her since. From the conversation at the wedding and via text, IT SEEMS that she is interested but I’m not sure. With me living in a different state, it makes the situation a little more difficult.

I’m not sure if I should wait and see if she tries to contact me, or should I contact her?

-Chris S. (North Carolina)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Here’s a little lesson is biology. Sperm chases egg. Not the reverse. In fact, I would be really suspect of a woman who doesn’t let a man court her a bit. So I say, forget the texting. That’s for chickens.

Pick up the phone and call her. If she calls back, then you know she’s interested. If not, then move on. As for the long-distance thing, yes that can be a problem. Find out early on in your chats what and where she sees her future.

If she’s a family-bound girl who never plans to leave her state, you might have a problem. Same thing, if you’re not open to a move in the name of love.

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